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September 25, 2019

Growing marijuana indoors can be extremely rewarding, especially when you grow in a dedicated grow box or tent. Unfortunately, both options can be costly unless you build your own, which isn’t that hard to do.  Below we’ll discuss why you’d want to use a grow box or tent and teach you how to make your own.

DIY Grow Tent: How to Build the Best Grow Tent

Growing cannabis is becoming more popular

Cannabis is gaining acceptance worldwide.  Hemp is legal in many countries and most of the United States have either decriminalized or legalized possession of some form of cannabis.

On top of that, a few American states have also legalized marijuana growing. Because of this, growing marijuana at home is a lot less taboo than it used to be; however, you’ll still need the ideal conditions for the most success.

Which is why you want to consider using a grow box or tent.

Benefits of an Indoor Grow Tent

While it is true that marijuana is a weed and can survive under nearly any condition, you don’t want a plant that merely survives. You want your plant to thrive. A grow box or tent can make the process easier.

Grow tents and boxes let you:

  • Control the plant’s temperature
  • Maintain control of the surrounding humidity level
  • Allow the proper amount of light to shine in

What’s the difference between the two?

A grow tent has a fabric or plastic exterior, while a box is solid. For this article, we’ll teach you how to construct your own tent. 

Of course, there are numerous types of grow setups, ranging from a small tent to a full room and no one is better than the other, per se. Your best design depends on personal preference. 

For example, some growers need the stealthiest solution and opt for a PC Grow Box, which literally grows a plant inside of an empty computer case. 

Building Your Indoor Grow Tent

You can construct a grow tent for under $100. Here’s what you’ll need:  

  • A Fan
  • 4 LED Lights
  • Duct Tape 
  • Velcro or Cable Ties  
  • Black & White Poly 
  • Adjustable Shelving System 

You must use Duct Tape, or some other similar strength tape and not Scotch tape, as this tape will be used to attach the Poly. The Velcro (or cable ties) are for keeping loose wires in place. 

Both black and white poly is necessary for your tent because they will be used to manage the light. The white side of the material will reflect light, while the black side absorbs it. 

We also suggest adjustable shelving systems instead of PVC piping because it is easier to set up. If you don’t mind doing a little bit more work, you can construct a grow tent using PVC piping. 

Growing Cannabis
Source: Unsplash.com


Step 1 – Assemble the Rack

  • Build a shelf using PVC pipes or assemble your ready-to-go shelving unit  
  • Your top shelf should be wide enough to place lights on, yet at a high enough height to leave space for your plants as they grow upwards. It’s also helpful to make removable in case your plant grows taller than expected. 
  • Fasten loose wires to the tent’s frame using cable ties or Velcro

Step 2 – Position Your Fan

Place your fan underneath your shelving system. Make sure it’s positioned so you can easily access the power switch. Or spend a little extra and simply use a remote control fan.

Step 3 – Hang Your Poly Up

Drape your poly over the pipe frame or shelving system. Make sure the black side faces outwards.

Place one of the edges of the poly onto the top shelf, with an edge laying on each of the shelves’ sides. Leave any excess material pooling on the ground for now.

Tape the poly’s top edges down onto the top shelf. Cut the edges on the sides and tape them down. Then, trim any extra material hanging at the bottom.

Use any leftover poly to create a doorway that covers the tent’s last exposed side.

Step 4 – Modify Your Tent

Here’s the fun part. You can now make modifications as needed. This may include making adjustments for humidity and temperature levels. If the temperature gets too hot, cut a few ventilation slits in the top of the tent.

Time to Start Planning

Now that your tent is ready, you can start thinking about how you will grow your plants. If you choose to start with seeds, you’ll need to germinate the seeds first. Shop our store for marijuana seeds that our guaranteed to germinate. You can also start with cuttings or clones of other plants. 

Either way, you need a nice-sized container. It needs to be large and strong enough to deal with the intricate root system of a marijuana plant. Don’t forget to fill your container with nitrogen-rich soil that is appropriate for growing marijuana. Place your container and plant in your freshly made grow tent, and you are ready to grow your own marijuana.

My Grow Bible e-book comes with even more tips on growing indoors. Get your free download here.

Growing Cannabis
Source: Unsplash.com

The founder of I Love Growing Marijuana, Robert Bergman, is a marijuana growing expert that enjoys sharing his knowledge with the world. He combines years of experience, ranging from small-scale grows to massive operations, with a passion for growing. His articles include tutorials on growing... [read more]


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