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Intoxication And Mental Impairment - Adverse Effects Of Marijuana

Intoxication And Mental Impairment - Adverse Effects Of Marijuana

Most users cite mental impairment due to intoxication as the most important adverse effect of marijuana. Marijuana will seriously interfere with mental skills like memorization, recall, attentiveness, tracking ability, and coordination at complex tasks. Many users find it difficult to work, study, or perform difficult tasks while under its influence. Some users might build a tolerance to these effects or simply learn to compensate and adjust. Some people can go about their everyday lives with little or no trouble while still under the continual influence of cannabis. Of course, they could always be impaired in certain unnoticeable ways.

Some individuals argue that marijuana actually enhances their performance particularly at tasks requiring creativity, personal interaction, or rote, repetitive work where boredom is constant. These claims have yet to be supported by scientific studies, but it is still interesting that, at one time, mine and plantation owners in South America and Africa encouraged workers to take a cannabis break to boost morale and productivity!

Marijuana use has no evident effects on normal intellectual performance when you’re not under the influence. Some individuals have argued that heavy use is linked to a decline in “executive functioning,” or the ability to concentrate and focus your efforts on specific goals. Psychological tests have shown that heavy pot users are more easily distracted and less attentive to maintaining a course of action.

In any event, problems of this type are generally restricted to recreational abuse and won’t be relevant to medical users. Many patients find marijuana vital to their daily functioning, relieving them from the distractions of pain, discomfort, and debilitating suffering.

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By Jefferey Burnside on 6 March 2014

Your article on lighting is rather short to say the least. I have grown with flood lights with some success but for the power consumption it was too low of a yield. Today I prefer CFL's and would like to try LED, but for now CFL's are affordable 60 watt CFL bulbs have 300 watt equivalent output, without the heat.

By john on 31 July 2015

Iam curious about your seeds as the prices don't say how many you get for you money. I will have a 4plant tent. I am only wanting to get exotic seeds - white widow, , solid purple and I hear that Sour Diesel is very popular. I am looking for growing two indica and two sativas ata a time and am wondering if you carry thse strains of seed. but they all must be very exotic looking = can you advise me as to what seeds you would recommend. Could you also give me a quote on a 4 x 4 x8,5 tent including all the things I will need to get it going - I have fertilizer but need the tent along with all the lighting and everything else you would recommend. Please provide me with all the manufacters names and specs on the parts.

By david on 5 October 2015

Sorry but I'm having trouble ordering seed? Can't find a ph number yet either.

By Jennifer ILGM on 6 October 2015

Hi David, Our customer service runs through email please send an email to [email protected]. They can help you with any questions.

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Thank you for giving me the most hearty laugh of the day. The photo of the normally pretty woman with what looks like spooge on her face just CWACKED ME UP.

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