Tiramisu strain

When Cali Connection added The Gold Line by TCC to their repertoire, we knew great things were coming. 

And boy, did they deliver with the Tiramisu strain. Backpackboyz and 5 Points LA are the growers behind this ganja, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Indica / SativaIndoor yieldOutdoor yieldFlowering period
50% – 50%1.39 oz/ft²12 – 15 oz/plant63 – 67 days

The Tiramisu plant has white-hued colas, light green to dark purple leaves, and yellow-green hairs. The buds are a minty green and dark purple with thick frosty white trichomes.

Tiramisu is a THC-dominant hybrid with a robust terpene profile of B-Caryophyllene, B-Myrcene, and Terpinolene. 

Though Cali Connection bred Tiramisu strain, Backpackboyz and Five Points LA, renowned for their cannabis content, merchandise, and strains, are the ones who turned it into a household name. 

It gained so much popularity it eventually spawned an offspring of its own called Mocha Bean (Tiramisu X Chocolate Thai, by Paul N Chuck Seeds).

A version of Tiramisu by The Rare crosses Wedding Cake with a strain they’ve yet to reveal, but the original Tiramisu strain by Cali Connections is a Wedding Cake/#45 Gelato cross. 

Tiramisu is a bit of a lucky packet strain, with both indica-dominant and sativa-dominant varieties. In this Tiramisu strain review, we look at the sativa-dominant variety by Cali Connection.

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Tiramisu weed strain attributes:
OriginWedding cake, GSC
Plant type50% Indica / 50% Sativa
THC15% – 27%
CBD0.8% – 1.02%
Deep sleep
Soft vanilla
Adverse ReactionDry eyes, cottonmouth, hunger
Flowering Time63 – 67 days (indoors), harvests will be ready around mid-October (outdoors)
Yield1.39 oz/ft² (indoors), 12-15 oz/plant (outdoors)
Grow difficultyEasy

Tiramisu strain yield

Tiramisu strain info shows it inherited a lot from its parents – including yielding tendencies.

Experienced growers can average 1.39 oz/ft2 indoors and 12-15 oz/plant outdoors, but even novices can achieve good yields of 1.15 oz/ft2 indoors and 10 oz/plant outside. 

Yields can reach 1.47 oz/ft2 indoors and 17 oz/plant if you’re exceptionally skilled at cultivation. 

GCS strain

Girl Scout Cookies feminized

  • 80% Indica 20% Sativa
  • THC levels up to 21%
  • Big yields for both indoor and outdoor growers
  • You feel both relaxed and euphoric

Tiramisu strain THC content

The Tiramisu strain THC percentage ranges from 15% to 27%, depending on the grower. Skilled cultivators can quickly reach maximum THC levels, while novice growers can still expect at least 15%. 

weed joint

If your circle of friends is a mix of seasoned and new users, Tiramisu strain weed is a great choice. It delivers a head high that people at any level can enjoy. 

Tiramisu strain effects

If you’re a fan of OG Kush Breath, you’ll enjoy the Tiramisu strain effects, which are similar.

Along with an array of positive emotions, you’ll find symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, and stress are improved. 

Tiramisu eases physical afflictions, too, like persistent body aches, muscle spasms, migraines, and general pains, but without the body-heavy stone. 

If you’re looking to combat insomnia without becoming a couch zombie, the Tiramisu strain is the weed strain for the job. 

Instead, it leaves you physically comfortable while energizing your mind and boosting morale. Your newfound uplifted spirit may make you more talkative as you drift further into total euphoria. 

The cerebral high ultimately settles into a complete mental and physical calm that’ll have you drifting into a well-deserved good night’s rest. 

a woman smelling marijuana strain
Tiramisu strain fragrance 

You’ll sleep longer, deeper, and more cozily. Tiramisu is a great dessert strain for late afternoon and early evening use. 

Tiramisu strain fragrance 

Tiramisu strain weed is pungent with an attractive sweet, earthy, chocolate, and skunky smell. Many people find this aroma pleasant, adding to the overall experience.

Tiramisu strain flavors

Weed lovers and newbies looking for weed bursting with sweet, dessert-like flavors might want to try the Tiramisu strain weed strain. 

Generally speaking, Tiramisu tastes tropical and sweet, similar to tree fruit. It’s a delectable blend of chocolate and soft vanilla, with creamy, buttery undertones.

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Tiramisu strain adverse reactions

In this Tiramisu strain review, we already mentioned that it’s a bit of a lucky packet – that means you may not always get what you think you’re getting. 

When looking at that Tiramisu strain price, ask about its genetics. You don’t want to treat it like a sativa when working with an indica.

You also don’t want to mistake Tiramisu Cookies for Tiramisu. The Tiramisu Cookies strain is very indica-dominant marijuana with a much higher THC content that hits the body hard.

Though not as hard-hitting, the Tiramisu strain effects are just as potent, with as little as one toke enough to get you high. 

The sativa variety, though more energizing, still contains Myrcene, a terpene with heavily sedating qualities that could leave you couch-locked if you take too much. As with any potent marijuana, slow and steady is the way.

growing Tiramisu strain
Growing Tiramisu strain

Besides this, it’s one of those rare strains with adverse reactions that are pretty much limited to dry eyes, cottonmouth, and hunger. 

Growing Tiramisu strain

Tiramisu strain is relatively easy to grow, doing well indoors and outdoors. It also responds well to Sea of Green (SOG) and Screen of Green (SCROG), which growers recommend for optimal results. 

You’ll have no trouble finding the Tiramisu strain seeds online, but it’s easy enough to clone if you can’t. 

According to Tiramisu strain grow info, the plant is over 5 feet (60-80 inches) tall and prefers a warmer climate with moderate humidity

It requires regular pruning, topping, and trimming to increase ventilation, enhance light exposure, and redirect the plant’s growth outwards.  

These contribute to the plant’s overall health, influencing your Tiramisu strain THC percentage and the size of your yields. 

Growers recommend using feminized Tiramisu strain seeds to maximize your harvest if you’re setting up indoors.

Our free Grow Bible and the above Tiramisu strain grow info will help you get your desired results.

Tiramisu strain flowering time

This strain is a photoperiod type with a relatively short flowering time of 63-67 days indoors. Tiramisu strain info states outdoor harvests will be ready around mid-October. 

Flowering Tiramisu strain
Flowering Tiramisu strain

Remember that seasons influence outdoor growth patterns, which may differ between the Northern and Southern regions. A grow calendar is a simple and effective way to master cultivation in your area. 

Tiramisu strain genetics

The Tiramisu strain price will vary between retailers, but it’ll always be value for money thanks to its impressive genetics: Wedding Cake and Gelato #45. 

Tiramisu strain owes its enjoyable effects, potent THC, mouthwatering flavor, and unmistakable fragrance to these two powerhouses. 

As you’d expect, Wedding Cake – a Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie cross – offers rich, creamy vanilla sweetness reminiscent of freshly baked goods. 

Its THC content is 25% and higher, and it’s known for its uplifted and relaxing effects.

Growing Tiramisu cannabis strain
Growing Tiramisu cannabis strain

Gelato 45 has similar effects but delivers them with fresh, zesty tropical fruit notes. Its parents are Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, and its THC content sits between 18% and 25%. 

FAQs about the Tiramisu strain

Is Tiramisu an Indica or a Sativa?

Tiramisu is a hybrid, so it has both indica and sativa genetics. It can be sativa leaning or indica dominant, depending on the variety. The flavor and fragrance remain the same, though the intensity of the effects may differ depending on which version you have. The Tiramisu we’re reviewing is a Sativa-dominant hybrid.

Is Tiramisu a cake strain?

Tiramisu is the spawn of Wedding Cake, with Girl Scout Cookies among its grandparents. These genetics are enough to qualify it as a cake strain, but its sweet flavor and dessert-like fragrance further cement this title.

What is the Tiramisu Cookies Strain?

With many popular cannabis strains having more than one alias, it’s easy to assume the Tiramisu and Tiramisu Cookies strains are the same, especially given their similar fragrance and taste. But the similarities end there. Tiramisu Cookies display an indica dominance of up to 90%, with THC levels reaching 29%. Some varieties have tested at 18%, but the strain typically averages a THC content around the mid to high twenties. It’s the offspring of an Animal Cookies Female mated with a Bay Exclusive OG and OGKB Male cross. Bay Exclusives Seeds & Clones are the breeders behind the strain, while growing credit belongs to Pudding River Farm.

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