A Few Quick Facts on Making Hash

Making hash is an incredibly rewarding and fun experience that every cannabis connoisseur should try once, and then do twice, three times, etc. Before you set out upon making hash, there are some things you need to know about it. Consider this your crash course in making hash.

What Exactly is Hash?

Hash is short for hashish, which is a form of concentrate made from the trichomes of the cannabis plant. The trichomes contain most of the plant’s cannabinoids; making them into hash is just another way to utilize as much of the plant as possible. Concentrates, as you are probably aware, give you a much more intense and longer lasting high.

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    What Parts of the Plant do I use?

    You can use any parts of the plant you want or whatever you have on hand. Even the stems have a small amount of trichomes on them. When it comes to making the best hash, i.e., the hash that will get you the highest, you’re going to want to use the buds and trim. This is where most of the trichomes are.

    Maximizing your Trichome Collection

    If you want to maximize the amount of trichomes, or kief you collect, you need to do at least one of these two things: use a grinder when breaking up all your buds, and store your bud in a kief box. You can collect the trichomes by using a grinder with a kief catcher, which collects all of your kief together in a separate chamber in the bottom of your grinder.

    This is your first step towards making some great hash! Image Source: Well Suited for Life

    What’s the Most Common Way to Make Hash?

    The most common way of making hash is from pressing your kief together. You then use pressure and heat to compress it all into hash. There are quite a few different methods for making hash. One of the most common ways (and one that takes the least amount of effort) is pressing the kief you’ve slowly collected over the last few months, and press it using a kief press.

    If you don’t have a kief press, you can always make one using a paper cylinder taped to the end of a pencil. A friend of mine used to make his by pressing it between wax paper and two heavy books.

    Of course there are many other methods that are certainly more foolproof than pressing two large books together. One popular method is using a blender. Throw your trim into a blender with some water and ice. Let it settle for about a half an hour, allowing your trichomes to sink and form a layer at the bottom. Pour the water out (carefully, you don’t want to waste anything) and place the jar into the freezer for about ten minutes. Filter through a coffee filter and you should have some good hash!

    These are not the only methods, but we’ll get to those another day. Now go and make some hash!

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    Have you ever made your own hash? Do you have any advice for others who want to start making their own hash? Share in the comments!

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