Climate Problems & Your Marijuana Plants

September 6, 2020

Whether it’s excessive humidity or a temperature that’s too high, climate fluctuations can have a strong effect on your marijuana plants. Growing areas have a natural tendency to be high in humidity since moisture is let off from marijuana plants. A grow room that is too hot will also lead to issues. Take action to ensure that your plants don’t experience long-term, negative effects.

Signs of a Climate Problem

You will know you have a temperature problem when your marijuana plants begin showing signs of stress, specifically on the leaves nearest the source of light (or heat if it’s a different source). These leaves will begin to yellow, and brown spots or burns will start popping up.

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Humidity determines how much or how little water your marijuana plants are going to allow to evaporate. If the humidity is too low, the evaporation pressure will be higher, meaning your plant is able to absorb water and nutrients at a faster rate. If this rate gets to be too much, however, your plant will close its stomata so that it doesn’t lose all of its water and become dehydrated. At this point plant growth will have slowed, meaning it is crucial for you to maintain the perfect humidity level.

How to Fix a Climate Problem

fix weed climate problem

When it comes to humidity, a dehumidifier is the best way to solve the issue in a closed system. Dehumidifiers are equipped with cold tubing that simply condense air moisture, therefore decreasing the humidity level of the room. They could have the opposite effect when it comes to heat, however since the machine itself gives off some heat and, therefore, could lead to your grow room actually being too hot. One simple way of avoiding this is by adding some air vent tubing to the spot that the dehumidifier’s exhaust comes from. This will direct the heat to a place that doesn’t increase your grow room temperature.

If heat is the original problem in your grow room, you should make sure to cool it down before it turns into a health problem for your plants. Adding ventilation is a good way to decrease the level of heat, as is placing an air conditioner into your grow room set up.

Another way of dealing with the problem is, sometime before the flowering phase of your plants’ life cycle begins, install an air cooler. It evaporates water, therefore making the overall temperature of the room cooler. It doesn’t add a significant amount of moisture, so humidity will not be out of control, and have a high level of efficiency during your plants’ vegetative stage of growth. Make sure you don’t use it while the flowering stage is occurring, however, as it could make the level of moisture too high for your plants to be content.

weed heat problem

To reduce excess heat, remove any equipment that produces heat and doesn’t need to be in the grow room. Some examples of this are large pumps or light ballasts.

If your plants are grown in a hydroponic growing system, you can change the temperature of the plants themselves in contrast to the exterior temperature. This is done simply by lowering the temperature of the water your plants are growing in. Keep the water cool by using aquarium water coolers, which handle this process automatically. A good rule of thumb is to reduce the water temperature to somewhere in the 60s (between 15 and 20 degrees Celcius) if the air temperature is somewhere in the 80s (between 27 and 30 degrees Celcius).

Preventative measures are the best way to keep your grow room temperature from becoming a problem. You can get lights that are either air or water-cooled, therefore keeping the heat produced out of your grow room. It basically just uses tubing to redirect the heat produced by the lamps outside so the same amount of heat can be produced without actually affecting your grow room.

Marijuana Plant Symptoms

  • Leaf edges curl upwards
  • Yellowing leaves
  • Brown spots on leaves
  • Leaves nearest light or heat affected
  • Leaf burns
  • Slowed growth

In case you have significant differences in temperature between nighttime and daytime, you can simply reverse the lighting order. Keep the lights on through the night (making the cold nights a bit warmer) and keep them off during the day, therefore cooling things off in the afternoon heat. You will, therefore, achieve a more constant, ideal temperature level for your plants.

Grow Room Temperature Problems

What to do when your marijuana grow room is very humid? The grow space will naturally be humid because the marijuana plants emanate moisture that collects in the garden space. To get rid of that moisture, the easiest thing you can do is ventilate the room and replace the moisture with drier air.

marijuana grow room humidity

For gardens that are closed systems, a dehumidifier must be used. Dehumidifiers have cold tubing that will condense the moisture in the air and make it less humid. Of course, they do release heat and can make the grow space too hot if you’re not careful. To avoid overheating, just affix some air vent tubing to the dehumidifier’s exhaust so that the heat is pointed outside the grow space.

If the room is both hot and humid, an air conditioner could work toward removing the moisture while cooling the garden. Make sure to download my free marijuana grow bible at this link and learn how to create perfect conditions in your marijuana grow room.

What to do when your marijuana room is too hot? There are plenty of ways to cool down an overheated grow room. See what suits you best:

  • It can be ventilated to remove the heat.
  • An air conditioner can replace the hot air with cool air.
  • Prior to flowering, an air cooler that evaporates water to lower the temperature can be beneficial. These coolers won’t add too much moisture to the air and are ideal and extremely efficient during vegetative growth. They are, however, not good for plants in the flowering stage because they create too much moisture.
  • If the temperature drops drastically at night, you could solve the heat issues by running the garden’s lights at night instead of the day.
  • Hydroponically-grown plants can shift temperatures based on how hot or cold the water is. You can keep the plants cool even if it’s technically hot outside. If the room temperature is somewhere in the 80’s (27-30*C), try to keep the water temperature in the 60’s (15-20*C). Growers can install aquarium water coolers to keep the water cool automatically.
  • Any heat producing equipment should be taken out of the grow room is at all possible (e.g. light ballasts and large pumps).
  • Avoiding heat starts from the beginning. Take preventative measures to ensure that heat will not be an issue with your crop. Air- or water-cooled lights keep the lamp’s heat from entering the garden. A series of tubes takes the heat from the lamps to the outside without affecting the temperature in the grow room itself.

Remember that plants with strong genetics have less chance of getting sick and are less vulnerable for environmental stresses. So make sure to buy marijuana seeds from a trusted seed bank.

FAQ About Climate Problems

What are the most common climate problems when growing marijuana plants?

Some of the most common climate problems when growing weed plants are either excessive temperature or humidity.

What to do when your marijuana grow room is very humid? 

Naturally, the growing room should be humid as the pot plants emanate moisture that gathers in the garden space. The best way to do is to ventilate the area and cover the damp with drier air, and get rid of the damp.

What happens if grow room is too hot?

An overheated growing room will trigger the plants to experience a variety of other problems. Firstly, burning of nutrients may occur at high temperatures by enhanced water transpiration. Mildew can also occur, especially when the room is too humid.

Thanks for reading. Please leave comments or questions below and don’t forget to download my free grow bible


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  2. By Anthony ,28 May 2016
    Thanks I really needed this I believe Iv figured out my problem
  3. By Weedrater ,16 Jul 2016
    My buddy took me 2 his garden and he had cut the fan leaves off and left leaves on the branches, he said the buds will grow good now.I don't know they looked like skeletons to me. Any ideas on […]Read More
    1. By straytrout ,10 Aug 2017
      Big mistake. Fan leaves are the solar panels for you plant...
    2. By Stan ,11 Aug 2017
      I cut all fan leaves after the plant reaches 2 foot. It give more light to the branches that produce Colas and gives extra nutrients and minerals to the plant itself. Don't forget to low stress train and don't desolate […]Read More
  4. By patricia ,26 Jul 2016
    my outdoor plants the leaves will stand straight up and be completey dead by moring there are no spots no yelling no pest any one have a idea or solution
    1. By latewood.ILGMl ,28 Jul 2016
      patricia, I suggest you download and read our free "Grow Bible"; Better yet. Join our free grow support forum where we have many experie3nced members and experts to help you succeed from seed to harvest.
  5. By latewood.ILGM ,28 Jul 2016
    Weedrater, Fan leaves are the heart and the lungs of the plant. Although you can finsih a quality plant this way; Yield will suffer due to the stress caused by removing all fan leaves.; lw Happy growing
    1. By Vas ,06 Sep 2016
      ..not to mention the amount of energy the plant uses from the leaves at end of life, to fatten the buds up defo yeild effected.
    2. By Gerry james ,12 Aug 2017
      I already cut fan leaves. Plants look healthy but no budding yet. What should i do ?
      1. By joe smo ,12 Aug 2017
        don't cut the fan leaves, they are the factory within the plant. That's why its stopped growing no factorys no growth. Eventually the plant will try regenerate but it will cost you a few weeks.
    3. By Charleemeto ,01 May 2018
      Removing alot of fan leaves gives your a plant bigger buds. Just need to cut the right ones.
  6. By Sue ,08 Nov 2016
    Help newbie and not sure of the larger juvenile has 2 leaves the are like sad...the others are perky..
    1. By Roy ILGM ,09 Nov 2016
      Hi Sue, the blog is not the best place to help find your problem. It's probably best if you create a topic on our support forum and post some pictures.
      1. By kimmie ,30 Apr 2017
        having same problem all leave are strong beatuiful green but have a few stems seems to be week even lip please help this newbie
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    1. By latewood_ILGM ,28 Mar 2017
      OrigNorCalGal, 1st. No need to cull healthy plants; You will still get a nice yield when they finished. You answered your own question. Cooler temps have slowed the growth, evidently. Running air 24/7 used to be necessary; Now it is […]Read More
  8. By George ,10 Aug 2017
    Hi i have one question wht to do when in the flowering stage buds has a seeds thank you
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,15 Aug 2017
      George, I suggest you join our support forum. This blog is not set up for this type of Q and A mentoring. Join us at the forum and we will share all kinds of info regarding your issue. :)
  9. By Kevin ,11 Aug 2017
    Double check that the plant isn't a male. It may have hermied if it was stressed. Pretty common for newbies. Did it come from a clone or seed?
  10. By Vinny ,11 Aug 2017
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    1. By latewood_ILGM ,15 Aug 2017
      Vinny, Anytime you add a much more intense light to the plants, they will sqwuat and take more nutrients putting energy into new root growth which apears to present as not growing, or slow growth. This article is about environmental […]Read More
  11. By Heather ,14 Aug 2017
    Climate is a big concern for me in Las Vegas. Our humidity in general is about 8%. And of course, keeping my house cooler than 78 in the summer is outrageously expensive. I'm anticipating installing an A/C unit in the […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,15 Aug 2017
      Heather, You all are definitely on the right track. You will have better success if you use AC. AC can also help keep the RH in line. The idea of purchasing a humidifier is a good one. Make sure to […]Read More
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      Thanks Bobbie, I will forward this issue to tech. :)
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    Robby!!! How are you bud? Your emails & deals on seeds are the best emails anybody can get. I have gone from a beginner to a begrinner
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      Daniel, LOL Thanks for your kind words. Glad you are a happy patron.
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    Do you sell hard copy books rather than download books?
    1. By Stacy ILGM ,13 Apr 2018
      Unfortunately the grow bible only comes in eBook form.
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      Ron, No we do not at this time. Sorry. Happy growing :)
  16. By Colin Godwin ,12 Apr 2018
    My problem isn't climate it is the little animals in the ground that like to eat roots! My question is: Do gophers eat marijuana roots? I have been growing in wire baskets, (out of doors, of course), and want to […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,18 Apr 2018
      Colin, Gophers. Never had that issue but, many pets and varmints love this miraculous plant. Keep up the successful growing.
  17. By Dennis ,09 May 2019
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  18. By latewood ILGM ,20 Jun 2019
    Dennis, First; You should never use 24/0 photo period, and yes, they are going to stretch like crazy and bud in a week or 2 because of the extreme photo period change. Try 16/8 for veg if you plan on […]Read More

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