Purple Sunset

Purple Sunset strain’s vibe is perfectly conveyed through its name, conjuring images of psychedelic sunsets across serene horizons. It only takes a few moments to know the key to a calm, relaxing day is just a puff or two away. This multistrain concoction, courtesy of Ethos Genetics, is known for its flavorful highs, notable THC levels (18%-22%), and various therapeutic benefits. 

Purple Sunset marijuana delivers a calming high without the heavy lethargy that often comes from indica dominant strains, making it a popular choice for cannabis newbies. The Purple Sunset strain price varies from seller to seller and depends on if you’re acquiring bud, seeds, or clones. Considering its flavor, effects, and easy-to-grow nature, it’s worth every cent.  

Purple Sunset weed strain attributes:
ORIGINPurple Punch and Sunset Sherbet
EFFECTSCerebral head-high, creativity, energy
FLAVORSSweet citrus, tropical berries, peppery spiciness
ADVERSE REACTIONSThirst, mild cottonmouth, and red, dry eyes
MEDICALAnxiety, depression, chronic stress, appetite loss
HARVEST TIMEHarvest to be ready around mid-October
CBD %0.4% – 0.62%
INDOOR YIELD1.1 oz per square foot
OUTDOOR YIELD20 oz per plant
HEIGHT60-80 Inches

Is Purple Sunset Strain Indica or Sativa? 

Many have wondered whether Purple Sunset strain is sativa or indica due to its soothing high that spurs Sativa-like creativity and sociability without the heavy couch lock. Purple Sunset weed strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a 60% indica to 40% sativa ratio. Some variants show a 70% indica to 30% sativa ratio.

Purple sunset strain
Purple sunset cannabis strain

Genetics, Parents, and Origin

Colorado-based breeders Ethos Genetics are masters of their craft and one of the forerunners of emerging strains. They developed the Purple Sunset strain genetics through meticulous reverse backcrossing, combining Purple Punch, Mandarin Sunset, and Mandarin Cookies. Or, to be more specific, (Purple Punch x Mandarin Sunset) crossed with (Purple Punch x Mandarin Cookies) crossed with Mandarin Sunset. 

  • Mandarin Sunset strain (Orange Skunk x Herojuana) is a balanced hybrid that’s become a fan-favorite for its unique citrus/spice flavor and balanced high.
  • Mandarin Cookies strain (Mandarin Sunset x Forum Cut Cookies) is a Sativa-dominant hybrid loved by cultivators for its rewarding yields.
  • Purple Punch strain (Grand Daddy Purple x Larry OG) is a heavily Indica-dominant hybrid (90% indica/10% sativa) popular among those seeking a relaxed evening strain. 

All three parents contain up to 25% THC, contributing to the impressive Purple Sunset THC levels. Though it likely inherited its strong indica genes from Purple Punch. This dynamic heritage led to Purple Sunset winning 2nd place for Best Indica Flower at the 2019 Harvest Cup.

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Growing purple sunset strain at home
Growing purple sunset strain

Grow Info 

Purple Sunset weed strain has an easy-to-grow cultivation rating, making it favored among skilled and new growers. It can be grown indoors and outdoors and responds well to training. Purple Sunset strain seeds are readily available, but the plant is just as content to be grown from clones.

Its nugs are dense and bulky, with a heavy layer of sticky trichomes and branches that stretch out. It prefers a warmer climate of around 70℉-80℉ (21℃-26℃) but pay attention to airflow. The plant is considerably resilient, but good airflow management further reduces the risk of pests, mold, mildew, and bud rot

Purple punch marijuana strain

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  • 80% indica 20% sativa
  • High THC level towards 25%
  • Easy growing inside and outdoors
  • A great strain for relaxation and unwinding

Growing Purple Sunset Outdoors

Purple Sunset produces robust plants that flourish under the proper care, reaching heights of 60 to 80 inches (150cm-203cm). You can expect your outdoor harvest to be ready around mid-October.

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Purple Sunset Strain Flowering Time 

The average flowering time for Purple Sunset strain is relatively short compared to most, at just 8-9 weeks. The buds display stunning shades of green with deep purple tones and vivid orange pistils.

Growing Purple Sunset is not the most challenging strain to grow, but it does require some experience and attention to detail. Just download my FREE marijuana grow bible and follow the step by step guide.

Autoflowering Time 

The auto-flower requires 10-12 weeks for flowering. The autoflower version of this strain results from breeding it with ruderalis, which lends its autoflowering genetics. 

Purple Sunset Yield:  

Purple Sunset delivers pleasantly rewarding yields, especially considering the low effort required for growing it. You’ll get roughly 1.1 ounces per square foot indoors and a whopping 20 ounces per plant outdoors

Autoflower Yield

The Purple Sunset strain yield ranges from 1 to 3 ounces per plant with autoflowering versions. The yields are less than with a photoperiod plant due to the autoflower’s shorter veg time, which limits the number of buds it can produce. 

Purple sunset marijuana plants
Purple sunset plants


A common consensus among Purple Sunset strain reviews is its unusual effects. Unlike most indica dominant strains, Purple Sunset strain effects retain much of its sativa charm by supplying a cerebral head-high with waves of creativity and energy. Its calming effects are soon to follow.  But the Purple Sunset strain avoids the couch-lock often seen in its counterparts, opting for a calm, uplifting high without the intense body stone. There may be some tingles, so be wary if this isn’t an effect you enjoy. 

Sunset Sherbet marijuana strain

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  • 85% Indica 15% Sativa
  • High THC level towards 21%
  • Fun grow with above-average yields
  • Great for relaxation and unwinding

This balanced high is why many people turn to Purple Sunset strain for anxiety, depression, chronic stress, and even appetite loss (because what’s worse than having an incredible case of The Munchies and an even stronger case of couchlock?). Purple Sunset is likely to cause thirst, mild cottonmouth, and red, dry eyes. You could also feel a little dizzy, so stay hydrated. 

The strain offers a pleasant experience even beginners can enjoy, but quantity is always the end factor. Purple Sunset THC levels are still considerably high, putting you at risk of adverse reactions if you don’t pace yourself. Purple Sunset strain info suggests you could experience heightened anxiety and paranoia, which is more likely if you have low THC tolerance or overconsume. As always, practice moderation and consume wisely. 

Flavors, Fragrance, and Smell 

Purple Sunset strain is a buffet of flavors thanks to its diverse terpene profile, with Myrcene, Terpinolene, and B-caryophyllene as the most dominant. The taste combines citrus, berries, and florals with a pungently sweet tropical flavor on the exhale. The aroma is much like the flavor, with sweet citrus and tropical berries laced with a peppery spiciness. 

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More about Purple Sunset weed

Is Purple Sunset indica or sativa?

Although the Purple Sunset strain has very balanced effects, with a relaxing body stone and uplifting cerebral high, it’s actually indica leaning, with 60% indica to 40% sativa

Is Purple sunset strong?

Purple Sunset contains an average THC content of 22%, which is considerably strong. However, novice smokers find its effects welcoming and less overwhelming than many other strains in the mid 20s.

Is Purple Sunset by Dank Genetics the same as Purple Sunset by Ethos Genetics?

The strains are similar, but the Dank Genetics version is a cross of Purple Punch and Sunset Sherbet. It also has a longer flowering time of 63 to 70 days and grows slightly taller (86 inches or 220cm).

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