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Some people like to kick back and relax after a long day, while others prefer a shot of energy and creativity before work. Find the most popular energizing and relaxing strains below.

popular marijuana strains

Learn what strains are the latest rage or which ones are classics forever.

energizing marijuana strains

Energizing Strains

Boost your day and your creativity with these vitalizing strains.

relaxing marijuana strains

Relaxing Strains

Put your feet up and read a book, watch a movie or get swept up in music.


Strains by Plant Type

Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis are the cannabis plant types we know. Since their pilgrimage from Amsterdam, gathering seeds from across the world, we now have nearly 10.000 strains. Most of them are hybrid in some form.

indica cannabis strains

Indica Strains

Originally from the Hindu Kush mountain range, these bushy plants will get you stoned.

sativa weed strains

Sativa Strains

Found growing in areas around the equator these thin leafed plants induce a high.

hybrid marijuana strains

Hybrid Strains

Since breeders started combining indica and sativa genes in the 70’s you can have the best of both worlds.


Strong vs Mellow

The doses of THC has increased over the past decades as people sought out stronger marijuana. Nowadays you will find a wide range of lower THC and high CBD strains providing a variety of effects

heavy cannabis strains

High THC Strains

Looking for the strongest strains on the block? Look no further!

mild weed strains

Low THC Strains

These strains may have a mellow high or even none at all.

high cbd strains

High CBD Strains

CBD is known to help with a variety of ailments.


Do-si-dos strain

Do Si Dos

Do-Si-Dos, or “dosidos,” is an indica dominant hybrid strain known for its similarity to its parent strain, the well-known Girl Scout Cookies strain (GSC). This …

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Godfather OG strain

Godfather OG

Everywhere on the web if one looks, the same thing is said. Godfather OG Strain is the DzDon of all OGs, And that brings to …

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Picture of Grapericot Pie strain

Grapricot Pie Strain

Grapricot Pie (aka Grape Apricot Pie) is a fairly newcomer on the cannabis circuit, less than a decade old. Showcasing incredible flavor and welcomed effects, …

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Example of Black Runtz strain

Black Runtz

If Willy Wonka had dabbled in cannabis breeding instead of candy treats– the result might just have been the Black Runtz strain.  This coveted hybrid …

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Example of Gush Mints strain

Gush Mints Strain

When you encounter a strain with multiple award-winning accolades that happen to be revered by growers and smokers alike, you tend to stop and take …

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Example of Cake pop strain

Cake Pop Strain

Among a diverse selection of cannabis, the Cake Pop weed strain emerges as a true treat for enthusiasts seeking a delightful and aromatic experience. Cake …

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Ready to harvest Ice Cream Cake marijuana plant

Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake strain’s true origins may still be questioned; however, its sheer popularity is not. This sought-after vanilla-scented treat has an impressive string of …

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Ready to harvest Purple Lemonade marijuana plant

Purple Lemonade

People tend to stop and notice when a weed strain is as visually striking as the Purple Lemonade strain. This eye-catching strain is a sight …

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Marijuana plant called the Sophies Breath

Sophies Breath strain

The award-winning Sophie’s Breath cannabis strain is a rare sativa-dominant hybrid popular for its sweet, sophisticated flavor and invigorating effects. Voted the best medicinal shatter …

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