The Soap strain

Just like you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover or the employee-of-the-month-like photo on the back, you shouldn’t choose a cannabis strain based solely on its (often obscure) name. So, when it comes to The Soap weed strain, don’t let its title deter you.

Coming from a potent cross of two highly favored Mints strains, The Soap is a sativa-dominant hybrid from the Minntz brand that’ll leave you feeling fresh and squeaky clean. It gives new meaning to the term “wash your mouth out with soap.”

The Minntz brand keeps much of its production info tightly under wraps, including that of The Soap strain. Still, the ILGM research team does its utmost to ensure the information provided is accurate and up-to-date. If you have anything to add – like your personal experience with The Soap strain – please share it in the comments section below. 

The Soap weed strain attributes:
ORIGINAnimal Mints, Kush Mints
EFFECTSCreative zeal, focus, happiness
FLAVORSWood, diesel, pine
ADVERSE REACTIONSDry eyes, cottonmouth,
mild paranoia, or anxiety
THC CONTENT %16% to 25%
CBD %Less than 1%
INDICA/SATIVA %30% – 70%
INDOOR YIELD8-24 oz (Photoperiod)
1.7-4.2 oz (Autoflower)
OUTDOOR YIELD16-64 oz (Photoperiod)
1.7-7 oz (Autoflower)
HEIGHT30-60 (indoor)
60-80 (outdoor)

The Soap strain genetics

Just when you thought you couldn’t get any higher and the smoke couldn’t be any smoother, along comes Seed Junky Genetics and Cookies with another mind-blowing collaboration. Developed and released under the Minntz brand, The Soap cannabis strain stems from a cross between Animal Mints and Kush Mints – two balanced hybrids with 50% indica to 50% sativa. 

Animal Mints originates from a cross of Animal Cookies and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). It delivers a creative high that’ll have you ready to paint your masterpiece, and sources say its THC level can be as high as 30%. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s also a key player in the Kush Mints’ genetics. 

Kush Mints, a cross of Animal Mints and Bubba Kush, has a mid-to-high THC content with potent, fast-acting effects that could leave newbies rather stunned. 

The Soap is a prime example of why many consider the Minntz brand one of the best in the industry. Other growers have adopted the strain (or perhaps just the name), so the best way to know you’re getting the real Mccoy is to go straight to the source. And if you like what they serve up, their Georgia Pie may be just the snack for you.

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Is the Soap strain indica or sativa?

The uplifting effects of this daytime strain make it easy to detect if The Soap strain’s sativa or indica side takes dominance. With up to 70% sativa dominance, it’s often recommended as a wake-n-bake strain, providing long-lasting effects well into the afternoon. 

Growing the Soap strain

The Soap weed strain truly is a sight to behold. Its deep, forest-green mass of tightly intertwined nugs is dense and frosty. Bright tones of fiery orange pistils break up the surface of crystal trichomes, while subtle purple hues flow throughout the buds and leaves. 

The Minntz team keeps a tight lid on their methods, so much of The Soap strain grow info is unavailable to the public. But you can deduce what to expect from this cultivar by looking at the growing patterns of its ancestors. Assuming The Soap is similar to its parents, it’ll likely have a medium grow difficulty and require some cultivation knowledge. You can grow it indoors or outdoors, but a more controlled environment will yield better results.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds

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  • 80% indica 20% sativa
  • THC Levels around 21%
  • Big yields for indoors and outdoors
  • You feel both relaxed and euphoric

The Soap strain flowering time

The estimated flowering time for The Soap strain is much in line with many other strains of the same caliber. Indoors, you should expect a flowering period of 56-63 days. Outdoors, you can prepare for a mid-October harvest.  

The Soap strain autoflowering time

The autoflowering version of The Soap, like most autoflowers, starts blooming very early. Because it doesn’t require light deprivation to start flowering, expect the first buds to appear after four to six weeks. The Soap autoflowers can be harvested after ten to fourteen weeks. That makes its (auto)flowering time between four and ten weeks long.

The Soap strain yield

The average yield of any cannabis plant depends on several factors, including the skill of the cultivator, growing conditions, strain genetics, and size and health of the plant. It also differs between photoperiod and autoflower plants. However, you can use general estimates as a guideline for potential yield per plant

For photoperiod plants, this is 16-64 ounces (450-1814 grams) outdoors and 8-24 ounces (227-680 grams) indoors. 

The Soap strain autoflower yield

The potential yield per plant for autoflowering plants is 1.7-7 ounces (50-200g) outdoors and 1.7-4.2 ounces (50-120 grams) indoors.

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The Soap strain effects

The Soap strain’s THC level ranges from 16% to 25%, although some sources say it can exceed 30%. It has less than 1% CBD. The Soap strain reviews show users describing it as the perfect daytime smoke for its calm, clear-headed high and increased creative zeal, focus, and happiness. They say The Soap strain effects are the opposite of couchlock, leaving you lighter and uplifted, able to go about your daily business while still taking the edge off.

They warn that these amazing effects come at a price, though, with side effects like dry eyes, cottonmouth, mild paranoia, or anxiety (depending on your dosage). However, this is pretty standard for a strain of this caliber. If energizing daytime strains are your jam, try Nerds strain next.

If you want to learn how to properly grow your own The Soap strain, check out our Grow Bible by Robert Bergman!

The Soap strain terpenes

Aptly named, The Soap strain exudes floral scents similar to soap, but that’s where the similarities end. The terpenes come through beautifully with extra elements of sugary cake and hints of woodiness resembling sandalwood and pine. A delicious pungent skunkiness finishes off the fragrance to get your tastebuds tingling. 

The Soap strain flavor is just as inviting as its aroma, with a full creaminess and a strong presence of diesel fuel. Terpinolene lends to the floral and citrus flavors to deliver that crisp, fresh taste. The b-myrcene adds a new layer of flavor with earthy, dank elements and contributes to the strain’s calming effects. Other terpenes found in The Soap are b-caryophyllene, limonene, and alpha humulene.

Learn more about the Soap strain

The Soap strain really has it all, especially if you’re a fan of upbeat sativas in the morning. The Minntz crew have once again outdone themselves. The Soap is the perfect strain for laughing and socializing with friends, hiking in nature or for creatives who want to let their minds go wild. For many more incredible stains like this, hit up our ILGM seed bank or sign up and stay in the know with all the latest cannabis seed deals

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