5 Places to Hide your Stash

If you live in a house with roommates (and most of us do because the economy is in the toilet and the cost of living is getting higher) you might be in a situation where you need to hide your stash from nosy (or handsy) roommates or your kids. Where can you hide your stash so no one will ever ever find it?

Hide Your Stash Among the Canned Foods

Everyone has a shelf in their pantry devoted to storing canned foods that no one will ever end up eating. Look in the very back of the shelf. You’ll probably find canned corn that is 4 years old at the very least. This is a great place to hide your stash because no one ever ventures back there. As a bonus, it’s also dark and cool back there, which is ideal for keeping your stash fresh.

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    Hide Your Stash in Plain Sight

    Sometimes the best hiding spot is right there in plain sight. You’d be surprised what people miss when it’s right in front of their face. When I was a youth and had to hide my stash from my parents, I had a pencil can on my desk that I would hide my stash in and he never found it. He managed to find every other hiding place I had, but not that one.

    Coffee Can/ Other Airtight Container

    A coffee can is one of the old standbys when it comes to hiding your stash, but really any airtight container will do. Coffee cans serve a dual purpose: the airtight container helps keep your stash fresh, and the coffee helps cover up that potent dank smell. Make sure that if you do choose a coffee can, you don’t choose the only one in the house! Otherwise sleepy roommates just looking to make their morning cup of joe will find more than they were looking for!

    Places to Hide your Stash 2
    This is always a good place to hide your stash. Image Source: Cannahacker

    Where Can I Hide My Concentrates?

    Concentrates are much easier to hide than a stash of flower because concentrates don’t smell and they can be stored in much smaller containers. Because of this, concentrates can be hidden pretty much anywhere. A good hiding place would be at the bottom of a shoe, a pair of boots if you want to be really safe about it. Another great place is a hollowed out book.

    The hollowed out book trick has been a standard hiding place for years. It’s an even better place to hide concentrates than weed because again concentrates don’t smell. Question is, what book should you hide your stash in? Typically people like to go with a book that no one in the house will have any interest in looking at. The obvious answer is the Bible. Almost everyone has a Bible in their house, and how often does anyone look at it? I guarantee if you have kids they will never find it. 

    Where Can I Hide My Edible Stash?

    Edibles should always be hidden, especially if you have small children living in your house. Even if your gummies come in a child proof container, this is not enough! When hiding your edible stash, the best place is preferably somewhere up high and obviously out of reach. I keep mine in a small cupboard atop the fridge. It’s incredibly inconvenient to get to, so I know no one will ever find them.

    Featured Image Source: sunflowerpipes.com

    Where is your favorite place to hide your stash? Tell us in the comments!

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    marijuana grow bible
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