Everything You Need to Know About Weed Resin

November 11, 2020

Smoking resin happens. Do not shy off; nobody wants to judge you for that. For your information, many stoners have had to smoke weed resin at some point. Why? Dude tough times – you are short of weed and no money to get you high. Like why would you smoke resin if you can get the actual weed? It is understandable that’s why this article will discuss some critical stuff about resin and how you can smoke it.

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Does resin contain THC?

Yes, resin has THC but in small amounts. Some small amounts of THC get trapped in resin as you smoke weed.

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Does smoking resin get you high?

Many people often ask; does smoking resin get you high? Yes, it will get you high. Here is some explanation. Resin contains some minute amounts of THC. Most THC in weed burns when you light it up, but there is always some residual THC that is trapped in the resin. From this explanation and experience, yes, smoking resin will get your high. Resin, however, does not have a pleasant taste and it will take you more resin to get the same high as the actual weed.

You are probably very excited about resin getting you high; but there is something you should think about before smoking resin. Health issues to be specific. Smoking resin continuously over time will cause harm. Not that smoking anything will not cause problems, but resin will produce more significant problems.

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Is smoking resin bad?

The answer is of course yes. Smoking resin is harmful to your health. Generally and inarguably, any form of smoking is not good for your respiratory system. As you probably know, resin merely is tar, some ash and burnt carbon that make resin more harmful than smoking the real buds. Hey, but a single hit on resin is not that harmful. Well, what other choice do you have on a desperate day? Here is the thing, do not make smoking resin a habit.

How to scrape resin

So you are desperate to get weed-high. Do not worry it is an experience almost all stoners go through at least once at some point – we cannot judge. In fact, let us help you scrape some resin. Any means to scrape some chunks is okay. Each pipe varies slightly from the other, and a little creativity will come in handy here. Remember the aim is to pull out some nice chunks that you can place in your pipe and smoke. Here are a few tools you can improvise to scrape some resins.

How to scrape resin – Image powered by Reddit.com

Paperclip or Bobby Pin

Any of the two clips will achieve the task. You want to bend the clips into a shape that allows you to scrape around the curves of your pipe with effortlessness.


You might want to dry hit the pipe or the tool you are using to scrape resin. Dry heat softens the resins and makes it easy to extract. The downside to heating is that as the resin warms, it becomes stinky, sticky and drippy. Well, in short, it becomes messy. Just do your best to avoid the resin coming into contact with your hands, clothes or carpet. Heating will saturate the resin,and you have to allow it sometime to dry.

Parchment paper

Probably you wonder why you need one. Well, you need a non-stick disposable surface to collect your resin. You can also use a gum paper or even a wax paper. You just do not want to mess your surfaces.

Smoker multi-tool

You can get a smoker’s multi-tool that comes in handy for scrapping resin out of bowls. While it is not necessary, it is cool to have one around.

Weed resin precautions

Avoid scrapping plastic pipes. They break down with time, and you will undoubtedly end up smoking small pieces of plastic. Stay safe; only scrape from glass pipe or hard metal pipe.

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What are the different ways of smoking resin?

What are the different ways of smoking resin – Image powered by Realstonedtimes.com


Not a favorite method but still an option though. Unlike the actual bud, resin burns slower. Resin is also compact, so you will not have enough airflow through the joint. You will still get some amount of smoke but not enough.


There are many resilient marijuana vaporizers and wax pens on the market. It will work to some extent but not quite recommendable especially because it will ruin your vaporizer. Resin leaves a funky smell or taste in your vape. Doing away with the smell from your vape can prove to be a challenge. Resin vaporizes at a much higher temperature than THC,so that implies you will need more heat.

Tea and other edibles

Some people claim to prepare resin tea – heat their pipe in water and used the infusion to make tea. A nasty taste! That’s the best compliment to the product. Let us be real; Resin is a waste product so with minimal THC. Tar is gross even in edible products. You will probably feel nausea after consuming resin teat or its edibles. Just avoid this.

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A favorite method and the best way to smoke resin. It is even best when you have a water filter (bong or a bubbler) to minimize the harshness of the smoke.

Dry heat the pipe

The best thing about this technique is you don’t have to bother scraping the resin out of your pipe. Why trouble yourself when the resin is already in your pipe? Just heat the pipe as if you have the real thing in and puff several times, and the resin heats up to produce smoke. Take care not to burn yourself. As the resin heats up, so will the pipe and this can burn you.

Smoking resin is gross and unhealthy. However, desperate times demand desperate measures, and we cannot judge. There are times you just have resin as the only option. Just do not make it a hobby.

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  1. By Will Starr ,12 Apr 2019
    Best option for resin, Blades. I make 'Silver Bullets' Nice glob folded into tinfoil. Gotta a fast heavy kick.
  2. By Allan ,19 May 2019
    Also doing blades of resin is very effective.
  3. By Jonathan792 ,13 Jul 2019
    This has actually changed my mind on the matter. I'm goin' to be to Throwing those light chunks of resin away. Thank you!
  4. By greg ,21 Oct 2019
    What is the THC content of Resin? Thanks for your article.
    1. By Latewood ,30 Nov 2019
      greg. The THC content of resin is the same as the % of THC in the strain. Happy growing
  5. By Francis ,04 Nov 2019
    I take and mix my resin in with some weed so it will burn a little better and not taste as bad
    1. By Latewood ,30 Nov 2019
      Thanks for sharing. Most people use a Dab rig or a vape pen that is made to use resin/oils
  6. By Brown Frown ,16 Dec 2019
    I dissolve my resin in isopropyl alcohol then i pour it threw a coffee filter Then let the isopropyl alcohol evaporate and then i vape it
  7. By Mike snow ,14 Mar 2020
    Not to mention getting your piece too hot while dry hitting it for the resin, it will, no matter what; over time, break.
  8. By Kevin ,07 May 2020
    The song by the supervillans resin is the name of the song
  9. By Marc ,14 Jul 2020
    You are confusing the terms tar and resin. Resin=good Tar=bad
  10. By Doug ,08 Aug 2020
    Smoking resin is disgusting and should never be done. If you are cleaning a device with the thought of lighting up that gooey tar, think about taking a week off cuz if you smokin tar you need rehab. Take the […]Read More
  11. By Martin ,05 Oct 2020
    very informative i appreciate the care put into this article
  12. By The Holy Herbivore ,18 Oct 2020
    This post is legit. I've been smoking resin every two or three months for several years now. I can confirm that it gets you high. I say it will get you just as high as regular weed. I would like […]Read More
  13. By rosa Morales ,01 Jan 2021
    I learned if you wrap a resin ball into a piece of Zigzag, it helps burn better! If it’s a large ball of resin, you can pinch off pieces and toke on that.
  14. By Zoe kelly ,17 Jan 2021
    This was the most informational and helpful answer that I was looking for. Thank you
  15. By Anne ,11 May 2021
    if the pipe is pure metal; put the pipe in a low oven on a baking sheet + parchment paper; u catch the resin parchement paper; the pipe is clean as well;
    1. By Anne ,11 May 2021
      if u take the pipe resin and flatten it like a piece of hash; it burns better;

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