Bubblelicious 4×4 SCROG Strain

The Bubblelicious marijuana strain is an indica-dominant hybrid known for its fruity taste and smell that’s very similar to fruity bubblegum. The buds from Bubblelicious are frosty with light green coloring, and sparkly trichomes.

Bubblelicious 4×4 SCROG

When smoked, the Bubblelicious marijuana strain produces a thorough body high. However, it has the additional effect of producing a euphoric head high too. Because of these effects, this strain is sought for pain management.

This grow journal documents growing Bubblelicious in a 4×4 SCROG.

Grower: Stomper
Yield: 9 ounces
Location: NA

August 16th

I started this Bubblelicious grow by using damp paper towels back on August 1st. The 6 seeds cracked in about 24 hours. The seedlings with a 1/8 inch tail were planted into Fox Farm Happy Frog 1 gallon pots. I dampened the soil really well then just used a spray bottle till they had three-fingered leaves. Now I water them when the pot lift says so.

I haven’t given them any food yet but this week seems like a good time to start. I intend to use Dyna Grow veggie food because it’s within my budget range. I also like how their flowering food worked on another grow.

The main stems on these have already been cropped and they have the fattest stalks I have ever grown for plants this age.
On this picture, they’re already 3-4 inches tall and producing side branches even without topping. They have 72 inches of vertical space to grow into. This would mean the SCROG has to be around 36 to 42 inches from the ground so there is minimal leaning.

August 17th

I went in this morning and one of the Bubblelicious plants was drooping and starting to wither. All the rest were fine. I realized my work light was pointing right at it and dried it up. Added water and it perked right back up.

Lesson: look for the simple things first, don’t overthink a problem. And turn off the stupid light.

August 18th

The biggest ones are now 8 inches tall. I got the stuff to build a SCROG. I asked the guy at the store to cut me eight 4-inch pieces of PVC and I got 12 pieces with 9 different lengths but I can

August 20th

I finally got the SCROG built. I will veg with a metal halide (MH) light until about a week before changing to 12/12 light cycle. Then I will put in the high pressure sodium (HPS) light and veg one more week before budding. Plants in veg likes the blue MH lights better.

August 21st

For the second feeding, they still received half-strength Dyna Grow. Today was also the day when they were topped.

And here are family photos of the newly-trimmed sisters.

August 22nd

24 hours after trimming, you can see they’re still growing normally. They really handled the trim well.

August 30th

Day 29 in veg and things are still looking good. They’ve grown taller over the past week.

September 3rd

It’s their 33rd day and you can see they’re getting close to the net. Two of them got fimmed and have three top branches. One is showing weird growth that may need some looking into. Also, these seem to be early signs of hermie.

September 5th

One of the kids is a confirmed hermie. She’s dead now. Only 5 remain to do the SCROG but I have no worries about filling it.

September 9th

It’s their 39th day in veg and it’s almost time to start their training program. Some of the leaves are getting a slight claw on the ends. I’m thinking it’s due to them receiving cold water.

September 10th

Starting the training.

September 14th

The girls are filling in their SCROG nicely.

September 19th

On their 49th day, the ladies switched to HPS light. They’ll stay under this light system until they finish their veg stage.

September 26th

It’s Day 56 and their sixth week of veg. They’re really growing out their leaves like crazy but you can see they still need a couple more weeks before switching to flower.

October 2nd

Switching them to 12/12 light cycle. They will finish filling in the few holes during stretch.

October 5th

I cleared out the canopy on their third day of stretching. Now they can focus their energies without the unnecessary parts as competition.

October 9th

It’s their 70th day in veg and the end of their first week of stretch. No problems so far, which is perfect. On top of that, they’re all already showing little white hairs. In total, the remaining plants have over 100 top bud sites so far.

October 13th

They’re forming colas now which means I need to switch to Bloom food with the next watering.

October 18th

The plants are 77 days old and have just finished their second week of stretch. They’re fully into flowering stage now.

The reason I left the ladies in veg longer than usual is to get a really nice, even SCROG and the results speak for themselves. I have the room to go upward quite a bit so it will be a pretty crop.

October 24th

They are 12 weeks from seed now. On their first week in flower, you can see how the baby buds have formed.

October 30th

On their second week of flower, the girls in front needed some extra light so I put one of those long door mirrors from K-mart across the net there. It worked wonderfully to solve the issue of ice air hitting that corner too. Air flower is fully across the tops of the canopy now. Temperatures stay between 75 degrees F in the day and 65 degrees F at night.

November 3rd

The girls are getting a lot of sugar now. They’re really sticky and smelly too. I’ll be checking the trichomes regularly and at this rate, the harvest should be around December.

November 7th

At end of the 3rd week of flowering, the ladies are producing lots of sugar and orange hairs. The buds are starting to put on their weight and should be getting fatter but not much if any taller. Some of the older fan leaves are yellowing. That’s expected so I let them go until they fall off when I give them a tiny tug.

Just to get an idea on how big these buds are, here’s a beer can for perspective.

November 17th

Here are some photos of where we are now, I am giving them pH-ed water from now on.

This is what I have harvested from the first two plants.

November 21st

It’s Day 112 and the stuff I dried and have curing is wicked and airy! Meanwhile, the remaining three plants are fattening up all around and the smaller buds lower on the branches went grew twice in size from two weeks ago: from marble-sized to golf ball-sized.

November 30th

It’s the 120th day and the trichomes on the plants are at least 40% amber and much further along so I harvested. So far, it looks like I’ll have about 5 to 6 ounces hanging.

December 2nd

I smoked a jar and a half since the first harvest and this is what’s left:

Total guesstimate for the harvest is 9 ounces. This harvest was an “under-yield” because of the early harvest on the first two plants. So ends this story.

Grower: Stomper
Yield: 9 ounces
Location: NA

Harvesting early will give you highly potent buds to smoke and this would potentiate the effects of Bubblelicious. Some experienced cannabis growers prefer early harvesting although the quantity of weed may be smaller.

Would you do an early harvest to maintain the potency of weed and risk getting a smaller harvest?

Happy growing!

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