Mother’s Milk strain

Bodhi Seeds has a reputation for producing top-notch strains, and Mother’s Milk is no different. The strain delivers a relaxing yet productive high that anyone can appreciate, regardless of experience. It sends you into a calm mental bliss and alleviates physical discomforts, putting you in a better mood.

Mother’s Milk is great for solo use, as a smoke session with friends, or as an appetizer on date night. It moves with slow, creeping precision, giving you time to enjoy every step of the journey before it lulls you into a warm, welcome sleep. 

Mother’s Milk weed strain attributes:
ORIGINGSC and Face on Fire
EFFECTSEuphoric, body buzz, relaxation
FLAVORSGrape, citrus, and gassy
ADVERSE REACTIONSParanoia, fatigue, disorientation,
hunger, dry mouth and eyes,
severe couchlock
MEDICALInsomnia, stress, depression, 
anxiety, depression, and stress
THC CONTENT %14% – 24%
CBD %Around 1%
INDICA/SATIVA %60% – 40%
INDOOR YIELD8-24-64 oz (Photoperiod)
1.7-4.2 oz (Autoflower)
OUTDOOR YIELD16-64 oz (Photoperiod)
1.7-7 oz (Autoflower)

Mother’s Milk strain genetics

The parents behind this impressive cultivar are Nepali OG and Appalachia.

Nepali OG (aka Nepali Kush) is the indica-dominant offspring of OG Kush crossed with landrace Nepali strains. Nepali strains are unique for being sativa in growth but indica in characteristics and effects. Nepali OG averages 21% THC. Goji OG is another Nepali OG descendant bred by Bodhi Seeds.

The Appalachia strain is a blend of Tres Dawg and Green Crack. It’s a hybrid strain with 60% indica to 40% sativa and up to 22% THC. Green Crack is known to increase a smoker’s ability to focus, which is where Mother’s Milk gets this benefit from.

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Is Mother’s Milk strain indica or sativa?

Mother’s Milk is a 70:30 sativa dominant hybrid, though you wouldn’t say so from the high it brings. This hybrid plays no favorites, drawing from its sativa and indica genes equally to satisfy the body as much as the mind.  

Mother’s Milk strain genetics include ties to the Nepali landrace strains (sativa plants that presented with indica-like effects). So, whether you consider Mother’s Milk strain sativa or indica is up to you.

Growing Mother’s Milk strain

Mother’s Milk seeds produce tall plants with beautiful round emerald buds, a sprinkling of orange pistils, and tons of amber crystal trichomes. It’s relatively easy to cultivate, even for beginners, and you can grow it outdoors, indoors, and in a greenhouse. You’ll need a little know-how to manage the plant’s height, though, especially with an indoor or greenhouse setup.

Mother’s Milk is mold-resistant, flexible, and reasonably autonomous; you don’t need to give it constant care and attention. By now, you’re probably thinking, “Where can I find Mother’s Milk strain near me?” On the West Coast, you’ll find many dispensaries carrying stock. If you’re outside this area, you should be able to source seeds online. Mother’s Milk seed prices will differ between retailers, and shipping will add to the cost, but they typically go for less than $10.

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OG Kush strain

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Mother’s Milk strain flowering time

Once you’ve planted your Mother’s Milk seeds, you should expect a bit of a wait. Sativa strains take longer to flower, and you’re looking at a flowering time of 69 to 81 days. You should be ready to harvest in October if you’re growing outdoors. 

Mother’s Milk strain autoflowering time

Mother’s Milk strain yield

The average yield of any cannabis plant depends on several factors, including the skill of the cultivator, growing conditions, strain genetics, and size and health of the plant. It also differs between photoperiod and autoflower plants. However, you can use general estimates as a potential yield per plant guideline. For photoperiod plants, this is 16-64 ounces (450-1814 grams) outdoors and 8-24 ounces (227-680 grams) indoors. 

Growers say that when you provide Mother’s Milk the space to reach its full height, the cultivar rewards you considerably. You’ll achieve this more easily outdoors but can still get decent yields indoors with the proper setup

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Mother’s Milk strain autoflower yield

The potential yield per plant for autoflowering plants is 1.7-7 ounces (50-200g) outdoors and 1.7-4.2 ounces (50-120 grams) indoors.

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Mother’s Milk strain effects

Mother’s Milk navigates the line between buzzing and sleepy with the precision of a tightrope walker, offering a balanced high both new and veteran smokers can enjoy. The Mother’s Milk strain effects are potent but gentle – and much more indica than you’d expect from such a sativa-heavy hybrid. You’ll become happier, chattier, and more relaxed with increased focus and creativity. You may even become aroused. It’s a great pick-me-up strain for the body and mind.

Though Mother’s Milk CBD content is almost nonexistent, it’s one of the few cannabis strains with notable amounts of CBG (up to 1%).  Its THC content ranges from 15-29%, and side effects aren’t entirely off the table. Expect dry and red eyes, cottonmouth, and thirst. You’ll also be hungry, though not to the same degree as some other munchie-inducing strains. Eyedrops, water, and snacks – get some. Mothers’ Milk is a “tingly” strain, so be mindful of that if it’s not something you enjoy. Less common reactions are dizziness and anxiety. These symptoms are more likely to happen when you overconsume, so pace yourself until you’re more familiar with the effects. 

Mother’s Milk strain terpenes

Mother’s Milk strain has an unmissable fragrance that’ll catch the attention of anyone nearby. Its aroma is a pleasant blend of earthy scents like pine, citrus, and full-cream milk. The inhale fills your senses with creamy, sweet, fruity goodness, while the exhale is more wood, citrusy-lime. Its terpenes include limonene, linalool, and caryophyllene. These burst with earthy elements that culminate in a complex and yummy taste, hitting a little differently for everyone who tries it.

FAQs about Mother’s Milk strain  

Is Mother’s Milk an indica?

Mother’s Milk is a hybrid with a 70% sativa to 30% indica ratio. However, it does have relaxing effects like an indica. 

Is the Mother’s Milk weed strain an aphrodisiac?

If you’ve read the effects portion of this Mother’s Milk strain review, you know it can cause arousal. And generally, marijuana reduces stress and enhances mood and physical comfort, which is great for the libido. Weed also lowers inhibitions and enhances sexual pleasure. So there’s a good possibility that Mother’s Milk can be an aphrodisiac, but it’s not guaranteed.

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