Robert Bergman

February 19, 2018

It seems like new hybrids are popping up every day. As it is, estimating the number of strains is impossible. As breeders develop new ones, a trend began over the past decades where the focus was not only on varieties that flowers quickly and produces high yield, but also possess an insane amount of THC. Grape OX, though, is an exemption.

Instead of only raising its THC level, the breeder Rare Dankness also prioritized a hybrid that has a higher than average CBD level. As such, its effectivity as an alternative to drugs is better than most other strains.

In a sense, Grape OX is the middle ground between recreational and medical use. Of its most notable claim to fame is in its being named as the third best Indica in the 2014 High Times Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup.

Information about Grape OX:

ORIGIN Grape Ape by OX
EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Sleepy – 6
Hungry – 5
Uplifted – 5
Happy – 5
Paranoid – 4
Headache – 1
Dizzy – 1
Dry eyes – 1
FRAGRANCE Sweet, spicy, grape, blueberry
FLAVORS Sweet, grape, blueberry
MEDICAL Stress – 10
Pain – 9
Spasticity – 8
Depression – 3
Insomnia – 2
PLANT HEIGHT 3 to 4 feet
THC CONTENT % 20% to 24%
CBD % 4% to 6%
INDICA / SATIVA % 90%/10%
INDOOR YIELD 12 to 16 ounces per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELD 16 ounces or more per plant
CLIMATE Cold climate
GROWTH LEVEL Some experience needed

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Instead of slamming into the body hard from the get-go, Grape OX begins by stimulating a gentle uplifting mental high. A calming sensation swarming the body soon follows it. As such, it leads to an overall sense of well-being. As if lifted of burdens, most people end up feeling upbeat yet relaxed.

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Grape OX is 90% Indica. Also, tests have shown it to contain as much as 24% THC. While it is possible that some users may feel active in the beginning as a result of the motivating mental high, the real experience of Grape OX only comes once it kicks into the body. Once it does, it is very potent and can be quite intense.

Grape OX Effects
Grape OX Effects – Image powered by Weedy.com

In moderation, it sends users into deep relaxation. It has sedating properties that often leads to people falling asleep. However, should one use too much, then the body buzz becomes more pronounced. In this case, the experience has a more narcotic-like quality to it.


As its name suggests, the strain emits a mixed scent of grape and blueberry. It also has a spicy note lingering in the air.


Grape OX is not only pleasant to smell, but it also comes with an equally great flavor. With much of its aroma carrying over, its creamy-rich smoke with a spicy note is relatively easy on the throat.

Adverse Reaction

After taking a few tokes, it is time for users to bask in relaxation. In most cases, many do not even notice that their mouth is dryer. Most also not even know their eyes are red. But these are conditions that often result in the use of cannabis. As it is quite intense, some people may feel a little dizzy. Others may even have a slight headache.

Grape OX Adverse Reaction
Grape OX Adverse Reaction – Image powered by Weedy.com

Of possible concern are people who are more predisposed to anxiety or paranoia. Not that it is going to cause long-term ill effects, but this strain is known to cause a few to feel as such. In other words, if these are conditions that already concerns a user, then it is best to look for another strain.


While most hybrids come with high THC, only a few exist that contains high CBD. Of course, there are those that come without THC but can have as much as 20% CBD.

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Grape OX is placed in between the best of two worlds. It is very potent, but it also has up to 6% CBD. As such, its pharmacological value is greater than the vast majority.

Grape OX Medical
Grape OX Medical – Image powered by Seedfinder.eu

As it puts users into a state of relaxation, any form of stress melts away. Even people who are depressed can find comfort and peace. Such traits are actually quite common with most strains.

Where it does excel is in pain relief. Activists pushing for the legalization of cannabis can use this strain as an example of one that provides comfort to medical patients. It has proven to be quite excellent for soothing muscle aches and cramping. It has also allowed people deal with spasticity as well as other pains caused by chronic illnesses.


Grape OX produces massive and tightly packed cool-mint green buds. It has fiery orange hairs with purple tints on its leaves. On appearance alone, one can say it is beautiful. But what makes it better than simply looking at it is to actually get down to cultivating it in the comfort of the house.

Growers have a choice of doing it indoors or outdoors. Either way, the plant thrives well, and under the care of experts, it can produce an abundant yield. For beginners, there is a learning curve, but so as long as one adheres to good plant cultivation practices, it should lead to productive yields too.

Flowering Time

When one opts for indoor growing, know that its flowering period is between 9 to 10 weeks. As the plant approaches its maturity, the fascinating, vivid purple colors become more apparent when exposed to cooler temperature. A hardworking grower should expect to harvest buds ranging from 12 to 16 ounces per square meter.

Grape OX is better suited to a cooler climate. It is actually one of the few strains that can thrive in the European environment. It flowers during the second to third week of October with each plant producing up to 16 ounces of buds.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Grape OX? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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