It is not far-fetched to say that Chloe is one-of-a-kind. It is a powerful Sativa-leaning strain with THC levels that range between 17% to 24%. Its brand of high usually leans tow[...]

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Blue Galaxy

Blue Galaxy is an awe-inspiring strain with azure overtones that make it look like the night sky. Shining a light upon it creates the illusion of stars sparkling against a twiligh[...]

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Anonymous OG

Anonymous OG is, perhaps, one of the best end-of-day treats. It is thoroughly calming with its clarifying head high and relaxing body buzz. Used at night, it is likely that its co[...]

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Agent Tangie

Agent Tangie is on a mission to raise the people’s energy. With its Sativa-leaning genes, it delivers a lightning-fast euphoria that instantly improves the mood and invigorates [...]

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Allkush is a peculiar strain. Although it is predominantly Indica, its effects are mostly cerebral. Supposedly, it hails from the ‘Hippie Trail’ between Pakistan and Afghanist[...]

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Upon hearing the word ‘Acid,’ one’s mind may pander to LSD. However, there is a strain of the same name in the cannabis industry which has a slew of effects that move far aw[...]

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Afpak conjures many questions. One of which, and perhaps the first, is where does its name come from? The answer lies in its lineage. It hails from two of the most popular indigen[...]

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Devil’s Tit

The foundation for Devil’s Tit lies on three industry names: Durban Poison. Extremely potent, Durban Poison delivers an exhilarating euphoria that powers users throughout the[...]

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Luca Brasi

Many may remember the Corleones as the famous crime family in Mario Puzo’s critically acclaimed The Godfather. Though years have passed, the book and its subsequent movies conti[...]

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