Silicon Deficiency In Marijuana Plants

A silicon deficiency is extremely rare, but it can prohibit the plants from producing sturdy leaves, roots, or stems. Fungal and bacterial diseases along with insect infestations are all more common during a silicon deficiency. Photosynthesis is limited and the eventual yield is also lessened. Silicon is not, however, mobile.

Silicon is important for creating a barrier between the plant and pests or diseases. It is also vital for creating sturdy stems and branches.

Some of the ways to rid yourself of a silicon deficiency include:

  • Diatomaceous earth
  • Silica planting medium
  • Silicate salts
  • Liquid Silicon

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        • Dt.,

          It depends on the PH of the solution after mixing. Some nutrients contain a buffer that allows the solution to fall into the proper range. Other nutrients do not and you may have to PH down or in the case of FoxFarm; You would have to PH up in most cases. The only way to tell is to measure PH with a proper implement

      1. My plants are big but very light-green(like in the picture of this post) could that be silicon deficiency? How do i help them? Please help.

      2. fungus gnats is correct and get rid of the bastard’s before they consume all of the plants that you are arduously growing .trust me you do not want these ….

      3. i have many insects in my dirt,small and leaves are ok but i dont know about roots.when i open my box i see them walking to the dirt or fly,not to the plant only dirt.can you help me please.