OGKB Strain

There’s a lot of speculation and mystery that surrounds the cannabis strain OGKB, questions like “What’s OGKB strain stand for?” Well, that’s easy, it’s an abbreviation for OG Kush Breath. Does the OG stand for Original Gangster? Who knows, just more awe to add to the mystery, I guess. The OGKB strain is believed to be a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies but more on that later. 

What you need to know is that this rare indica dominant strain is potently flavorful and certainly not a day-starter strain. This spunky pheno will rock your socks off with a 24%-30% THC content, and being a GSC descendant, it’s got a fairly high CBD content as well at just over 1%. As expected, people often mistake OGKB with the OGKB 2.0 strain, which is a separate award-winning phenotype developed by Mycotek. 

OGKB weed strain attributes:
ORIGINGSC, OG Kush, Durban Poison
EFFECTSCalm, deep relaxation, elevated head-high
FLAVORSSkunky cheese, spice, citrus
ADVERSE REACTIONSDry mouth, red eyes,
munchies, heavy couchlock
MEDICALInsomnia, stress, depression, 
persistent pain, fibromyalgia
THC CONTENT %24% – 30%
CBD %<1%
INDICA/SATIVA %70% – 30%
INDOOR YIELD1.4 – 2 oz/ft2
OUTDOOR YIELD15-20 oz per plant
GROWTH LEVELEasy to grow

OGKB strain genetics 

As fables are lost over the course of time, the true lineage of OGKB strain genetics can only be speculated over. Although the GSC lineage is well established, the consensus seems to agree that it’s been blended with OG Kush and the pure South African sativa, Durban Poison. Girl Scout Cookies balances well with the Chemdawg offspring, OG Kush, both sharing an indica dominance and a spicy, citrus flavor. Their combined potency is displayed in OGKB’s thc content.

Adding some DP to this ménage à trois is the well-known Durban Poison. One of the few pure sativa landrace strains with a high THC content that delivers an energized, creative high that’s accompanied by a skunky-cheese flavor. It’s basically the granddaddy of most hybrid strains we’ve come to love and has earned the adoration the world over. Adding to its appeal, DP displays easy-to-grow tendencies and rewarding yields.  

Is the OGKB strain indica or sativa? 

The original breeder of the OGKB weed strain is believed to be Jigga from Cookies co. If that’s the case, we commend and thank them. The sheer indica dominance of the OGKB marijuana strain is straight-up undeniable and almost displayed in your actions like having 30% will to party vs. 70% capacity to meld with the couch. It may fluctuate to the 40:60 indica dominance depending on your source, but the results are still intensely relaxing. 

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Growing the OGKB strain

There’s no particular grow info on the OGKB strain, tricks, or tips that are going to let you get bigger yields with this strain, except for good ol’ knowledge and expertise (and quite possibly the ILGM Grow Bible). The OGKB weed strain displays are easy to mildly difficult growing tendencies depending on your cultivating experience and which version of the strain you may have. Fortunately, it can be grown from clones since OGKB strain seeds can be hard to come by. 

OGKB plants form bushy foliage that would benefit from early trellising and extremely dense buds with a structure quite reminiscent of Indica-based strains. The large nugs are a bright mint green, with vivid orange pistils and gentle sugar leaves cradled in and amongst the bud. A frosting of trichome crystals is draped all over the surface, making it delectable to the eye and sticky to the touch.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds

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Growing OGKB outdoors 

The most valuable piece of OGKB strain info for growers is about pruning and doing it often. OGKB plants grow well in warm, humid climates and reach a height of 5-6.7ft. The moderately short plants are quite bushy and produce such densely packed heads that regular pruning is your friend. It will increase airflow and minimize the chance of mold or mildew forming on your plants, possibly ruining a healthy harvest

Flowering time of the OGKB strain

The fortunate souls that have managed to obtain OGKB strain seeds or gotten access to clones can expect a flowering time of around 56-63 days for indoor grow setups. Outdoor growers of the strain can prepare for a harvest in late October.  

How much does the OGKB strain yield?

What is the OGKB strain without its glorious genetics? Not only were prime flavor and effect some of the qualities handed down through its lineage but also the capacity to generate substantial yields. Indoor growers of the strain can look forward to approximately 1.4-2 oz/ft2, whereas outdoor cultivators can pull in around 15-20 oz/plant.

OGKB strain effects 

If you take it easy and consume the OGKB strain in moderation, you may be able to stay productive and make it through the day; however, if you plan on going full tilt and hitting that bong like you have a vendetta against it, then prepare yourself for a very chilled day in. The OGKB strain effects take hold quickly, filling your body with an overwhelming sense of calm and deep relaxation and sweeping your mind with an elevated head-high. 

OG Kush Marijuana Strain

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The OGKB strain is recommended for veteran smokers, as this strain may induce a high that’s far too great for your run-of-the-mill newbie smokers to handle. Some users warn that this strain left them with a very heady high and a lack of focus, while others claim it made them heavily sedated and euphorically calm. The results may well depend on your own tolerance and consumption. 

Many OGKB fans have given praise to this strain for easing their symptoms related to insomnia, stress, depression,  persistent pain, and even Fibromyalgia. With many beneficial uses, OGKB does also come with a few drawbacks, namely dry mouth and red eyes, the munchies, and heavy couchlock. More intense side effects that have been noted are dizziness,  paranoia, twitching, tingling, and a loss of sense of time. 

How strong is the OGKB strain?

The OGKB strain weighs in with an average THC content of 25% (sometimes as high as 30%). However, vast amounts of OGKB strain reviews will agree that the highs it delivers surely stack up to strains of a higher potency range.

OGKB terpenes

OGKB weed smokes smooth and is loaded with Limonene terps, giving off a strong citrus flavor and scent mixed with deep notes of earthy pine and musk. Caryophyllene, Myrcene and Terpinolene are among the dominant terpenes in this strain, bringing with them a range of flavors, aromas, and physical benefits. 

Once ignited, the scent of nutty berries becomes more noticeable. The subtle hints of sweet vanilla make their presence known amongst the abundance of strong, pungent fruitiness and diesel. There’s a deep flavor of creamy nut and vanilla, especially on the inhale, with a spicy herbal exhale to send you on your way.

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