Goji Diesel

Goji OG is one of the more popular strains from Bodhi Seeds. It has a uniquely flavored terpene profile that blends together the taste of various hints of fruit and licorice to cr[...]

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Ghost Ship

Colorado Seeds brings together Purple Kush and Gupta Kush into powerful Indica strain – Ghost Ship. It boasts a strong Kush profile that indicates the upcoming heavy-limbed [...]

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Don Shula

Don Shula is a professional football player and coach who has more games than any other NFL coach in his 33-year track record. He keeps his players in motivated and clearheaded th[...]

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Sapphire Scout

Modern strains often boast high THC levels, but few ever go beyond the 25% range. One of which is Sapphire Scout, a robust bud that produces a powerful head and body high that cou[...]

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Mekamika Haze

It is rare to find a pure strain in the cannabis industry. Most of the time, users will come across hybrids that will lean toward one side. In this regard, alone, Mekamika Haze is[...]

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Frank’s Gift

There is a bittersweet but touching story to Frank’s Gift. It starts with Frank, a cancer survivor who relapses again despite already battling the dreaded condition. His tre[...]

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Dizzy OG

Dizzy OG exhibits many hybrid traits. It is relatively tall but produces dense foliage. Its buds display the same quality too. Each stretch on one end, giving it the appearance of[...]

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Bob Saget

Bob Sage is an 80/20 Sativa with immense recreational and medicinal benefits. It excels at delivering wake and bake effects that could accompany one through the day. Not only does[...]

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Blue Nina

Blue Dream induces a gentle cerebral uplift in spite of its high THC levels. However, this is not at all negative. Compared to other strains, it produces a distinct experience as [...]

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