How Do I Deal with Overcrowding Plants Part 2

We already started talking about overcrowding plants and the many different ways to tell if your weed plants are experiencing this issue. Now it’s time to talk about what will happen to your plants as they experience more and more overcrowding. Now, it’s important to keep in mind that a little bit of overcrowding is to be expected, especially when growing in a small space. However, if you just let your plants grow the way they are, you may end up in a pretty tight spot.

Side Effects of Overcrowding Plants

Overcrowding in and of itself doesn’t seem all that serious (who doesn’t mind being a little cozy?), this small issue can lead to much larger and far more serious problems. You may even end up killing your crop!

Overcrowding Can Turn Your Plants Against Each Other

Well, not like they will start betraying each other or anything like that. Overcrowding plants have to fight for resources such as water, light, and nutrients. Some will dominate and thrive, and some may not survive. Reducing overcrowding will reduce your plants’ chances of turning on each other.

You Could Suffocate Your Plants

Overcrowding plants tend to have poor airflow, so if you let the situation get too out of hand, you could end up suffocating your plants! You’ll know your plants are suffocating if they gradually start wilting, drying out, and then turning that dreaded shade of yellow.   

Your Plants Will Grow Weaker

Overcrowding plants tend to stretch in order to get adequate amounts of light and oxygen. As a result some will end up growing taller than they should. Your branches and stems will weaken and begin resting on other plants for support. This will cause problems for you when you try to move your plants, including causing your branches to break right in half! Months and months of work could be gone in an instant.

Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew is the bane of any grower and it’s pretty difficult to get rid of, especially for beginners. You’ll start to see white spots appear on your plants, and your leaves will start to look as though they have been dusted with powdered sugar. Powdery mildew will spread quickly and can ruin your entire crop!

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wilting marijuana plants

How to Prevent Overcrowding Plants

How do you go about preventing overcrowding plants? It’s pretty easy actually. Make sure that there is always more than an inch of space between each plant on all sides. Take the time to trim and maintain your plants so they don’t start to suffocate, or start leaning on each other. If you’re growing in a tight space, don’t try to cram too much in there! Remember that in some cases, and especially this case: less is more.

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