4 Uses for Male Cannabis Plants

One of the most exciting times for a grower is when your plants reveal their gender. You just found out that there is a male among your female plants. Disappointed, you wonder what you might do with it. You may even be tempted to just toss it. After all, what’s the point; male cannabis plants don’t produce those delicious smokeable buds that you’re hoping for. Don’t toss out that plant just yet. There are still a lot of uses for male cannabis plants.

You can make Hemp Fiber

Both genders can be used to make hemp fiber, but the hemp fiber made from male cannabis plants is a lot softer and more well suited for making clothing, blankets, tablecloths, etc. Female cannabis plants are more well known for the more coarse hemp fiber used to make rope and other similar things. As we all know there are many uses for hemp. That should be reason enough right there to keep your male plants around.

Use Them for Breeding

Male cannabis plants are a must for breeding. Naturally, when you first start out you’ll be more comfortable with using clones, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You can always just clone your mother plant and expect to get consistently good results. That’s going to get boring after a while. Part of the fun of growing is the unexpected, and that is breeding. Males make good fathers, as long as they have good genes to pass on down to their offspring.

One of the best uses for male cannabis plants is using them in the production of seeds. When you’re trying to grow smokeable buds, producing seeds might seem like an unwanted hassle. This is not the case. You need those seeds in order to keep breeding.

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    Make Some Hash

    Contrary to popular belief, male cannabis plants do have psychoactive properties. They do contain THC, but they’re not anywhere close to as potent as the female. Hence why you don’t try to smoke them (well, that and they don’t have buds). What you can do is use your male plants to make hash and other concentrates. All those trimmings, leaves, stems, etc., still have THC in them, and that shouldn’t go to waste.

    Protect your Garden

    You can also use male cannabis plants as protectants for your garden, whether this is your cannabis crops, or your regular vegetable garden (you know, the one you don’t mind showing off when you have company over). Male plants still contain terpenes, which are excellent for pest control and disease prevention. You can even use them to make terpene oils, which make a pretty dank pest control.

    Cannabis plants are very unique in terms of how plants reproduce. As you may remember from biology, flowering plants typically have both male and female genitalia (pistils and stamen). The term for this is “monoecious” aka hermaphroditic. Cannabis plants are dioecious, meaning there is a separate male and female plant (except for the case of hermaphrodites).

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    Are there any other uses for male cannabis plants? Share with us in the comments!

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