The Complete Guide to Cannabis Tea

Do you enjoy marijuana edibles?  Have you tried sipping it as a tea? Cannabis tea is a delightful way to extract the benefits of marijuana, and it’s also easy to make. This guide will explain how to make weed tea, so that you can take part in this ancient treat.

The History of Cannabis Tea

Cannabis tea is one of the world’s oldest, time-honored herbal drinks. In the Caribbean, China, Egypt, and India, therapeutic teas made from cannabis have been a part of their culture for centuries.

Jamaicans and other Caribbean Islanders use it to create ganja tea, and some mothers give it to their kids as a daily supplement to keep them healthy. Their version is minimally psychoactive, so it doesn’t necessarily get them high. Although it’s frowned on by local doctors, these mothers have been using it for generations and stand by it to this day.

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Chinese archaeological sites from the later part of the Stone age show depictions of marijuana itself. This dates marijuana usage by humans to at least 10,000 B.C. Rumor has it, Emperor Shennong’s servant accidentally dropped a cannabis leaf into a pot while boiling his water for safer consumption. The Emperor found the taste refreshing and began experimenting with boiling different combinations of buds and leaves for rheumatism, absentmindedness, malaria, gout, and at least 100 other afflictions.

Another historical reference is the Ebers Papyrus. This ancient document details marijuana’s therapeutic use in Egypt thousands of years ago. Written in about 1500 BCE, it details how the plant was used for inflammation, symptoms of glaucoma, hemorrhoids, and more.

In India, Hindus consider the cannabis plant to be sacred. As a matter of fact, it’s the official drink of the country’s Holi Festival of Colors held each spring. This homebrew of strong psychoactive weed tea is referred to as Bhang. It was first concocted about 1000 BC and has since been used for speaking imperfections, digestion problems, dysentery, loss of appetite, phlegm, sunstroke, and fevers.

The Effects of Weed Tea Vs Other Edibles

Cannabis tea is a fast-acting approach to a long-lasting full-body high. It’s a quick way to consume THC, much like other edibles, while providing delayed, evenly spread out effects.

It’s common for the effects of marijuana tea to take 30-90 minutes. That’s because the cannabinoids must go through the digestive tract rather than being absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

However, the effects and high last longer than smoking, with the euphoria from tea lasting as long as several hours. However, unlike pre-made edibles, the person drinking it can control the potency based on the way they blend and prepare the tea. The decarboxylation process (which activates the cannabinoids) is wholly based on how the tea is brewed.

Another difference between the effects of weed tea versus other edibles is that the brew doesn’t have to psychoactive. In other words, marijuana tea won’t necessarily get you high.

How to Make Non-Psychoactive Weed Tea

It’s easy to keep your tea non-psychoactive. It’s all about what you leave out. Psychoactive tea (one that affects the mind) requires some form of fat to help bind and infuse the THC. This is easily done with milk, butter, coconut oil, or some other type of fat. Therefore, if you skip this step it is more likely to be nonpsychoactive.

You can also use high CBD/low THC strains to brew your tea. Remember, it’s THC that produces euphoria by binding itself with the brain’s cannabinoid receptors. CBD, on the other hand, is non-psychoactive and also interferes with the binding process, reducing, if not eliminating the psychoactive effects.

Cannabis Tea Recipe Guide

For the most potent marijuana effects, you must decarb. To decarb your cannabis, bake it in the oven for about 30 minutes at 225 degrees. This ensures that the psychoactive ingredients are activated by the fat (usually butter or coconut oil) and boiling water.

To control the potency of your marijuana brew, use the following cannabis tea recipe guide:

  • For a Milder Tea – Use marijuana leaves and stems
  • For a Medium Strength Tea – Use marijuana flowers and buds
  • For a Powerful Tea – Use the decarbed flowers of a high THC strain

Basic Weed Tea Recipe

Are you ready to brew weed tea at home?

You’ll need about one gram of cannabis… low-to-mid quality, two tea bags (your choice of flavors), sugar and/or honey, whole or half-and-half milk and one teaspoon of butter. Gather up a stapler, a pair of scissors, your favorite mug, a bowl, a teaspoon and a tea kettle, pot or pan for boiling water.

Grind your weed until it’s small but not quite dust. Cut off the tops of your tea bags, strings and all, using your scissors. Empty one tea bag into the trash and pour the contents of the other into a bowl. Add weed to the mixture and stir it all up as you boil your water in the kettle.

Remove some of the tea from each bag and pour some herb into both and mix it all up together. Use the teaspoon to put the mixture back into the two teabags. Fold the tops of the bags over a couple of times to keep the mixture from escaping into your water and staple them both shut. You can also use reusable tea bags.

Place one teaspoon or more of butter into your mug along with a little half-and-half or whole milk. Heat the mug, so it’s warm enough to melt the butter. Be careful not to curdle the milk. Fill the cup halfway with boiling water and dunk the tea bags in it.

Add honey and/or sugar, per your tastes. Cover and let it steep for about 5 minutes. Add more boiling water until the mug is almost full. Add more cream, milk, and butter if needed. Let it steep for another five minutes. Then, enjoy!


  • 1 teaspoon decarboxylated cannabis
  • 2 tea bags (with tea in them)
  • 1 teaspoon butter
  • 1-3 teaspoons of milk or half & half
  • Sugar or honey
  • 8-10 ounces boiling hot water


  • Mug
  • Scissors
  • Stapler

Total time needed: 10 minutes

How to Make Weed Tea Without Tea Bags

Are you usually a coffee drinker? If you don’t have reusable tea bags or prefer to avoid using staples, don’t worry, there are other ways to brew weed tea. You can still enjoy homemade tea using the following steps:

  • Mix your tea and other ingredients together in kettle, pot or pan
  • Wrap a coffee filter around the spout of your tea kettle
  • If using a pot or pan, secure the coffee filter over the top of your mug
  • Slowly pour the tea into the cup through the filter, so it separates the liquid from the loose tea and weed or stems

Marijuana Tea Options

Once you’ve mastered the basic recipe, it is easy to make flavorful adjustments. Try these tasty adaptations:

Indian-Style AKA Bhang Weed Tea Recipe

For bhang, use ghee butter instead of traditional butter and honey instead of sugar. Add cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. You can also try yogurt instead of milk.

Chai Weed Tea Recipe

For a chai style tea, use a strong black tea such as English Breakfast, although Chinese “Assamica” tea is preferred. Add two saffron rock candy sticks to sweeten your brew instead of honey or sugar. If saffron candy is not available, you can add saffron seasoning to your tea bag before stapling it.

Herbal Vegan Blend Tea Recipe

Choose herbal tea as your base. Substitute the dairy with coconut milk and butter. Add sweet flowers, such as dried rosebuds or chamomile to your teabags for additional flavor.

Spiked Cannabis Tea Recipe

Alcohol is an alternative to fat for binding THC. Therefore, you can add a few teaspoons of your favorite alcoholic beverage to the brew instead of the milk or half-and-half. Choose rum for a flavorful drink or vodka for a more traditional tea.  

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FAQ About Cannabis Tea

Can I drink cannabis tea if I have allergies?

Cannabis tea is still tea, so if you’re allergic to cannabis, or any of the tea’s other ingredients then it’s not a good idea to drink it.

Does cannabis tea make me high?

The amount of THC in the cannabis tea depends entirely on the person who’s making it, so if you’re seeking some strong effects and are trying to get high, then you can use the flowers of a high THC cannabis strain.

How long does cannabis tea take to kick in?

Cannabis tea takes longer to kick in than smoking marijuana, but its effect last much longer.

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