Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry is an iconic strain. It has been an Indica favorite among recreational and medicinal enthusiasts for more than a decade. For growers, it is a godsend. Its Afghani lineag[...]

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Big Holy Nina

Big Holy Nina delivers an impressive head high that tapers into a soothing comedown. Because of this, many Sativa and Indica lovers turn to the strain after a stressful day or laz[...]

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Flo Limone

Nina Limone by Colorado Seed Inc. is a pungent strain with a tropical-flavored profile. Like the smell of real fruits, it invigorates the senses and gets rid of tiredness, especia[...]

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Fire Alien Kush

Upon getting ahold of a fine Fire OG specimen, OG Raskal Genetics set itself to produce an improved version of the bud. And what better way than to pair its stimulating head high [...]

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Fifth Element

The Fifth Element is a thought-provoking science fiction movie. It follows the story of Leelo as she seeks out to combine with four elements with the help of Korben Dallas. The fi[...]

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Critters Cookies

Critters Cookies is a seasoned thrill seekers’ go-to strain. Its psychoactive compounds, which are nearly 30%, deliver an intense head high that takes the mind to the clouds. At[...]

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Cookie Jar

The Cookie Jar is an aptly named strain. It has a delicious smoke reminiscent of the baked good. Moreover, its effects are just as energizing as the sugary snack. It starts with a[...]

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Chemdog # 4 x Alien OG Kush

The Chemdawg, or Chemdog, family is among the most influential line of strains. It is usually distinguished by as Indica-dominant except for one, Chemdawg #4, which leans toward S[...]

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Blue Sky

Rocky Mountain Blueberry boasts a classic Indica buzz. In all likelihood, more than few hits of its delicious smoke will light the path to dreamland. At the same time, it has the [...]

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