Lemon Cake strain

Originally formulated by the European-based company Heavyweight Seeds, Lemon Cake strain (not to be confused with Lemon Cake Kush strain) is a powerful sativa-dominant hybrid that packs just as much potency as it does flavor. 

Indica / SativaIndoor yieldOutdoor yieldFlowering period
20% – 80%2.3 oz/ft²21-28 oz/plant63-70 days

With its THC content ranging from 17% to 23%, this flavor-laced strain is highly recommended for daytime use and can be a gentle introduction for cannabis newbies

Lemon Cake marijuana has a fairly easy-to-grow track record, generating beautiful plants with admirable yields. 

Any strain with this much to offer – from energizing effects to a delectable lemony-cheese flavor – is sure to keep cannabis fans coming back for more.  

Lemon Cake weed strain attributes:
OriginLemon Skunk, Cheese
Plant type20% Indica / 80% Sativa
CBD0.43% – 0.7%
FlavorsLemon meringue and cheesecake
Adverse ReactionDry eyes, thirst, dizziness
Flowering Time63-70 days
Yield (indoors)2.3 oz/ft²
Yield (outdoors)21-28 oz/plant
Grow difficultyEasy
Lemon Cake Cannabis Plant
Lemon Cake Marijuana Plant

Is Lemon Cake strain indica or sativa?

Lemon Cake marijuana strain is a hybrid with an 80:20 sativa to indica ratio that works quickly to entice creative thought, focus, and introspection.

This sativa-dominant hybrid is a testament to Heavyweight Seeds‘ reputation for making popular cannabis strains renowned for their flavor and fragrance. 

Lemon Cake weed captures you with its aroma, satisfies you with its taste, and rewards you with its high. 

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Lemon Cake strain genetics 

The growing popularity of this strain is certainly not unfounded. 

Lemon Cake strain genetics is nothing short of legendary, handed down from industry heavyweights: 

Lemon Skunk and the infamous Cheese.

The sativa-dominant Lemon Skunk strain earned its reputation as one of the top strains in the world in 2009, rocking a 22% THC level and effortless growability. 

And what stoner hasn’t the one and only Cheese strain blessed? This indica-dominant Afghani/Skunk #1 offspring makes the most of its modest 14% THC, proving a little goes a long way. 

This skunk/kush combination has caught the attention of smokers and growers alike, with Lemon Cake strain reviews loaded with praise. 

This global fan base is a sure sign  Lemon Cake is following in the family’s footsteps. 

Cheese Marijuana Strain

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  • 60% Indica 40% Sativa
  • THC levels up to 14%
  • Great for indoors and warm climates
  • Strong smelling stress reliever

Lemon Cake strain grow info 

Lemon Cake weed strain has become quite sought after for its relatively easy-to-grow nature and generous yields. It prefers warm, semi-humid climates and is naturally hardy with fair resistance to mold and disease

It requires far less attention than many finicky strains, but you must maintain adequate air flow and temperatures and practice trimming

Lemon Cake plants grow 2.5ft to 4.6ft indoors and produce mossy green trees with a subtle purple hue and dense resin frosted nuggets, lending to the “cake” characteristics that make up its name. 

The plants will need support to carry the weight of their large, dense colas. The grow produces a pungent aroma, so prepare your grow room with exhaust fans if you intend to keep a low profile. 

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Growing Lemon cake strain outdoors 

Lemon Cake strain thrives outdoors in hot and semi-humid climates. These plants grow quite large (4ft-6ft tall), so you’ll need to prepare enough space for them to stretch out. 

With the right conditions, techniques, and some TLC, you’ll be enjoying the THC of your harvest soon enough. 

You can expect to harvest around mid-October in the Northern hemisphere or mid-April in the Southern hemisphere. 

Lemon cake cannabis plant flowering
Lemon cake strain flowering

Lemon Cake strain flowering time 

The rewards of a harvest are often a reflection of cultivation care, so be kind to your Lemon Cake plants, and they’ll be kind to you. 

Indoor growers can anticipate a 63-70 day flowering period, but Lemon Cake strain info suggests you can achieve a shorter flowering time of 55-63 days with the right techniques.

Lemon Cake strain yield

Lemon Cake strain is popular amongst growers for being a vigorous, high-yielding plant regardless of cultivation skill. 

Indoor growers harvest, on average, 21-24 ounces per square meter (up to 2.3 ounces per square foot). You can expect a whopping 21-28 ounces per plant outdoors.  

Lemon cake cannabis plant
Lemon cake plant

Lemon Cake strain effects 

Many have wondered if Lemon Cake strain is a sativa or indica. Although it’s a hybrid, the sativa qualities shine most in the Lemon Cake strain effects. 

You’ll quickly experience an exciting buzz with a cerebral high, sparking creativity, imagination, and a wave of energy.

You’ll love its mood-elevating charm, which spurs conversation, relaxation, and possibly arousal. 

Like most sativa-based strains, Lemon Cake marijuana strain commonly relieves discomfort associated with various ailments, like persistent pain, muscle spasms, and inflammation. 

Lemon cake strain is also effective against stress, anxiety, fatigue, and depression, as well as appetite loss

You may feel elevated anxiety or paranoia if you don’t consume in moderation. You can expect a typical case of dry eyes and thirst (and maybe some dizziness).  

Lemon cake marijuana flavor
Lemon cake flavor

Flavors & smell 

The decadent flavors of Lemon Cake are reminiscent of Sunday afternoon desserts like lemon meringue and cheesecake, with a strong musky cheese overtone that’s impossible to miss. 

The citrus pine aroma is thick and skunky, with a spiciness that bursts out once you crush the buds.  

Limonene, one of the leading terpenes, contributes to the citrus flavor of Lemon cake. 

This natural anti-inflammatory also speeds up our body’s terpene absorption, helping us gain more from them sooner. 

Other terpenes include Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Alpha-Pinene. 

FAQs about Lemon Cake strain

How long does a lemon cake high last?

The Lemon Cake high lasts a few hours, but the exact length varies from person to person due to THC tolerance, consumption method, and other factors. Your body absorbs the THC differently with edibles versus vaping in a Lemon Cake cart.

What’s the difference between Lemon Kush, Lemon Cake, and Lemon Cake OG?

Lemon Cake OG is a strain that crosses Lemon OG with Jesus OG, but some also use the name to describe Lemon Cake. Lemon Kush has a lineage of Afghani indica, South American sativa, and Lemon G mixed with Master Kush. As for Lemon Cake Kush, that’s not an official strain. But who knows – maybe a Lemon Cake Kush strain is in the making.

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