What Can You Do With Your Leftover Cannabutter Pulp?

Making cannabutter is a fun way to spend an afternoon. It’s easy to do, not to mention you get some good results from making cannabutter. The only issue is what do you do with all that leftover cannabutter pulp that’s leftover from the butter making process?

Make Some Pesto

Cannabutter Pesto

The most obvious option should be to make some pesto. I mean look at all of the pulp you have left, it looks a lot like pesto, so you can imagine where I’m going with this. You can easily make your leftover cannabutter into pesto. It’s really easy, actually. All you have to do is make some regular pesto and mix in some of your leftover pulp. You decide how much you need of course.

Make Some Tacos

That leftover cannabis pulp makes a fantastic garnish for things like meat, so why not make some delicious tacos with it? Once again, this is a very easy recipe to make and should take you no time at all.

The potency of the dish will vary depending on the strain you used, and the method you used to make the cannabutter in the first place. Add the cannabutter pulp while slowly simmering your taco meat and you should be on a rocket ride to the moon.

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    Make a Stew

    Cannabutter Stew

    If tacos are not your thing, then you could easily make a delicious stew with your cannabutter. This is another easy recipe to do. Simply add your pulp in after you’ve had your stew cooking in the crockpot for a few hours. Make sure that you have given your stew enough time to simmer before you add your cannabutter pulp.

    Add a Dash to Your Desserts

    Cannabutter Desserts

    Leftover cannabutter pulp can make a more than fine garnish for any of your canna-desserts, or any of the other baked goods you plan to make. Simply add what you think you will need to your brownie recipe, your biscuits, cake, or whatever you are planning on making.

    Whip up Something for Your Pets

    Cannabutter Pets

    Your leftover cannabutter doesn’t have to be for you. You can also make a pretty handy medicine for your pets. Of course, you should only give your pets cannabis for medical reasons. Cannabis is perfectly safe to give to your pets, as long as it’s not too high of a dosage, of course. Add a little bit of your leftover cannabutter pulp to your pet’s food, and you will see an instant improvement in their physical health.

    Just Throw it on Anything You Want

    What will you do with your leftover cannabutter? image Source: Vice

    Of course, you can always just throw your leftover cannabutter pulp on whatever you choose. No matter how you choose to use it, you can probably make something pretty delicious and stonerific with it. Something solid would probably be for the best, though I think a smoothie could work out pretty well too. Just make sure you enjoy yourself.

    Featured image Source: ncsm.nl

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    FAQs About Using Leftover Cannabutter Pulp

    What are some ways I can use my leftover cannabutter pulp?

    Making a pesto, stew, tacos, and adding it to desserts are some creative ways you can utilize your left cannabutter pulp.

    Is it safe to give cannabis to pets?

    You should only give cannabis to your pets for medical reasons. Cannabis is perfectly safe to give to your pets, as long as you know the right dosage.

    How do you prefer to use your leftover cannabutter? Tell us in the comments section below!

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      1. That’s interesting. I think I could throw it in some homemade vegetable soup and I was thinking of throwing some into my salad. Could I get that great calmness after awhile?

      2. I have to agree, I have a dog who loves cannabis and seeks out eddibles and left over joints to eat, but another who FREAKED after jumping in the counter and a brownie I made…. i definitely wouldn’t recommend serving it to dogs

      3. Instant improvement in [your pet’s] physical health? That’s pretty irresponsible.