Cherry Sherbet

Cherry Sherbet enthralls the senses with its tangy aroma. Flavors of cherry make up its smoke and coat the palate, hinting at what is to come. Upon consumption, it delivers an inv[...]

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Cello Sweet OG

Cello Sweet OG is one of Colorado Seed Inc.’s best hybrid. It brings together the best of Sativa and Indica effects. It delivers a clearheaded cerebral high that improves the th[...]

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Blue Trane

Blue Trane is a highly elusive strain. Supposedly, Colorado Seed Inc.’s head grower acquired its seeds from Hawaii. Despite the mystery surrounding it, many users are drawn to i[...]

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Ape Shit

Ape Shit would likely make a crowd of cannabis enthusiasts go crazy over its abilities. It has an excellent recreational buzz that not only uplifts the mood, but also encourages a[...]

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Walker Kush

Walter Kush is a versatile strain that both beginners and seasoned users can enjoy. It has THC levels of 15% to 20% that one could easily adjust without feeling overwhelmed. Moreo[...]

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Secret Garden OG

Secret Garden OG is a highly potent strain that boasts THC levels of 20% and above. It could easily overwhelm beginners and seasoned users alike when consumed beyond tolerance lev[...]

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Pink Champagne

Pink Champagne is an attractive strain. It produces emerald green buds with hints of rust and a striking purple along with flashes of pink. Its colors further intensify when one e[...]

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Moonwalker Kush

Moonwalker Kush is a rather intense strain. It boasts THC levels that constantly go beyond the 20% range, averaging between 25% and 28%. Thus, a little also goes a long way. Se[...]

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Huckleberry Hound

Many may remember Huckleberry Hound from a popular TV series portraying the life of a well-intentioned blue coonhound. The show has inspired many generations up until its end in 2[...]

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