Things You Should Know About Proper pH

When you’re growing any kind of plant, keeping the proper pH is of the utmost importance. The same is especially true when you’re growing weed. Proper pH is incredibly difficult to maintain, particularly for growers who are just starting out. So, with that in mind, let’s learn about proper pH. First, some basics.

What is pH?

First off, it helps to know what pH is, though surely you’ve heard the term several times throughout your life. pH is the measure of hydrogen ions in a given solution. If something is said to have a higher pH, then it has a lower concentration of hydrogen ions. If something has a lower pH, then the concentration of hydrogen ions is higher. It’s also important to remember that when something has a low pH it is more acidic. Conversely, a high pH means the solution is more alkaline. Got it? Good.

All Plants Have a Proper pH

All plants have a proper pH, balance of their very own. One plant is not likely to have the same pH as another plant. Again, this is the same for cannabis plants. Luckily for you, cannabis is a very hearty plant, and it’s one of the easiest proper pH balances to maintain. This is because the proper pH of cannabis falls directly down the middle of the pH scale. This makes cannabis about half acidic and half alkaline.

Remember Weed is Just a Weed

It’s important to remember that cannabis is after all, just a weed. This is what it was considered when it grew in the wild. Since cannabis is a weed, this means that it stands up to different environmental stressors better than other plants. Weed is one hell of a determined little plant. You have to try pretty hard to kill it. That doesn’t mean that you don’t need to pay attention to proper pH, however.

What is the Proper pH for Cannabis?

Proper pH for cannabis runs almost right down the middle of the pH scale, between 5.5-6.5. So, what happens if your pH gets too high? Your roots will cease to get the nutrients they need and will possibly end up choking themselves out. If your plants’ pH rise above 7.5 they will not be able to absorb iron, manganese, copper, zinc or boron, all of which they need to survive. If on the other hand, your plants’ pH falls to between 5-3 and becomes too acidic, then your plants become more susceptible to fungi.

How do I Control my Plants’ pH?

You can keep track of your plants’ pH by purchasing pH testing strips, which are available in any gardening supply store or health food store. Another thing is to be mindful of the type of soil that you are using. Clay soils are alkaline, soils made from sand are more acidic, and wood soils tend to be right down the middle. That being said, it’s easier to control your plants pH when you grow hydroponically, hence one of the benefits of doing so.

Basically if your plants are too acidic, then it would be a good idea to mix in some clay soil. If your plants are too alkaline, then try mixing in some sandy soil. Make good use of those pH testing strips.

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      1. i have had such a problem with getting my ph correct. its Usually in the low 7s. iv kill one plant by adding Vinegar to my water she did not like that at all. it was a lot of vinegar smh. has anyone been able to lower their ph quickly if so how?

      2. The article on ph was very interesting and helpful I went and got soul testers & water and now my plants are doing great

      3. Hi, what else can be done to lower ph? My babies are six weeks old and looking great but they have high ph.
        Appreciate your site so much!