Ghost OG Moonshine

Blue Moonshine is one of DJ Short’s best creations. The true Indica exudes a blueberry aroma that further intensifies in the palate. Upon consumption, it delivers a wholesome bo[...]

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Fat Nelson

Fat Nelson is a predominantly Sativa strain that has excellent recreational abilities. It induces a euphoric head high that instills an innate sense of happiness. One could use it[...]

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Dr. Feelgood

Gupta Kush is widely renowned for its high levels of THC. While its recreational potential is unbound, its primary purpose is actually medicinal. This should come as no surprise a[...]

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Dr. Bubbles

Y2K Bubble Gum has a delicious terpene profile that reminds almost anyone who tastes it of the popular confectionary. It is absolutely sweet, tingling the palate with a blend of b[...]

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Blue Cinex

Blue Cinex provides the longevity that many enthusiasts long for. The creeper likes to take its time from the onset to the comedown. The ride starts way before the first puff R[...]

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Big Band

According to Kannabia Seeds, an overlooked terpene profile is often an issue among growers purchasing a new variety for the first time. The company decided to develop a high-yield[...]

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Trash Strain

Trash is nothing like what its moniker might suggest. On the contrary, it is a useful strain that helps manage a wide variety of afflictions. It could be used to enhance the mood,[...]

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Space Monster

Practicing moderation is an essential part in keeping the high pleasant. This holds true for Space Monster which stays true to its name. It could stun users with its monstrously n[...]

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Purple People Eater

Purple People Eater may scare some enthusiasts off. After all, its moniker alludes to its powerful and potentially debilitating body buzz that could induce the feeling of the face[...]

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