Lucy is an excellent hybrid. Apart from having potent THC levels that regularly test around 15% to 18%, it also has a CBD content of 8% to 12% which is higher compared to other st[...]

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Larry Bird Kush

Larry Bird Kush wows the crowd with its off-the-roof THC levels of 24% to 26%. Upon consumption, it delivers a stellar head high that instantly improves the mood within minutes. I[...]

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Illuminati OG

Saying ‘illuminati’ anywhere will attract attention and raised eyebrows. Not inside a cannabis dispensary though. It could only refer to the Illuminati OG, an Indica-leaning s[...]

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Green Love Potion

Black Domina and Lavender come together to create the Green Love Potion, a predominantly Indica strain that casts an arousing spell on all those who use it. It is potent too, exhi[...]

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Dutch Kush

Dutch Kush promises a sedating end with its THC levels of 25%. It starts off with a gentle cerebral euphoria that prepares one for the upcoming body-centered comedown. Eventually,[...]

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DJ Smoke

Flo is a top-rated strain with Indica genetics which are evident in its growth profile. Apart from being short, it is sturdy, bushy, and stunning purple hues. A vigorous producer,[...]

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Darkside OG

It would do well for people to stay away from dark side. It is filled with pain, sorrow, and regret. However, the story could be different with Darkside OG. The Indica-leaning str[...]

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It is not far-fetched to say that Chloe is one-of-a-kind. It is a powerful Sativa-leaning strain with THC levels that range between 17% to 24%. Its brand of high usually leans tow[...]

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Blue Galaxy

Blue Galaxy is an awe-inspiring strain with azure overtones that make it look like the night sky. Shining a light upon it creates the illusion of stars sparkling against a twiligh[...]

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