Symptom Checker – Identify Marijuana Plant Problems

This cannabis leaf symptom checker will help you to quickly identify marijuana plant problems and easily diagnose sick marijuana plants!

Learn more about common cannabis leaf problems, nutrients, diseases, stresses, pests, and bugs. Click on any picture for detailed information about a particular marijuana problem, deficiency or symptom and find out what’s wrong with your plant.

Nutrient Problems

boron deficiencies in cannabis plants

Boron deficiency

copper deficiencies in cannabis plants

Copper deficiency

calcium deficiencies in cannabis plants

Calcium deficiency

iron deficiencies in cannabis plants

Iron deficiency

magnesium deficiencies in cannabis plants

Magnesium deficiency

manganese deficiencies in cannabis plants

Manganese deficiency

molybdenum deficiencies in cannabis plants

Molybdenum deficiency

nitrogen deficiencies in cannabis plants

Nitrogen deficiency

phosphorus deficiencies in cannabis plants

Phosphorus deficiency

potassium deficiencies in cannabis plants

Potassium deficiency

sulfur deficiencies in cannabis plants

Sulfur deficiency

zinc deficiencies in cannabis plants

Zinc deficiency

pH fluctuations in cannabis

pH Fluctuations

nutrient burn in cannabis

Nutrient burn

Cannabis Nutrient Deficiency Chart

Major and Minor ElementsExcessDeficiency
Nitrogen Deficiency
Nitrogen Deficiency
Yellowing of leaves is traveling upward fastPale Color Leaves
Yellow Leaves
Yellowing Between Veins
Old Leaves Falling Off
Withering / Sagging Leaves
Phosphorus Deficiency
Darkening (dark green, blue, or gray) of the lower, older leaves
Thickening and spot forming (bronze, purple, or brown in color) on lower leaves
Mottled or mosaic-patterned leaves
Yellowing of leaves
Twisting and curling of leaves
Burning and dying of leaf tips
Old leaves falling off
Stem discoloration (red or purple)
Twisted or stunted new growths
Root rot
Potassium Deficiency
Potassium Deficiency
Brown or burnt leaf edges
Dark, brown spots
Stretching – characterized by large spaces between nodes
Plant is too tall
Pale colored leaves
Yellowing of the lower, older leaves
Death of leaf tips
Spots on leaves
Older leaves falling off
Slowed growth
Curling leaves (under or upward)
Buds not getting fatter
Boron Deficiency
Purple or darkened leaf color
Dark brown spots on leaves
Thicker growth tips
Browning or burnt leaf edges
Slowed growth
Twisted or abnormal plant growth
Copper Deficiency
Darkened, twisted leaves
Undertones of blue and/or purple
Metallic glinting
Leaves curling under
Tips turning yellow or white
Lack of ripening in the buds
female pistils are not growing regularly
Limp, wilting plant and/or leaves
Weakened stems
Calcium Deficiency
Leaves’ green color darkening
Large, light brown necrotic spots
Tips of leaves curling
Leaves are dying off
Stunted growth
Young shoots are discolored – purple or yellow
Stems and branches are weak
Roots may begin dying off or turning brown
Iron Deficiency
Iron Deficiency
Signs of deficiencies in other nutrients such as manganese, phosphorous, zinc, calcium, or copperYoung leaves turn pale yellow 
Minimal bud sites
Magnesium Deficiency
Petioles and stems become purple in color
Light brown spotting on the edges
Development of red stems
Yellowing and weakening of the lowest leaves
Leaves start turning inward and soon die
Growing shoots will start going from pale green to white
Manganese Deficiency
Manganese deficiency in marijuana plants
Speckling / Patchy Pattern
Top Leaves / Newer Growth Damaged
Pale Color Leaves
New Leaves Turning Yellow
Yellowing Between Veins
Slow Growth

Molybdenum Deficiency
Mottled, spotted leaves
Abnormal coloring that starts at the leaf’s center
Older leaves located towards the base start to yellow
Discoloration of leaf edges: orange, red, or pink in color around edges
Sulfur Deficiency
Upper leaves and newer growth damaged
Pale color leaves
Yellow leaves on lower leaves
Yellowing between veins
Limited plant growth
Buds not thickening
Zinc Deficiency
Speckled / Patchy Pattern
Non-vertical Growth
Yellow Leaves On New Growth and veins
Leaf Tips Appear Burnt
Leaves Curl Under

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algae on cannabis


bud rot on cannabis

Bud rot

leaf septoria on cannabis

Leaf septoria

powdery mildew on cannabis plants

Powdery mildew

fusarium on cannabis


verticillium wilt on cannabis

Verticillium wilt

root rot on cannabis

Root rot

damping off on cannabis

Damping off

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ants on cannabis plants


aphids on cannabis plants


caterpillars on cannabis plants


cutworms on cannabis plants


crickets and grasshoppers on cannabis plants

Crickets and grasshoppers

birds on cannabis plants


cats and dogs on cannabis plants

Cats and dogs

deer on cannabis plants


gophers and moles on canabis plants

Gophers and moles

rats and mice on cannabis plants

Rats and mice

fungus gnats on cannabis plants

Fungus gnats

leaf miners on cannabis

Leaf miners

snails and slugs on cannabis plants

Snails and slugs

spider mites on cannabis plants

Spider mites

whiteflies on cannabis plants


thrips on cannabis plants



cannabis heath stress

Heat stress

humidity and temperature in your cannabis grow room

Humidity and temperature

pruning marijuana plants

Pruning cannabis

airy and loose marijuana buds

Airy and loose buds

marijuana clones won’t root

Clones won’t root

stretching marijuana plants

Stretching plants

hermaphrodite marijuana plants


cannabis seeds won’t germinate

Seeds won’t germinate

dark cycle interruptions cannabis plants

Plants won’t Flower

marijuana plant knocked down

Knocked down plant

hard or soft water for cannabis plants

Hard or soft water

cannabis and weather


overwatering and underwatering marijuana plants

Over- and underwatering

marijuana soil problems

Soil problems

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    1. hi Im new to growing out doors im growing (moby dick and tropical berry) in mother earth ground swell using general hydroponics nutes. I have 14 plants in a mix of 3 gallon and 5 gallon fabric pots. my leaves are curling and clawing from the outside in and becoming brittle., Ive added Armor si Silicone to my nutrient regimen. every other day they get Floranova grow, cal mg armor si. The outside temp has been over 100 degrees alot. 9 plants are not affected the five that are exhibiting symptoms are the same strain I can tell that. I have wheeled them all into the shade it didnt change anything the five plants started having this issue at the same time. I didnt have any problems with these plants until a weeks ago

    2. my leaves are yellowing and some are red in the center,i ordered ph detectors but they havent come yet,but they are budding well,last stain was afganistan /hanging/this one is bannana kush.6 hrs night,6 hrs day….its has to be ph balance ,right?

    3. My plants have been in flowering stage but I have noticed the leaf tips have turned yellow and some are even dry and crumble when touching. I have just one out of the five have yellow freckles on the leaves, but only on parts of the plant ,not on all leaves ! I have raised the LEDs light away thinking it was light burn but its been a few weeks now and there’s no change .Can someone please help. Also mostly all the leaves are curling down