Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll’s lineage comprises three of the most vigorous strains – God Bud, Grapefruit, and Gupta Kush. All produce plants with improved immunity, a sturdy frame, amazing sce[...]

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Iron Triangle

The origins of White Triangle OG, also known as The White, are mysterious but it is said to trace its lineage back to Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa. It is an excellent strain tha[...]

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Aloha Limone

A bowl of Aloha Limone would be enough for users to take a short, mini-sabbatical at home while toking on its tropical-flavored smoke. It transforms the dreary day with its upbeat[...]

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Rubicon is a strain one can rely on during a hard time, riddled by psychological distress and physical pains. It has impressive CBD levels that work its way up to 9%, providing pa[...]

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Hibiscus Sunrise

Hawaiian Sunrise has a mysterious history that traces back to an indigenous landrace from Hawaii. The influence is evident in its terpene profile and effects. It has a sweet tropi[...]

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Gupta Kush

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a neurosurgeon and the head medical correspondent for CNN. In 2009, he wrote a piece on why he would vote ‘No’ on cannabis. However, he has since changed h[...]

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Doobiebird Daydream

Doobiebird Daydream finds a place among the top potent strains with its THC levels average at a consistent 22%. It induces a tingling euphoria that uplifts the spirits, clears the[...]

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Oteil’s Egyptian Kush

Many musicians are drawn to cannabis and have referenced it in their songs. Some of the more popular examples are Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Willie Nelson, and Gene Simmons. Another[...]

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From the land of sunny Spain comes Queso, now known as Kiss, which blends together the genetics of the popular Cheese and illustrious Afghani. The former is powerfully potent with[...]

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