Sea of Green (SOG) marijuana growing

Sea of Green, usually abbreviated “SOG,” is a method of growing marijuana that forces flowering at a young age.

The plants will have only been in a vegetative state for about two weeks. This method allows you to harvest much earlier than growing your plants normally.

Benefits of Sea of Green (SOG)

So, what are the benefits of the SOG technique? It’s really used when space is limited in a grow room. It allows you to maximize your space without sacrificing yield.

When you put the plants into flowering stage with a 12/12 light regimen, you can fit more flowering plants into more space.

The yield of a single plant might be smaller, but the Sea of Green yield you get cumulatively will be larger.

Better harvests and more marijuana

SOG growers generally have time constraints, as well. Certain marijuana varieties take longer than 10 weeks to complete their vegetative cycle. With the SOG method, you get more harvests and more marijuana. This is a method employed by larger operations where a consistent supply is required.

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Growing cannabis under artificial light means that you need to make use of that light more efficiently. This is because you’re paying the electricity bill, but also because you want to get the most out of your plants.

Many indoor cannabis grow room setups are set up to light plants from above. With this system, the upper leaves and branches cast a shadow on the lower sections, meaning that there is always part of the plant that’s not receiving as much light.

Sea Of Green (SOG) Marijuana Growing

When you pack the plants in close proximity, you create a canopy of buds that makes the most out of your light. One big HPS light will only give you one option for lighting, but multiple HPS grow lights will give you greater light coverage across your entire crop. If you want to know what the best LED grow light for cannabis are, please read our guide.

The SOG technique is especially useful with large quantities of cuttings from a cloned marijuana plant.

It saves you from having to buy seeds and also ensures that your plants will be female and of high quality.

Also read How To Make Marijuana Clones

SOG grows typically don’t require pruning, but some growers like to tidy up the lower branches below the canopy.

This helps the plant put its focus on the main bud and improve the overall flow of air pressure underneath the canopy which can be measured with a vpd chart. You can also clone these cuttings and provide another bunch of SOG plants to keep the system on repeat.

How to use the Sea of Green method

You don’t need to have any special skills for the SOG method to be effective. All you really have to do is understand the concept. The lack of a need for training and pruning makes SOG one of the easiest methods for growing weed.

Step-by-step guide to SOG

Time needed: 45 days, 12 hours and 5 minutes.

Below you’ll find a simple step-by-step guide to the Scrog method:

  1. Germinate

    Germinate seeds or take cuttings to create clones

  2. Grow

    Grow them using 18 to 24 hours of light until they reach around 10 to 12 inches (25 to 30 cm) in height

  3. Spacing

    Space the plants out at about 1 or 2 plants per square foot (30cm by 30 cm) and change the lighting regimen to 12/12 to force flowering.

  4. Fimming

    Once a dense canopy of buds forms, trim the branches beneath and use them for clones.

  5. Harvest!

    Harvest when you’re ready.

Some growers start a 12/12 lighting regimen when the marijuana plants are only about 6 inches tall. Likewise, some growers may pack the plants more or less densely depending on their preference.

‘You can pack short plants tightly together in a “sea of green” (SOG) or a “screen of green” (SCROG) to maximize yield.’

Jorge Cervantes

Requirements will change depending on the variety and the grow room. Use this guide as a base, but make adjustments as necessary for your particular situation.

How to Use the Sea of Green Method

SOG systems generally work better with indica varieties because of their short stature and single primary cola. Sativas can work, but they are typically too “leggy” for the SOG system to work well. Best is to top sativa strains a few days before changing the light cycle to 12/12.

Sea of Green grow guide

SoG Grow GuidePropagation (Early-Stage)Vegetative GrowthFlowering
Avg. Light Intensity150-200200 increasing gradually to 450-500450-550 Increasing to 700-800
Ambient Room Temp (Day)70-720F 21-230C80-85 0F 26-290C80-85 0F
Ambient Room Temp (Night)60-20 0F 16-210C70-750F 21-240C70-750F
Ambient Relative Humidity (Day)100%
until rooted, within 4-7 days, then vent to 80%
75-80% (early)
55-67% (mid/late veg)
55-67% (early)
60-62% (mid/late veg)
Ambient Relative Humidity (Night)Same as daytime, see Propagation section below fro more information.75-80% (early)
55-67% (mid/late veg)
55-67% (early)
42-57% (mid/late veg)
Vapor Pressure Deficit (Day)0.67-1.00 (early)
1.11-1.80 (late)
1.11-1.80 (early)
1.28-2.00 (late)
Vapor Pressure Deficit (Night)0.50-.75 (day)
.82-1.34 (night)
.82-1.34 (night)
1.07-1.73 (late)
CO2 Enrichment1200-15001200-1500

Best Marijuana Strains for SOG growing

Indicas that are good for Sea of Green method

White Widow Seeds

Buy White Widow seeds

  • 60% Indica 40% Sativa
  • THC levels up to 19%
  • High yielding easy growing plant
Big Bud Feminized Seeds

Buy Big Bud seeds

  • 60% Indica 40% Sativa hybrid
  • Feminized seeds for guaranteed bud
  • Known for its easy to grow high yield
buy super skunk seeds

Buy Super Skunk seeds

  • 80% Indica 20% Sativa
  • THC levels up to 20%
  • Easy-growing strain that produces high yields

Sativas that are also good options when topped

Amnesia Haze Feminized Seeds

Buy Amnesia Haze seeds

  • 20% Indica 80% Sativa 
  • THC levels up to 21%
  • Very high yielding plant
Super Silver Haze Feminized Seeds

Buy Super Silver Haze seeds

  • 10% Indica 90% Sativa 
  • THC levels up to 18%
  • Tall plants for in- and outdoors

Have you tried the Sea of Green technique? Please feel free to share your experience in the comments!

Happy growing!


Other pruning methods

Besides Sea of Green (SOG), there are more techniques to prune your plants for more yield. Find a short explanation in my pruning article, or head directly to a technique below:

FAQs about the Sea of Green (SOG) method

Which type of strain is better for SOG?

Sativas can work, but Indicas are generally more fitting.

What are the benefits of SOG?

SOG allows you to maximize your space without sacrificing on yield. It is very well suited for commercial growers.

Are there any downsides to SOG?

Combining Indica and Sativa varieties is tricky. Pests and diseases can spread rapidly, and it takes more time to tend the plants (large number of plants).

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  1. you’re one of my idols. I am planning on starting a commercial grow in upstate new york and over the years I have taken a lot of advice from you and others and wanted to say thank you for trailblazing for Today’s growers. You truly are a hero whether you admit it or not. You and BOG are my top two. Now if only I Could get my hands on some bogglegum seeds lol.

  2. Very informative and great article!

    This wonder plant provides several benefits that its users are grateful for. Marijuana has more medicinal value than some of the drugs that the FDA approves. It’s a natural remedy for various ailments. Unlike other types of medicine, this herb has never caused death. It’s one of the effective medications that doctors prefer due to its pain relief properties.

    Medical marijuana is extracted from the versatile cannabis plant. It generally exists in the form of dried leaves or stems. It offers several benefits to the human body. Apart from pain relief, medical marijuana has countless other health advantages.

  3. How about giving credit where credit is due. I stopped off at High Times onmy way to NORML ’85 and showed Dean Latimer and John Howell my new book, “Growing Indoors for Fun and Profit” and told hem about Sea of Green.
    I suggest you ask George Van Paten aka “Jorge.” who originated it.

  4. Wayne. SOG requires plants to be set side by side. I would use 9 to 12 so I could do rows of three. Best if you join our forum where we can discuss this extensively. hard to just guess. Probably need only 1 – 1000w lamp

  5. question :::10 white willow sog plants , how many sq feet would I need , and how many 1000 watt hps lights do I need ???? {thanks }

  6. Hello, I’m Rick. In the late 90’s, I helped to produce and market the Sea of Green Video, and later, sold the rights to High Times Magazine. You should purchase a copy or perhaps view on line if available. It is the actual grow that was perfected in a fortyfoot tractor trailer with a refrigeration unit for climate control. Many people, have a perspective, that causes them to believe that the strain is most important. While, the strain makes a difference initially, Climate Control is most important. You will develop more fruitful strains through the cloning process. The pot, grown in the Video was better than anything around and some of those clones, came from Swag.
    That pot was better than what is currently grown.
    I believe that climate control is the most significant step in cultivating extraordinarily supreme strains. Another thing I learned when working with Hans, the Master Mind of the Sea of Green, that by growing in this method, we actually condition the plant to give every ounce of energy to the Buds. This is the difference that most do not perceive, therefore, do not appreciate it’s significance in working with the laws of Nature. Check it out. It is a valuable tool in creating the very best in the world.
    Hope this assists you towards your efforts.
    Richard Coonan jr

  7. Study.. There’s tons of information out there. Like in this post. Google YouTube

  8. I have a room 8×8 5ft high with 4 x 600 ‘s could tell me the best method 4 a sea of green pots soil etc plz

  9. Any of regular strains we have in the seed shop would be great for a SOG. As you know SOG is built with clones; So getting feminized seeds, and sexing a “Mother Plant” is the way to go. Once you have a Mother Plant, you can make all the clones for your SOG that you want. Happy Growing 🙂

  10. If you have the room to raise a lot of clones, then this is the way to go. To get started can be fairly cheap for do it yourself’ers, all the way to a couple grand for really nice automated systems. Oh yeah; PLus Lights and ventilation