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Black Leaf Connector Mouthpiece for Precoolers

Black Leaf Connector Mouthpiece for Precoolers

Black Leaf Connector Mouthpiece for Precoolers:

Brands and users have taken the use of glass bongs to a whole new level. First, there was the basic setup. Then they added other features such as water filtration. It goes on to adding percolators. Finally, ice notches to hold ice cubes in place. All these elaborate designs are not meant to make what is a simple bong into a complicated scientific device.

All these innovative and out-of-this-world designs have three missions to accomplish. Smoke that passes through percolators is broken down into smaller particles. The idea here is so that it results in a smooth hit. At the same time, in passing through water, the smoke is filtered and cooled down. This results in a smoother hit. Finally, if there are ice cubes, it further cools down the smoke, which leads to the smoothest hit possible.

The idea of using glass bongs is not only to enhance the experience described above. It is also meant to retain as much of the flavors as possible.

How much more innovative products can the brands, and companies think of to provide users with as many choices as possible?

One of the things that many consumers buy is a precooler. Simply, this is a device that is attached to the downstem. In essence, it acts as an extra chamber which allows for more cooling. As any users can attest to, the cooler the smoke, the easier it is on the throat and the lungs.

There are many benefits to using cannabis. Its effects, over the centuries, have provided both recreational and medical users immense pleasure and comfort. As scientific studies continue, there are also many ways it can be used in treating specific illnesses. But effects aside, the enhanced experience of using accessories can only make it better.

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Black Leaf Connector Mouthpiece for Precoolers

Black Leaf Connector Mouthpiece for PrecoolersSo, after buying a precooler, it should have provided a more pleasurable smoking experience. But the bong is a clunky device that is meant to stay in the house. Instead of buying a portable glass pipe, Black Leaf has an accessory that can turn a precooler into a bubbler hand pipe.

As mentioned, the choices are endless. There are the different styles and brands to choose from, but there are also the wide variety of accessories to mix and match.

Black Leaf has been in business for a long time. It is also one of the more reputable glass smoking accessories makers in the world. The ingenious people here have designed the connector mouthpiece that users can attach to their existing (or new) precooler.

There are two choices when it comes to sizes. The 21cm connector can attach to a 14.5mm or 18.8mm joint. Depending on what users have, they only have to choose the size that fits.

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Like bongs, the connector mouthpiece is made of borosilicate glass. To ensure that it is sturdy, Black Leaf also used 3.2mm thickness.

Feedbacks and Shopping Online

Black Leaf Connector Mouthpiece for PrecoolersGrasscity has the Black Lead Connector Mouthpiece for Precoolers on their stock. Both the 14.5mm or 18.8mm variants are priced at only $7.99. Ordering is as simple as dropping by and adding the item to the shopping cart.

The product itself is already quite cheap. However, some people may still be picky about its pricing. That, of course, is taken care of by the online retailer as they do have a price match guarantee.

They offer free shipping to anywhere in the world. But to avail of the free freight, the total order must be over $50. Otherwise, they charge a shipping fee.

Grasscity has been around for a while, and they have a reputation for taking good care of their customers. When it comes to reliability and after-sales service, they are hard to beat.

Looking at the feedback of people who have bought the connector mouthpiece, we are pleased to see that the overwhelming majority are happy with it. It tells us that Black Leaf has done an excellent job of making an innovative product that works.

Final Thoughts

Black Leaf Connector Mouthpiece for PrecoolersThe Black Leaf Connector Mouthpiece for Precoolers is a simple device. Yet, it allows users to turn precoolers not only into glass pipes but a bubbler as well.

Besides the functionality of acting as a bubbler, the design itself is beautiful to look at.

Using it is also easy. It works best on a glass to glass connection. After attaching to the precooler, it is only a matter of adding water, lighting the herb, and inhale the smoke. On ease of use, it is unbeatable. On the experience itself, customers agree that it does deliver the hit that they expect.

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At only $7.99, this connector mouthpiece should be a great addition to the smoking accessories of all cannabis users. Simply, it is portable, and it works. More importantly, though, is that the smoke it produces retains much of the flavors and potency of the cannabis. Buy Black Leaf Connector Mouthpiece for Precoolers Here!

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