Wedding Pie strain

They say variety is the spice of life, and while some people like savory, thankfully, others prefer sweet, and for those out there with a sweet tooth, Wedding Pie weed strain may just be a match made in heaven. 

This hybrid strain tips the scales in favor of indica but just barely at a neat 60% to 40% indica/sativa ratio while displaying aspects of both.  

While other cultivators have gone on to develop award-winning versions of this decadent strain, it was originally crafted by the Colorado-based masterminds at Cannarado Genetics with dynamic flavor in mind. 

They merged the dessert-strain qualities of Wedding Cake with the sweet-meets-sour partnership of Grape Pie

The result was the Wedding Pie marijuana strain. Wedding Pie THC content can range from 20% to as high as 26%, making it a treat for cannabis aficionados everywhere.  

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Wedding Pie weed strain attributes:
OriginWedding cake, Grape pie
Plant type60% Indica / 40% Sativa
CBD0.36 – 0.59%
EffectsGreat mental high
Cerebral High
FlavorsFruity, floral mix with sweet citrus, sweet grapes and berries
Adverse ReactionDry eyes
Flowering Time8-9 weeks (indoors) late-October harvest (outdoors)
Yield (indoors)4.5 oz/ft²
Yield (outdoors)18 oz/plant
Grow difficultyEasy

Is Wedding Pie strain Indica or Sativa?

A brief look at the indica-dominant genetics of Wedding Pie will soon confirm if Wedding pie strain is sativa or indica, and you’ll find it’s certainly a hybrid. 

It displays a 60% indica to 40% sativa ratio in its growing habits and effects. 

Cannarado Genetics has built a stellar reputation within the cannabis community through focused determination and stand-out strains that speak for themselves. 

Through the sheer popularity of Wedding Pie weed (and many others they have developed), Cannarado Genetics are a testament to the proverb “you gauge a tree by the fruit it bears.” 

a man growing marijuana plant
A man checking marijuana strain

Wedding Pie strain genetics 

Cannarado Genetics has created strains that are revered the world over, so anyone can rest assured that Wedding Pie strain genetics are top-shelf. 

Its lineage resembles a hall of fame gallery, with some of the world’s most prominent strains such as GSC, Durban Poison, and OG Kush making an appearance. 

As one can tell from Wedding pie strain pics online, it’s an attractive plant that stems from a noble family tree. 

Wedding Pie gets its dynamic flavor and balanced effects from its parent strains, Wedding Cake and Grape Pie. 

These indica-dominant strains each contribute their own slice to the pie. Wedding cake brings its vanilla and earthy nature, while Grape Pie lends a sweet and sour taste. 

5th Week of Wedding Pie marijuana strain
Wedding Pie marijuana strain – 5th Week

Wedding Pie strain grow info 

Wedding Pie strain info for growers isn’t abundant, although we know that this strain may take some skill to cultivate and can successfully be grown from seed or cutting, thriving both indoors and outdoors. 

Being indica dominant, it produces short and bushy plants with layered foliage and dense resin-packed nuggets.

Wedding Pie strain displays a moderate resistance to pests and disease, although proper ventilation can often ensure that you prevent a problem before it starts. 

Regular pruning will also help increase airflow, lowering any risk of bud rot or mite infestations.

Wedding cake strain

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  • 70% indica, 30% Sativa
  • THC levels up to 25%
  • Easy growing in- and outdoors
  • Relaxation while remaining sharp

Growing Wedding Pie strain outdoors 

With appropriate care and attention and the correct climate, Wedding Pie weed strain can thrive outdoors

Being an indica, it should have a reasonable tolerance to slightly colder temperatures and an aversion to overly humid climates.

Wedding Pie strain flowering time 

Indoor growers can look forward to a flowering time between 56 and 63 days, whereas growers that opt for the outdoor option can start preparing to harvest their Wedding Pie from late September to early October.  

A woman checking Wedding Pie strain yield
A woman checking Wedding Pie yield

Wedding Pie strain yield  

Wedding Pie strain yields are pleasantly rewarding with the required care and hands-on attention. 

You’ll also get great returns on your work with as much as 21 ounces per plant outdoors and 21 ounces per square foot indoors.

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Wedding Pie strain effects 

Just as balanced and inviting as its flavors, Wedding Pie strain effects resemble the diversity in its genes. 

The high it delivers embraces your mental and physical states, with a subtle buzz flowing through your limbs to let you know it’s emerging. 

That’s soon followed by a cerebral wave that fills your imagination and submerges you in a calmness that dissolves your irrelevant concerns and needless worries away. 

The incredible soothing effects of Wedding pie strain are popular for both the body and the mind. 

Go after high tension, anxiety, stress, and depression, as well as inflammation, spasms, migraines, pain, and insomnia with each tasty puff. 

There may be a few minor unwanted side effects with the Wedding pie strain, but they don’t come close to outweighing the benefits. 

Veteran smokers have generally come to terms with the fact that most strains will probably dry your mouth out and give you demon-red eyes; however, newbies should consume consciously since its medium to high THC content is quite potent. 

A man smelling weed plant
A man smelling marijuana strain

Flavors & smell 

Wedding Pie’s flavor and fragrance profile are already a layered cake of dessert flavors that entrance your senses. 

Its aroma is a fruity and floral mix with sweet citrus and skunky pungent-ness to it. It is a buffet table of flavor to the taste buds, led in by an allure of sweet grapes and berries. 

A creamy nuttiness follows through, amalgamated with subtle spices and herbal nodes that ground the flavor in natural, earthy vibes.   

Wedding Pie THC levels

It’s easy to be fooled into thinking a strain with a sweet, inviting taste and aroma would have more flair than punch; however, the wedding cake strain THC content of  20%-25% is sure to prove anyone wrong. 

This strain doesn’t mess around when it comes to potency, and it is committed to tying the knot between you and your favorite easy chair, making a vow to keep you high through the good times and the bad.

FAQs about Wedding Pie strain

What strains are similar to Wedding Pie?

Cherry pie, Cookies N Chem, and space cookies are all similar strains to Wedding Pie. They are all indica-leaning hybrids with similar dominant terpenes.

What strain is Wedding Pie?

Wedding Pie is a hybrid strain. This means that Wedding Pies isn’t sativa or indica purely, but instead a combination of the two. Wedding Pie consists of 60% indica to 40% sativa.

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