The Best Companion Plants for Cannabis

Companion planting is a relatively new way of growing cannabis. It is 100% natural and packed with a ton of benefits that any pot grower will surely enjoy. What exactly is companion planting, and what makes it such a popular gardening system among pot growers? Let’s find out.

Companion planting is a great gardening system for most plants. In this system, you’re strategically planting different crops, fruits vegetables, and some herbs together, and harnessing this synergy to improve plant health and production.

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    This practice enhances soil conditions, enriches the garden’s environment, and even helps in garden pest control. Planting your crops this way is also safe and environment-friendly. Whether you’re setting up a hydroponic garden or a traditional one, companion gardening is something you should really consider.

    The Concept of Permaculturet

    While cannabis is mostly grown in a monoculture setting, many pot growers are slowly leaning towards a different approach– permaculture.

    This concept of modern agriculture is where the art of companion gardening falls under. Basically, permaculture is based on the idea of mimicking natural ecosystems in order for plants to grow as healthy and strong as possible without ever considering the need for harmful chemicals to boost plant growth

    Harmful chemicals can destroy the soil, as well as the natural ecosystem of bacteria and fungi that play a role in keeping the plants healthy.

    Benefits of Companion Gardening

    With a wide variety of companion plants to choose from, companion gardening can give you several combinations of benefits.

    Pest Control. Herbs such as basil, cilantro, and dill, for example, can help prevent unwanted pests from eating away the nutrients and plants in your garden. Yarrow and sunflower, on the other hand, do a good job attracting ladybirds as well as beneficial mites and insects which eat fungus gnats, scales, and spider mites.
    benefits of Companion Gardening
    Companion Gardening

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    More Nourishment. Some companion plants offer added nourishment for growing cannabis. These include alfalfa, chickweed, borage and all varieties of clover. They act as a soil amendment and fertilizer and can be used as a safer organic alternative to products that contain harmful active ingredients.
    Some companion plants are rich in essential nutrients, such as nitrogen, that are needed for plant growth. These minerals travel from the soil to the roots of the plant, allowing for healthier growth throughout the season.

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      Camouflage. The main challenge in growing your own cannabis is keeping your plants away from the sight of nosy neighbors and guests. Sometimes, however, you have no other option but to grow these plants in your backyard. By growing some tall, leafy companion plants, you can hide your cannabis plants and nourish them at the same time.
      You can toss in some plants that offer added protection such as stinging nettles, willows, bamboos, and honeysuckle. Hiding the smell of cannabis plants are already easily achievable with the help of aromatic herbs and flowers like jasmine, basil, lavender, and mint.
      More Abundant Production. You no longer have to use harmful fertilizer and soil amendments to yield more plants. If you’re concerned that your cannabis plants will not be getting enough harvest without these products, you may want to plant oregano as a companion plant. Similarly, stinging nettle, chamomile, and yarrow increase the production of oil in your cannabis plants, ensuring buds that are richer in resin content.

      Whether you grow basil in hydroponics or traditional gardening systems, this herb offers a ton of benefits when planted with cannabis, which makes it the best cannabis companion plant. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

      Strong Scent. The basil’s strong scent makes it ideal for camouflaging the smell of cannabis plants. This feature also repels common garden pests such as beetles, flies, aphids, and thrips.
      Increased Oil Production. When it comes to growing cannabis, you always want more product either for yourself or to sell to your customers. Growing basil as a companion plant increases oil production and resin content of the buds harvested.
      Grows Fast in Hydroponics. Planting cannabis in hydroponic systems is an inconspicuous way of growing your own weed. If you wish to use companion gardening in this environment, you’ll need a plant that will thrive in it. Grow basil in hydroponics and see how quick these plants mature. It’s easy to conclude that cannabis and basil are perfect for each other


      Every day, we learn a thing or two about gardening. We already know that basil has a lot to offer in the kitchen when we’re cooking up our favorite recipes. Bet you didn’t think that it’s also great for growing cannabis?

      How’s that for a daily gardening trivia! Try this system out for yourself and tell us what you think! You can even plant your cannabis and grow basil in hydroponics to make gardening look more like a science project!

      Faq about companion plants

      What is marijuana companion planting?

      Planting different crops, fruits vegetables, and some herbs together strategically, to improve marijuana plant health and production

      What are the benefits of companion gardening?

      There are many benefits of companion gardening. Here are some: Pest control, More nourishment, and Higher yields.

      Which is the best companion plant for cannabis?

      Basil is the best companion plant for cannabis, it has a strong scent that makes it ideal for camouflaging the smell.

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