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If the moniker Donny Burger sounds familiar, you’ve probably seen the Adam Sandler movie “That’s My Boy,” where he plays a character of the same name. It’s unconfirmed that the Donny Burger weed strain is a nod to this character, but considering the actor’s penchant for “stoner films,” it wouldn’t be surprising. Plus, a quick look at the Donny Burger strain genetics, and it’s one reference too many to be ignored. Though the movie was a flop, the Donny Burger cannabis strain is anything but. 

Few hybrids offer versatility quite like the Donny Burger strain. Sativa or indica, flavor or potency, seeds or clones – whatever your preference, Donny Burger has you covered. Donny Burger strain delivers a fusion of flavors, fragrances, and therapeutic qualities with a THC content that some claim can average 23%-30%. Its rising popularity speaks to the experience it offers, earning this strain a coveted spot on the top shelf. And, as the fan base grows, many cultivators and breeders are adding Donny Burger to their collections. So it won’t be long before you see this hybrid popping up on your local menus.

Donny Burger weed strain attributes:
ORIGINGMO and Han Solo Burger
EFFECTSFocus, euphoria, talkative, giggly
FLAVORSEarth, fresh citrus, mint, grape
ADVERSE REACTIONSDry eyes, cottonmouth, munchies
MEDICALAnxiety, depression, insomnia, and stress
THC CONTENT %23%-30%
CBD %0.43 – 0.59%
HEIGHT30-60 Inches

Is Donny Burger Strain Indica or Sativa? 

The original creator of the Donny Burger weed strain is Skunk House Genetics, a breeder renowned for producing top-caliber cannabis. Whether the “Donny Berger” reference was intentional or not, one thing’s certain – the strain shares more with this character than just a name. Like the loveable but unreliable movie dad, the hybrid isn’t always consistent, at least with its sativa-to-indica ratio. Though generally 60% indica leaning, this hybrid can go either way, depending on the cultivator. 

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Skunk House Genetics cleverly crafted the Donny Burger strain genetics by backcrossing the legendary GMO and Han Solo Burger.

GMO (short for Garlic, Mushrooms, and Onions) is the potent offspring of the notorious Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg. This heavily indica-dominant hybrid contains high levels of THC and is often called Garlic Cookies for its pungent fragrance and distinctive garlicky/onion taste. Han Solo Burger, a cross between GMO and Larry OG, adds some balance to the mix with a 70:30 sativa-dominance. Its THC level is rumored to reach up to 30%, making this family a dangerous choice for beginners.  

Donny Burger Bud
Donny Burger Bud

In “That’s My Boy,” Donny Berger fathers a child named Han Solo Berger. Here, Han Solo Burger is a parent of the Donny Burger strain. Is this the biggest coincidence since The Simpsons predicted the president or confirmation that this breeder is paying homage to Adam Sandler after all?

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Grow Info

Han Solo Burger and GMO are known for their generous yields and easy-to-grow nature, two traits they share with their offspring. Once you know the fundamentals of cultivating, you’ll find Donny Burger strain relatively easy to manage in most setups. You may need to opt for clones with this one, as its popularity among cultivators means Donny Burger strain seeds sell out fast. But it also means Donny Burger strain info is becoming increasingly available as growers share their experiences online

Donny Burger strain produces dark green, medium-sized bushes with purple hues and grape-shaped nuggets. These neon green nuggets are large and fluffy with flaming orange pistils and thick, shimmering trichomes.

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Donny Burger strain prefers warm and humid climates, growing to around 5 feet tall with dense, leafy foliage. It displays the same natural robustness as its parent, Han Solo Burger, but will benefit significantly from regular pruning

Flowering Time 

You can expect a flowering time of 63-70 days indoors and start prepping for harvest by early October outdoors. You can amplify the purple shades that appear during the later flowering stages by reducing your evening temperature.


Already easy to grow and visually stunning, Donny Burger adds to its appeal by being a generous yielder. You can look forward to 1-2 ounces per square foot indoors and up to 16 ounces per plant outdoors.

Donny Burger cannabis strain
Donny Burger cannabis strain


Sometimes you need to relax and ease bodily tension without slowing down your cognitive processes. Cue Donny Burger. The Donny Burger strain effects hit just the right way to get you high without leaving you stoned – if you keep it within moderation. Overindulging could leave you slightly paranoid, dizzy, or, in rare cases, with heightened sensory perception. It can also feel tingly. You’ll still experience dry eyes, cottonmouth, and the munchies in moderate doses, but the benefits are worth this slight discomfort. 

Its cerebral effects come on quickly and aggressively in a way you’ll appreciate. It fills your mind with heightened focus and euphoria, making you more talkative and socially interactive, even sending you into a bout of giggles. It’s the perfect excuse to put on your favorite Adam Sandler movie. Or better yet, grab the nearest paintbrush and pencil and make the most of that creative energy surging through your mind. 

Donny Burger quickly soothes sore muscles, inflammation, and persistent pain without locking you to the couch. It’s great for combating anxiety, depression, insomnia, and stress.

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Flavors & Smell 

You can’t have a Donny Burger strain review without highlighting its unique flavor and aroma. Faithfully following in parent strain GMO’s footsteps, Donny Burger has a pungent fragrance you can smell from across the room. Its layers of spicy citrus, rich earth, and dank cheese blend well with its smooth fruitiness, heavy fuel, and turpentine. It teases you with its intoxicating scent, promising a flavor experience like no other. And it more than delivers on the hype. 


Dominant terpeneSecondary terpenesTerpene flavors

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FAQs About Donny Burger Strain

Is Donny Burger strain indica or sativa, or hybrid? 

More often than not, this hybrid displays a 60:40 indica dominance but can sometimes lean sativa.

What is Donny Burger Strain yield? 

Donny Burger brings a generous offering of 1-2 ounces per square foot for indoor setups and +- 16 ounces per plant outdoors. 

What does Donny Burger taste like? 

Donny Burger is LOUD. With a dank, cheesy fragrance, you can expect a cheesy flavor with pungent citrus, spice, and heavy fuel for good measure.  

Where does Donny Burger come from? 

Donny Berger was Adam Sandler’s character in the 2012 movie “That’s My Boy,” which may or may not be related. But the Donny Burger cannabis strain is a cross of GMO and Han Solo Burger, courtesy of Skunk House Genetics. PS: Donny Burger is occasionally called GMO BX, which isn’t the same as GMO BX1. Always ask for the Donny Burger strain info before making a purchase.

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