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Why CBD Is The Next Big Thing In Cannabis

Why CBD Is The Next Big Thing In Cannabis

I’ve been seeing a lot of articles lately about “the next big thing” in cannabis. Microdosing is the next big thing. Vapes are the next big thing. Forbes recently published an article about these new awesome things called edibles (talk about being a little late to the game). I actually think that CBD is going to be the next big thing in cannabis.

Up until a couple of years ago I didn’t really know anything about cannabidiol (CBD). I knew that it didn’t get you high and people used it for medical reasons like treating epilepsy, but that was about the extent of it. My whole thing was “It’s not gonna get me high, so why should I care?” CBD is actually amazing though. In a short time we’ve discovered so much about the health benefits of cannabis, in particular CBD. We’re even using it to give our pets a new lease on life.

CBD is more popular than ever, because people are using cannabis for a lot more than just getting high. Canna Tech reported recently that the CBD market is expected to grow to 2 billion dollars by 2020. When you consider that it was only 3 million four years ago, that’s a huge jump. People’s attitudes towards cannabis have changed, thanks in part to a thriving legal market. People want to be healthier and they are incorporating cannabis as part of a newer, healthier lifestyle.

CBD is going to be the thing that changes the way that people look at cannabis use. We’ve seen it do wondrous things, like allow a little girl named Charlotte to live a normal life. CBD shows that cannabis is more than an illicit substance. It can be used to treat diabetes, cancer, and of course epilepsy. CBD is going to transcend the market. Soon we are going to see it everywhere and it will be used by people of all different ages and backgrounds. CBD is the next big thing in cannabis and it’s about to blow up.

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By rick shannon on 19 February 2018

how do you find the % of the oil, and how do you use it.

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