Black Runtz

If Willy Wonka had dabbled in cannabis breeding instead of candy treats– the result might just have been the Black Runtz strain. 

This coveted hybrid has numerous genetic variations, all sharing the formidable Runtz lineage. The result is a potent cultivar that caters to diverse preferences while preserving the genetics of its ancestors. It’s enough to awaken your inner cannabisseur as you explore the distinct flavor nuances and effects within the Black Runtz family. 

Multiple breeders offer the Black Runtz weed strain, making it much harder to trace the origins. Our research team at ILGM does its best to ensure all information is accurate, but some finer details may be unavailable. With that said, let’s unpack what Black Runtz is all about.  

Black Runtz strain genetics

There is no concrete confirmation of the original Black Runtz strain genetics or breeder, and different cultivators rely on different parents during the breeding process. Though they all use the Black Runtz name, the genetics won’t be exactly alike. 

One prominent version of the hybrid is a phenotype of Runtz (a Zkittles and Gelato cross). Some sources say Black Runtz specifically uses Gelato 33, but this is unconfirmed – and not necessarily true across the board. The other version is a blend of Runtz and Black Diamond Sherbert.   

Runtz needs very little introduction. Its balanced effects, astronomically high THC, and easy-to-grow attitude make it a prime candidate for breeding, resulting in cultivars like White Runtz, Pink Runtz, and Obama Runtz. It holds celebrity status within the cannabis community and remains one of the most sought-after cultivars. 

Black Diamond Sherbert combines Black Diamond with the ever-popular Sunset Sherbet. This indica-leaning hybrid has a mid-to-high THC content and a complex flavor profile of sour fruit meets piney tar. Its indica effects are couch-lockingly potent, while its euphoric and creative buzz keeps people returning for more. 

Sources say cultivators of the Black Runtz cannabis strain include Big Boss Farms, Blimburn Seeds, Philosopher Seeds, and Original Intelligence. 

Is Black Runtz strain indica or sativa?

Once ignited, the relaxing and soothing effects will leave few questioning if the Black Runtz strain is indica or sativa. Its indica dominance means it’s well-suited for winding down after a long, hectic day, delivering a sense of calm, physical tranquility, and relief.

Black Runtz strain attributes

Black Runtz strain attributes:
ORIGINZkittles and Gelato
EFFECTSEuphoria, arousal, happiness, focussed, creativity
ADVERSE REACTIONS (NEGATIVE)Dry mouth, Dry eyes, hungry, anxiety or paranoia
FRAGRANCESpicy, citrus, lemon, cloves and cinnamon
FLAVORSCreamy, tropical diesel, Sweet berries and tropical fruits, spiciness
MEDICALSoothe discomfort, stress
FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORSEarly October – mid October
THC CONTENT %19 – 26%
CBD %1%
INDICA / SATIVA %60% / 40%
INDOOR YIELD8-24 ounces
OUTDOOR YIELD16-64 ounces
CLIMATEWarm climate, mediterranean, continental
RESISTANCE TO DISEASEResistant to common molds and mildew

Growing Black Runtz strain

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced cultivator, growing the Black Runtz marijuana strain can be a rewarding experience. It can thrive indoors and out, but it tends to stretch up to 5 feet tall, so ensure you have adequate space before starting. Black Runtz prefers warm, low-humid conditions and responds well to growing techniques like the SCROG method. Topping and occasional pruning can increase your airflow and potential yields, but be gentle when pruning to not over-stress your plants. You’ll get the best out of your plants with foreplanning and attentive care. 

The bright, visual appearance of Black Runtz is just as enticing as its fragrance and candy flavor. Boasting deep green foliage with dark purple hues, a subtle shimmer of pink is often seen throughout the sugar leaves. The nugs are generally medium-sized and tightly packed, with a thick resinous coating of trichomes, making them sticky to the touch.   

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Black Runtz strain flowering time

Black Runtz is mostly low-maintenance and doesn’t require large quantities of nutrients in the flowering stage. It displays a reasonably moderate flowering time, typically within the range of 56 to 70 days (8 to 10 weeks). Outdoors, you can expect to harvest in early to mid-October.

Black Runtz strain autoflowering time

Autoflowers don’t require a change in the light cycle, making them considerably faster to grow. The first buds typically appear around four to six weeks and have a flowering time between four and ten weeks.

Like most autoflowers, the Black Runtz strain will be ready to harvest after ten to fourteen weeks.   

Black Runtz strain yield

The average yield of any cannabis plant depends on several factors, including the skill of the cultivator, growing conditions, strain genetics, and size and health of the plant. It also differs between photoperiod and autoflower plants. However, you can use general estimates as a potential yield per plant guideline. 

For photoperiod plants, this is 16-64 ounces (450-1814 grams) outdoors and 8-24 ounces (227-680 grams) indoors.

Black Runtz autoflower strain yield

The potential yield per plant for autoflowering plants is 1.7-7 ounces (50-200 grams) outdoors and 1.7-4.2 ounces (50-120 grams) indoors.

Black Runtz strain effects

The Black Runtz strain effects are a delightful fusion of profound physical relaxation and uplifting mental euphoria, with maybe just a hint of arousal. From the first hit, consumers experience immediate happiness with a boost in mood, creativity, and focus. It’s an excellent choice for diving into creative projects or simply unwinding after a long day. Consumers say it also helps to lighten your mind, soothe discomfort, and fill you with serenity.

Like many strains, the Black Runtz weed strain has potential side effects, but these tend to be mild. You could experience dry mouth, commonly called “cottonmouth,” dry eyes, and increased appetite. You might encounter heightened anxiety or paranoia if you’re inexperienced or sensitive to THC, so consume moderation. Black Runtz can have a “creeping” effect, so pace yourself.

How strong is the Black Runtz strain?

The Black Runtz cannabis strain typically has a high THC content, often reaching 19% to 26%. Its CBD content is generally quite low, usually less than 1%. 

While it offers potent psychoactive effects with some therapeutic qualities, it may not be as beneficial as cultivars with higher CBD levels. Rather, it’s a potent (and delicious) choice for a recreational smoker seeking euphoria and relaxation. 

Black Runtz strain terpenes

Speaking of delicious… Black Runtz showcases a diverse terpene profile, giving it a distinctive flavor and aroma. It typically contains spicy and citrus terpenes, such as caryophyllene and limonene, providing notes of lemon, cloves, and cinnamon. Myrcene, another prominent terpene, adds a hint of musk and earthiness to the mix. Together, these terpenes create a complex and enticing flavor profile few can match. 

Aroma & Flavor

Simply put, Black Runtz is a sensory delight, no matter which cultivar you try. While the Zkittles x Gelato version has a more pronounced sweetness and layered fruitiness to its flavor, the Black Diamond Sherbert x Runtz blend brings its own magic with a spicier tone. 

The initial Black Runtz fragrance is a creamy, tropical diesel that’ll have you feeling like a kid in a candy store. Upon inhalation, the flavor is a burst of sweetness, like ripe berries and tropical fruits, accompanied by a subtle spiciness. This tasty blend of flavors is underscored by a notable taste of fuel, making it a truly unique tasting journey for cannabis enthusiasts who appreciate complexity and richness. 

Learn more about the Black Runtz strain

Across the internet, comment threads on Black Runtz strain reviews sing the praises of this weed. It offers an irresistible flavor, potent effects, and an impressive terpene profile. It is, undeniably, the desirable golden ticket of the cannabis world. 

If you’re inspired to discover more incredible cultivars like this one, explore the ILGM seed bank for a reliable source of high-quality seeds. You can also sign up to stay up-to-date with the latest cannabis seed deals.

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