5 Reasons You Should be Eating Raw Weed

Eating raw weed is not going to get you high (you lied to me Supertroopers!), but there are plenty of reasons why you should be eating raw weed. This might seem a little weird and unappetizing that is until you realize that eating raw weed is all the rage right now. So why should you jump in on this trend?

Eating Raw Weed Gives You Lots of Fiber

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that fiber is an essential nutrient your body needs to function properly. The problem with the modern diet (especially here in the States) is that no one is getting nearly enough fiber in their diet. To combat this many people take fiber supplements, but they simply aren’t doing the trick. Raw weed happens to have a ton of fiber in it (it is a leafy green after all).

Also Vitamins

In addition to fiber, raw weed contains tons of vitamins and minerals your body needs. As I stated above, cannabis is a leafy green. Raw weed contains Vitamin C, which you need as an immune booster, and Vitamin K essential for blood clots and absorbing calcium. Cannabis plants also contain folate, iron and calcium, which are needed for repairing DNA, moving oxygen through the blood stream and maintaining strong bones.

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    Raw Weed Has TONS of Antioxidants

    Yet another reason you should be eating raw weed is because it has tons of antioxidants. In case you weren’t aware THC and CBD are themselves considered antioxidants. Antioxidants are neat little compounds that help repair and maintain the body during the normal wear and tear that one experiences in their daily life.

    Tonight, try putting some raw cannabis in your salad. Image Source: YouTube

    Not to Mention No Negative Side Effects

    Eating raw weed also has none of the negative side effects that come with consuming cannabis via smoking, vaping, or doing edibles. Since you’re not decarbing your cannabis, you’re not going to get any of the same psychoactive side effects that you would normally be expecting. That means no anxiety, no dizziness and of course, no cottonmouth. You might want to make sure your cannabis hasn’t been sprayed with any pesticides before eating it though!

    Did We Mention the Fatty Acids?

    Raw weed contains tons of omega fatty acids, which are awesome for keeping your brain fit and healthy. This is why hemp is such a popular health food. Hemp also contains tons of linoleic acid which promotes healthy skin and nails. That might not seem as important to you now, but as you get older, you will definitely appreciate it.

    There’s also many ways that you can prepare raw weed, so you don’t have to eat it like it’s carrot sticks, or anything like that. As mentioned above, you can throw it in a juicer with your other vegetables. You can also make a pretty delicious pesto with it, or sprinkle it onto your favorite salas. The possibilities are endless!

    Featured Image Source: YouTube

    Have you tried eating raw weed? Have you seen any health benefits from it? Share in the comments below!


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      1 comments on “5 Reasons You Should be Eating Raw Weed”

      1. I had read about the nutritional value of eating the leaves on a health site I subscribe to. I guess it’s easy enough to stick into a salad or just chew on through the day. It must be why my pet duck years ago used to love it when I’d harvest and give her all the big leaves.
        With a harvest coming up I’m going to get a bit experimental. I’m imagining a plateful of leaves lightly steamed and covered with garlic butter — and maybe start shoving a few leaves into the teapot. A couple of years ago someone suggested I try boiling it in milk, as a bedtime drink, like, but it tasted like crap, though within minutes I was out like a light. Anyone with insomnia really should try it…
        The thought occurs to set up a special grow room permantly running on 18 hours of light to keep a few plants permanently putting out lots of leaves to eat.
        Wasn’t it Hippocrates said something like “let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”? Bet he had a few plants going..