Frosted Flakes strain

Frosted Flakes is one of those marijuana strains where the genetics vary between breeders. Though many breeders claim their version is the original, it’s unclear which cultivar came first. It might make buying the flower or seeds in the version you want trickier, but trying and comparing them all can be fun. And the Frosted Flakes cultivar featured in this strain review is an excellent place to start. 

Created by an unknown breeder, this cross between Pre-98 and White Bubba is the perfect wake-up call – especially if you enjoy having two bowls for breakfast. The indica-dominant hybrid delivers a cool 19% THC to take the edge off without bowling you over. You’ll be energized and ready to face the day and whatever adventures it brings.

Frosted Flakes weed strain attributes:
ORIGINPre-98 Bubba Kush, White Bubba Kush
EFFECTSUplift, Relaxation, Euphoria
FLAVORSSweet, creamy, and earth
ADVERSE REACTIONSMunchies, red eyes, cottonmouth
MEDICALInsomnia, fatigue, aches, pains,
stress, and depression
CBD %0.57% – 0.92%
INDICA/SATIVA %70% – 30%
INDOOR YIELD3.5 oz per plant
OUTDOOR YIELD6 oz per plant
HEIGHT< 30 Inches

Is Frosted Flakes strain indica or sativa? 

Frosted Flakes weed strain is an interesting case of an indica-dominant hybrid displaying predominantly sativa effects. Despite averaging a 70:30 indica to sativa ratio, you’ll feel a surge of energy and zest after smoking it. With the mystery about the origins of this weed strain, Frosted Flakes strain info is quite limited. 

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Frosted Flakes strain genetics 

The origins of this Frosted Flakes weed strain are unknown except to the crazy, creative people that made it. Fortunately, its lineage is well established, offering some insight into the history of this frosty treat. With more Bubba than the Midwest, Its parents are a kushy combination of the Pre-98 Bubba Kush and White Bubba Kush strains. 

Pre-98 Bubba Kush averages 20% THC content and has earned a reputation as a potent indica-dominant (80:20) hybrid with heavily sedating effects. Like its kick, the flavor is intense and full-bodied, displaying thick earthy tones with a mix of coffee, spice, and diesel. It presents excellent resilience against mold and mildew and tends to be much easier to grow than its counterpart. Though it may be a trickier grow, White Bubba Kush outweighs Pre-98 in THC and indica dominance. It averages around 25% THC with a 90:10 indica-to-sativa ratio. It’s also far fruitier than Pre-98, with bold skunky citrus and a sweet and sour blend. 

Other Frosted Flakes strain genetics include a Miracle Alien Cookies and NH3 cross by Taylormade Selections and a Dosidos/Tony Clifton blend by Secret Society. 

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Frosted Flakes strain grow info

Considering all the variations of the Frosted Flakes strain, seeds may be tough to get your hands on. If you’re lucky enough to get some, you’ll be happy to learn it grows indoors and outdoors with relative ease. It responds well to the SCROG method and has a healthy resistance to mold and mildew.

Frosted Flakes has incredible bud appeal with a striking resemblance to the White Widow strain. Its appearance lives up to its name, with a thick frosting of snowy white trichomes coating its long, dense, round-shaped buds. Bright orange pistils creep along the surface of the light green nugs, while deep purple sugar leaves complete the look. 

Growing Frosted Flakes strain outdoors 

Its dominating indica genes suggest Frosted Flakes will likely develop short, bushy plants and prefer warm, humid climates. It produces broad leaves and benefits from frequent pruning and adequate airflow. In addition to its mold and mildew resistance, it’s also considerably resilient against bugs. With the cultivar’s awesome genetics and your trusty Grow Bible in hand, you’ve got all you need for a successful grow.  

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Frosted Flakes strain flowering time 

The flowering time is on par with many other cultivars, at around 53-63 days indoors. Outdoors, you can expect a mid-October harvest (49-56 days).

Frosted Flakes strain autoflowering time 

The autoflowering version of Frosted Flakes, like most autoflowers, starts blooming very early. Because it doesn’t require light deprivation to start flowering, expect the first buds to appear after four to six weeks. Frosted Flakes autoflowers can be harvested after ten to fourteen weeks. That makes its (auto) flowering time between four and ten weeks long.

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Frosted Flakes strain effects 

Frosted Flakes strain effects are not what you’d generally expect from an indica-dominant strain. As a hardcore smoker, you may find its effects underwhelming, meaning it could be a winner if you’re a newbie. Its uplifting and energizing high and medium THC is a great choice for any time, letting you smoke all day without getting comatose-stoned. The high is relaxing and euphoric without debilitating couch lock.

Aside from the creative and uplifting high it supplies, many found Frosted Flakes key in easing their discomfort. Users also found that it aids in dealing with the discomfort associated with insomnia, fatigue, aches and pains, stress, and depression. The side effects of this strain are often considered mild, with munchies, red eyes, and cottonmouth being the main culprits.

Flavors & smell 

Adding to its namesake, Frosted Flakes is known for its fresh fruit and cereal flavor. The combination of sweet, creamy, and earthy flavors is reminiscent of a bowl of frosted cornflakes, except it’s drizzled in THC resin. With strong notes of citrus and pine, its fragrance carries across to the flavor and back, with bold incense-like floral and fruit elements. 

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FAQs about Frosted Flakes strain

Is Frosted Flakes strain indica or sativa? 

The Frosted Flakes strain sativa or indica dominance may be tricky to determine just by smoking it due to its uplifting effects. Truth is, the Frosted Flakes strain (and its many variations) is indica dominant, with a 70:30 ratio specifically.

What strain is Frosted Flakes? 

Many would call the Frosted Flakes a “breakfast strain” due to its cereal flavor, frosted appeal, and uplifting wake-n-bake qualities. 

What’s the price of Frosted Flakes strain?  

Frosted Flakes strain price will vary due to the multiple variations of the strain currently available. Always check the genetic lineage of a strain to be sure it’s the one you’re after.

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