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White Widow Strain

White Widow strain

This 1990’s hybrid cannabis strain is touted as a staple in the Amsterdam coffee-shop scene. Known as an indica-dominant strain, White Widow strain is known …

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Do-si-dos strain

Do Si Dos

Do-Si-Dos, or “dosidos,” is an indica dominant hybrid strain known for its similarity to its parent strain, the well-known Girl Scout Cookies strain (GSC). This …

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Example of Black Runtz strain

Black Runtz

If Willy Wonka had dabbled in cannabis breeding instead of candy treats– the result might just have been the Black Runtz strain.  This coveted hybrid …

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Example of Gush Mints strain

Gush Mints Strain

When you encounter a strain with multiple award-winning accolades that happen to be revered by growers and smokers alike, you tend to stop and take …

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Ready to harvest Ice Cream Cake marijuana plant

Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake strain’s true origins may still be questioned; however, its sheer popularity is not. This sought-after vanilla-scented treat has an impressive string of …

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Ready to harvest Purple Lemonade marijuana plant

Purple Lemonade

People tend to stop and notice when a weed strain is as visually striking as the Purple Lemonade strain. This eye-catching strain is a sight …

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Marijuana plant called the Sophies Breath

Sophies Breath strain

The award-winning Sophie’s Breath cannabis strain is a rare sativa-dominant hybrid popular for its sweet, sophisticated flavor and invigorating effects. Voted the best medicinal shatter …

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Lime OG weed plant

Lime OG Strain

With the ever-growing list of strains, cultivators, and cross-breeding, tracing the origins of a strain is getting harder by the day, and the wacky names …

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Pirate Cake Weed Strain

Pirate Cake Strain

Strap on your sea legs, you landlubbers, and hop aboard for a ride on the Pirate Cake strain. This indica dominant strain is well-loved for …

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