NF1 Strain

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NF1 is a potent hybrid with one of the most interesting – and impressive – genetic makeups to date. Commonwealth Alternative Care created the NF1 weed strain by crossing two of the industry’s most legendary names – Chemdawg and Northern Lights. This progeny is heavy on the THC, heavy on the indica, and heavy on the high. 

Here’s where it gets interesting. Without sacrificing potency or flavor, a breeder created an alternative version of NF1 strain that draws more specifically on its sativa roots. They’ve chosen to remain anonymous (as heroes often do), but their contribution to NF1’s growing popularity is unmistakable.

NF1 weed strain attributes:
ORIGINChemdawg and Northern Lights
EFFECTSEuphoric energy, Motivation, Uplift
FLAVORSWoody pine, sweet citrus, earth, diesel
ADVERSE REACTIONSDry eyes, cottonmouth, and hunger
MEDICALBody aches, pains, muscle spasms,
tension, nausea, and insomnia
FLOWERING TIME55 – 63 days
CBD %0.56% – 0.8%
HEIGHT30-60 Inches


NF1 strain info suggests Commonwealth’s Alternative Care’s indica-dominant variety is proprietary, which means the breeding methods aren’t available to the public. Thankfully, there is some information on the sativa version. So let’s take a look at that phenotype instead.

NF1 strain sativa plants are average yielders, but skilled growers may see higher results with proper care. Outdoors you’ll get 10 – 15 oz per plant, while indoor harvests produce around 1 – 2 oz per square foot. 

NF1 cannabis strain
NF1 cannabis strain

THC Content

The NF1 cannabis strain is a THC-dominant variety with high levels that frequently exceed 20%. Some even claim it can reach 30%. This high THC content is present in both the indica and the sativa phenotypes.

While most strains have some levels of CBD, the NF1 CBD content is nonexistent. Don’t worry, though – the terpene profile is well-equipped to handle your therapeutic needs. 


Dominant terpeneSecondary terpenesTerpene flavors

NF1 Strain Effects

Some days take it out of you more than others, and you must bring out the big guns. Enter NF1 indica. Your body will melt into the couch, bed, or wherever you’ve made yourself comfortable as your mind slips into a calm bliss. The NF1 strain effects relieve body aches and pains, muscle spasms, tension, nausea, and insomnia. Keep this one on your nightstand for a soothing evening chill. 

Northern Lights Strain

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  • 90% indica 10% sativa
  • THC levels up to 18%
  • Best indoors and in sunny climates
  • Comfortable and easygoing high

If wake-and-bake is your thing, sativa is the way to go. NF1 sativa floods you with euphoric energy, giving you the push you need when you lack the stamina and motivation to get going. Or maybe you need to be inspired. Either way, you’ll be mentally uplifted and physically charged. If the symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, or general malaise, have got you feeling down, a hit of NF1 in the morning will pick you up.

NF1 Strain Fragrance 

If you are enjoying a sativa phenotype, be prepared – the fragrance is loud! NF1 marijuana strain is not a sneaky weed. Even your neighbors across the street will know when you light up. 

But the aroma is enjoyable, and its pungency adds to the experience. The inhale carries sweet earth, pine, and floral notes reminiscent of a walk through the woods. The exhale is more like stopping for gas on the way home, with distinct notes of diesel

NF1 strain flavor
NF1 strain flavor

NF1 Strain Flavor

Part of the confusion around whether NF1 strain is sativa or indica is the variety of flavors you may experience. It gets its distinct flavor from its terpenes, and depending on the phenotype, you may experience a variety of terpenes. In general,  NF1 delivers a taste experience similar to its aroma. The sativa version often produces essences of woody pine, sweet citrus, and fresh earth wrapped in a classic diesel pungency. 

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Type “NF1 strain near me” to find dispensaries carrying the strain in your area. 

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Negative Reactions

Given its potency, you’ll likely experience some NF1 strain effects that are less than appealing. The higher the potency, the higher the risk of experiencing things like paranoia or excessive worrying. These symptoms are usually linked to overindulging but could be related to your THC tolerance. It’s best to consume in small amounts to be safe. Pace yourself – there’s no need to finish your joint all in one go.

Other side effects include a tingling sensation, heightened sensory perception, hunger, nausea, drowsiness, dizziness, headaches, dry eyes and mouth, and couchlock. Couchlock is less likely with the sativa version, but dry eyes, cottonmouth, and hunger will come on hard regardless of which one you smoke. Hit up your favorite fast-food joint before lighting up, and remember to stay hydrated. 

Growing NF1 cannabis strain outdoors
Growing NF1 cannabis strain outdoors

Growing NF1 Strain 

NF1 strain seeds aren’t readily accessible to the public, but you can grow the sativa version from clones. Our NF1 strain review focuses on the sativa variety since the indica version is proprietary. 

Like most marijuana strains, NF1 can be grown indoors and outdoors. It has an average height of 30 – 60 inches (2.5 – 5 feet) indoors and 60 – 80 inches (5 – 6.7 feet) outside. The sativa variety (or phenotype) displays beautiful, bright green heart-shaped nugs covered in yellow hairs and silvery/white frosted trichomes. 

NF1 strain benefits from extra nitrogen to aid its growth, but other than that, it’s a fairly robust plant that’s pretty easy to grow. Training can help make the most of your space, while topping and pruning will ensure sufficient light exposure and ventilation. 

Chemdawg Strain

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  • 80% indica 20% sativa
  • High THC levels up to 25%
  • Fast flowering plant for quick results
  • Soothing mindful high

Flowering Time

Indoors, expect a flowering time of 55 – 63 days with a harvest time of 9 to 11 weeks. Outdoors, it’ll be ready for harvest in mid to late October.  


NF1 strain genetics crosses Chemdawg and Northern Lights. 

Chemdawg is frequently used to make some of the most popular hybrids. Its THC sits around 18% – 26%, and people love it for its strong head high and heavy body stone 

Northern Lights carries a relatively average 18% THC and is as close to pure indica as they come.  It’s popular for its ability to take you from a bad mood to mental bliss.

FAQs About NF1 Strain

Is NF1 strain indica or sativa?

NF1 strain is a hybrid, so it contains a percentage of indica and sativa in its genes. The indica-dominant Commonwealth Alternative Care phenotype is 80:20 indica leaning. The sativa strain by the unknown breeder is 80:20 sativa leaning.

The exact ratio will vary between breeders. Some cultivators offer NF1 hybrids that are closer to an even 50:50 split. When comparing NF1 seed prices, confirm which variety it is. 

What does NF1 stand for?

If rumors are to be trusted, the following inspired the NF1 cannabis strain name.

NF1 stands for Neurofibromin 1, a gene in the human body that produces the protein responsible for regulating cell growth (neurofibromin). Neurofibromatosis (NF1) is a genetic disorder that mutates this gene, causing uncontrollable cell growth.

What are the NF1 strain terpenes?

The terpene profile includes mostly Linalool and Phellandrene, lending the strain a sweet, floral fragrance. Other terpenes include Myrcene, known for its sedative effects, Limonene, and Bisabolol. Limonene is known for its citrus notes, while bisabolol adds to the herbaceous earth and soft florals. 

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