10 Interesting Facts About Growing Marijuana

We all know that growing marijuana is a fun (albeit tiring) process that many people can enjoy. But, there are a few random facts about the plant many people probably don’t know. You might want to know – is pee good for weed plants? Read on to learn more.

As one of the most interesting and useful plants on the planet, cannabis has certainly held a place in human hearts for quite some time. Below, you’ll find a few interesting (and potentially useful) facts about growing the plant.

1. Human urine works as a fertilizer

You read that right. But, it’s not a good idea to just throw some undiluted urine on the plants. Make sure that you dilute a bladderful of urine into about a gallon of water. Use it right away so that ammonia doesn’t form. This is a quick, cheap, and effective way to infuse a little nitrogen into your plants.

2. Marijuana can be grown anywhere

It’s already a remarkably adaptive plant for outdoor use, but now that we’ve mastered indoor growing, you could feasibly grow weed in space. That might be a little optimistic, but it’s certainly possible.

Marijuana grown indoors
Marijuana grown indoors

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    3. Weed has been grown by humans for millennia

    Archaeological digs place the first instance of cannabis cultivation at around 6,000 BC in Ancient China. It was used then as a food source, for clothing, and for medicinal purposes (kind of like now).

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    4. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were big tokers

    Okay, not really. But they both had hemp farms back in the days of the American Revolution. In fact, growing hemp was sort of a prerequisite to owning land in the pre-revolutionary days. Any colonial farmers who owned land were actually required by a 1619 law to grow hemp. That would probably not go over so well in today’s world.

    5. Marijuana can grow using only fish waste

    For far too long, fish have been excreting waste and not helping humans in that endeavor. But, now, with the invention of “Aquaponics”—a combination of Aquafarming and Hydroponics—the waste can actually prove to be beneficial. The water from a fish tank is taken to the plants in a basic hydroponic system. The fish urine and other waste are transformed by certain bacteria in the waste to make nitrates. Marijuana plants use those nitrates as nutrients to assist in the growing process.

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      6. Cannabis can help ward off Alzheimer’s

      This doesn’t really have to do with growing anything, but it’s still interesting. Indeed, using THC in virtually any capacity is known to limit the “brain plaque” that causes Alzheimer’s. So, continue growing and toking if you don’t want to become senile.

      7. Florida has some incredibly harsh marijuana laws

      If you’re thinking about cultivating cannabis in Florida, you’d better have a good lawyer. The penalty for possession of less than 25 plants (i.e. between 1 and 24) is a felony and will get you 5 years in prison and up to a $5,000 fine. Of course, the laws in Montana aren’t much better. If you have less than 30 plants, you can be subject to a felony charge of up to 10 years in prison and a $50,000 fine. At least Montana has medical marijuana laws. In any event, be careful out there and check norml.org to make sure your little growing venture doesn’t end up costing you a decade in prison. Make sure to buy marijuana seeds in our online seed shop!

      Florida official seal with marijuana plants
      Florida official seal with marijuana plants

      8. Many people get away with growing weed on public land

      This tactic is called guerrilla farming and is usually performed on secluded public land like a national or state park. Although it’s naturally riskier, it’s one of the few ways to grow plants outdoors without inciting suspicion from neighbors.

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      9. You don’t need soil to grow marijuana

      As the entry on “Aquaponics” suggests, there’s no need to use soil to produce nice, sticky buds. But, you also don’t have to use fish waste to provide nutrients to the plant. Using standard nutrient solutions, you can create (or buy) a hydroponic system that keeps your plants’ roots effectively suspended in water. The nutrient solution makes its way to each plant and the result is perfectly healthy cannabis.

      10. You can determine the sex when the seeds just sprout

      This is a tactic that hasn’t been proven by the scientific community but it has about a 90% success rate. Seeds that sprout through the top or the bottom tend to be female while “side-sprouters” are generally male. There’s really no explanation for this, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you should toss out any side-sprouters. But, it is an interesting thing to look for next time you grow marijuana.

      Marijuana seeds sprouting
      Marijuana seeds sprouting

      FAQ About Interesting Facts on Growing Marijuana

      Why is human urine useful as a fertilizer for marijuana plants?

      Human urine is high in nitrogen (one of the three major nutrients needed by marijuana plants (the other 2 are phosphorous and potassium).

      Can marijuana really help avoid Alzheimer’s disease?

      The THC content in marijuana is known to curb the “brain plaque” which causes Alzheimer’s.

      What other growing mediums can be used for growing marijuana?

      Aside from soil, marijuana can also be grown in water, using a process known as hydroponics.

      You only need practice and learning to learn how to grow marijuana. Check out my blog and be an expert grower in no time!

      Do you know of any other interesting grow facts? What are your favorite strains to grow? Tell us about them in the comments section below.

      Happy Growing!


      Robert Bergman

      Robert Bergman is an Amsterdam-based marijuana grow expert who has years of experience from small grows to massive operations. His passion for growing lead him to develop his own Gold Leaf strain. Now, Robert is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with the world.... [Read full bio]


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        1. Times are changing for the better, more natural way of medicating. Good to hear it’s helping you Meredith!

        2. I am so grateful that I live in California and I am able to replace almost all the very addictive prescription pain medicine and xanax . I used it to help me get off of Xanax and I would have had to be inpatient to get off not only Xanax but the other plethora of crap the doctors had me on . I noticed that pot has a more calming effect than xanax . The sativa blend helps me stay alert and I feel better than I have in years !!!

        3. Just piss and put water and mix,that’s it for everday till its flowering stage is that what we should do

        4. Interesting thing about sexing from a sprout. I really would know what to look for. I don’t quite understand what you are talking about when you say the seed sprouts sideways. Every seed I have ever seen always poped up out of the medium and looked great to me. Now I have had my share of males and female seed but the sprouting thru the top, the bottom and sideways thing has me thinking.

        5. So the tip about urine is totally true. If you’re a bit skeevy about using actual urine (I was), you can also use urea – they have a really good price on it where I got it. It’s only like $7 for a pound.

        6. my girl has bad head acks. what is the law in louiseana,for having marijuana plants in this state.