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Seed Junky Genetics are masters of the craft when it comes to formulating new strains, and once again, they fail to disappoint. The deliciously potent Triangle Mints strain was born by breeding Triangle Kush with the Animal Mints strain. With a 20%-25% THC level, the Triangle Mints weed strain (also known as Octagon Kush) has gained notoriety for its powerful highs and heavy couchlock. 

Triangle Mints contain a diverse flavor profile with rich earthy tones that keep you coming back for “just one more,” which could be to the detriment of beginner smokers. But let’s unpack this Triangle strain mints review and see what all the fuss is about.    

Triangle Mints weed strain attributes:
ORIGINTriangle Kush and Animal Mints strain
EFFECTSEuphoria, cheerfulness
FLAVORSSweet mint, spice, herbs, creamy vanilla
ADVERSE REACTIONSDry, red eyes and cottonmouth
MEDICALChronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, and insomnia
THC CONTENT %20%-25%
CBD %2%
INDOOR YIELD1.5 oz per square foot
OUTDOOR YIELD14 to 16 Oz per plant
CLIMATEWarm and Humid
HEIGHT30-60 Inches

Is Triangle Mints strain indica or sativa? 

The Triangle Mints marijuana strain is a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain that delivers the best of both worlds with incredible head-highs and powerful couchlock. The Triangle Mints strain indica level is dwarfed by its sativa genetics with a 70% to 30% ratio.

Triangle Mints genetics

The legacy of Triangle mints strain genetics is evident in its name. It is the offspring of two renowned strains – both with an awe of mystery regarding their origins. What is abundantly clear is their potency. Triangle Kush strain comes from the heart of Florida and is a heavyweight, Indica-dominant strain with THC levels ranging from the mid to high twenties. It’s hailed for its relaxing yet mentally uplifting highs and earthy flavors. 

Triangle Mints Strain
Triangle Mints Strain

Animal Mints is the other parent strain of the Triangle Mints marijuana strain. Animal Mints’ origins vary depending on your sources. Some say it’s a cross of GSC x Blue Power, while others claim that it’s Animal Cookies x SinMints. What’s known for a fact is that Animal Mints is a 50%/50% hybrid with 21% and more THC levels.

Triangle Mints is a perfect cannabis strain if you are looking for a strong cerebral high.

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Triangle Mints weed is said to be easy to grow, and with warm, humid temperatures and adequate cultivation knowledge, it can thrive. This strain can be grown indoors and outdoors, utilizing regular soil planting or hydroponics systems. Its yields are moderate; however, plant support or low-stress training can produce higher yields.

Growing Triangle Mints Cannabis Strain Outdoors
Growing Triangle Mints Marijuana Strain Outdoors

Growing outdoors

The Triangle Mints cannabis can happily grow outdoors, provided you give it a warm, humid climate. This plant’s indica genes are notable in its growing habits, reaching average heights of 30 – 60 inches tall. Good ventilation and occasional pruning will greatly benefit your plants’ well-being and reduce the chances of pests or mold.  

Flowering Time

Triangle Mints marijuana strain info suggests that the expected flowering time for indoor growers is 8-9 weeks (58 – 67 days). Outdoor growers can expect their harvest time to peak around mid-October

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Triangle Mints yield:

What Triangle Mints pot strain may lack in quantity, it completely makes up for in quality. With gorgeous bright green nuggets covered in flaming orange pistils and a thick layer of trichome crystals, these modestly yielding plants are still a fan favorite. Indoor growers can expect a yield of 1.1 to 1.5oz per square foot, and outdoor growers can expect around 14 to 16 Oz per plant.


Honoring its tasty genetics, this strain has gained popularity for its delectable flavor. Still, Triangle Mints weed flower effects keep people coming back for more. The initial high comes on fast, inducing strong cerebral effects of euphoria and cheerfulness, making it a great day-starter strain. Sending your mind into the stratosphere while keeping your body firmly planted in your seat is how Triangle Mints pot reminds you of its “In-da-couch” lineage. Powerful strains like this are always to be consumed consciously. 

Triangle Mints Marijuana Plant Starting Flowering
Triangle Mints Marijuana Plant

Triangle Mints strain contains just under 2% CBD, which may not seem like a lot; however it’s more than could be said for countless other strains. This added CBD boost makes the Triangle mints weed strain a favorable choice for therapeutic use. It’s great at easing chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, and insomnia. It will also make you very hungry. However, dry, red eyes and cottonmouth are to be expected. 

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Flavors and Smell 

Sweet vanilla pungency!! The flavor and fragrance alone are enough to justify the Triangle Mints strain price (which is around $40-$60 for an 8th, depending on where you buy it). With rich accents of creamy vanilla and sweet earthy tones, it smokes well, considering how resin-dense the buds are, with a strong fuel presence and a spicy herbal flavor on the exhale. Its aroma, much like the flavor, is a fine combination of sweet mint, spice, and herbs entwined in a pungency that’s been turned up to 11.     

Questions about Triangle Mints:

How strong is the Triangle Mints Strain?

Triangle Mints strain can be considered an AAA+ strain. Some claim its THC levels reach as high as 30%.

Is Triangle Mints strain indica or sativa?

Due to its wide range of effects from invigorating head highs and body-stone couchlock, many speculate over the Triangle Mints strain sativa or indica levels. Triangle Mints strain is, in fact, a Sativa-dominant strain with a 70% sativa to 30% indica ratio. 

Does Triangle Mints strain have therapeutic benefits?

Triangle Mints weed strain has a relatively high CBD content. CBD is useful for various conditions, such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and migraines.

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