Best marijuana grow box for beginners

A grow box is an incredibly smart device that will basically do all the work for you including creating an environment that is ideal for growing your favorite plants and giving you great results.

Creating the conditions needed to grow plants in a hydroponic environment is not an easy task.

It’s possible for you to take months trying to put something together and still not see the growth that you were anticipating.

If you are looking to grow plants inside, it might be a good idea to buy an indoor grow box, which can replicate the perfect condition for a high yield.

There are tons of grow boxes on the market that offer different benefits and features depending on your needs, so you won’t have a problem finding something that will work for you.

Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best grow box for your needs.

Best grow box reviews

Grobo solid automated grow box system

Using the latest technology, the Grobo Solid Automated Grow Bow System allows you to grow high-quality plants using automated features.

Producing the best plants, this effortless system can be operated with no expertise required, so it’s perfect for beginners.

grobo solid automated marijuana grow box
Grobo’s solid automated grow box

All you have to do is plant seeds and then select your preferred recipe from the included app and the plants will just grow.

One of the best stealth grow boxes on the market, the Grobo Grow Box is an indoor unit that can produce up to three-ounces of nice-quality plants.

Featuring modern sensors, this box can track when your plants need more nutrients and then can automatically give them what they need. Plus, it can change the pH when it is needed.

Equipped with LED lights, the system can adjust the lighting to create the finest quantity and quality of plants.

The Grobo Grow Box also includes temperature sensors that can monitor internal and external temperatures.

Including several smart features, the Grobo Grow Box comes with an app that you can connect to the grow box where it can track the growth of your plants from any smart device.

This is a super easy unit to use that is also discreet.

The Grobo Grow Box comes with an odor-reducing carbon filter and a steel security lock. It also has a beautiful design that complements any living area.

The Grobo Grow Box comes to you ready to start growing plants.

You get a complete grow kit including all the nutrients you need to start. This is a very energy-efficient product that won’t add a lot to your energy bills every month.

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Dealzer hydroponic marijuana grow box

One of the more affordable grow boxes on the market, the Dealzer Hydroponic Marijuana Grow Box is a lightweight product that weighs under 50 pounds, so you can easily move it when needed.

Appearing like a typical lockbox, this grow box measures 36 x 20 x 16 ½-inches and comes with a free lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Dealzer marijuana grow box
Dealzer grow box

Made with a durable ½-inch thick MDF, the Dealzer Hydroponic Marijuana Grow Box is a long-lasting unit that reduces odors.

While this box is a little on the small size, you can still easily fit nine plants in the box at one time.

This is a great box for auto-flowering strains allowing you to grow up to seven pounds each year.

Equipped with a 3 ½ gallon reservoir DWC tank, the Dealzer Hydroponic Marijuana Grow Box also comes with a lockable and secure door that will stop anyone from seeing what you are growing.

It also comes with lighting that will support the growth of your plants through blooming and vegetative stages.

Using CFL bulbs, this unit will not overheat, and it comes with 24-hour timers that let you automatically adjust the lights.

The Dealzer Hydroponic Marijuana Grow Box also uses unique military technology that is found in a military-grade gas mask.

Using carbon filters, this unit will eliminate all odors, and it comes with a two-year supply of moon dust that will help your plants grow along with the hydroponic air ventilation system.

Marijuana feminized seeds

Buy feminized marijuana Seeds

  • Easy to grow
  • Guaranteed germination
  • Beginner friendly
  • Grow guide available


  • It comes with both bloom and vegetative lights
  • You can grow nine plants at one
  • It has a lifetime warranty


  • It doesn’t have a doorknob, which makes it hard to open

VIVOSUN mylar hydroponic grow tent

This affordable hydroponic grow tent creates the perfect conditions to grow plants indoors.

The VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Grow is a good-sized grow tent that lets you grow several plants at one time.

VIVOSUN marijuana Grow Tent
VIVOSUN grow tent

It is almost totally automatic and features a removable floor tray for easy clean up and an tool organizer giving you quick and easy access to your tools.

Using a reflective Mylar interior, the VIVOSUN Myloar Hydroponic Grow Tent is an efficient way to setup your indoor cannabis grow.

Not only does it reduce light leakage, but it also features an observation window so you can check on your plants without opening the door, which can disrupt the growth of your plants.

This tent pretty much takes care of everything for you at an affordable price.


  • It features a cleanup tray you can remove
  • It has an organizes inside for your tools
  • This is a really affordable option that is a nice size


  • It’s not an all-in-one grow unit

Cash crop hydroponic grow box

Cash crop hydroponics marijuana grow box
Cash crop hydroponics grow box

If you are looking for a hidden grow box, the Cash Crop Hydroponic Grow Box is a good option when you want to play any type of plant indoors.

Using 150-watt LED grow lights on both sides as well as the top, this fully assembled, handmade grow box is easy to use and only needs to be plugged in for you to start growing plants indoors.

Using this revolutionary grow box model, you can produce a high-quality plant thanks to the high-quality wood used in its construction and the included full-spectrum LED grow lighting.

The Cash Crop Hydroponic Grow Box is odor-controlled and features unlimited technical support by phone or email, which is great for beginners.

You not only can ask questions about common errors you run into, but you can also troubleshoot issues with experienced manufacturers and growers.


  • Each of the boxes is made by hand
  • It comes completely assembled
  • The box has an odor control feature


  • It doesn’t come with nutrients and stuff other boxes send

Opulent systems hydroponic mylar grow tent

Opulent Systems Hydroponic Mylar Cannabis Grow Tent
Opulent systems hydroponic mylar grow tent

For those looking for a larger grow box option, the Opulent Systems Grow Tent measures 24 x 28 x 48-inches in size and features a reflective mylar lining.

This lining is also water-resistant allowing the lining to help increases plant growth.

Plus, the zipper is connected to the black-lining and creates a light-proof seal that protects your plants from dirt, bugs, and pests.

Constructed out of durable materials, the Opulent Systems Grow Tent uses double stitching in its 600D canvas and includes a storage bag that makes it easy to access your tools.

This is an easy to use grow box that is simple to install and a good choice for beginners.

Plus, it comes with a transparent observation window that makes monitor your plant growth easy and a tray floor that is removable for easy cleaning.


  • It has a water-resistant and highly reflective mylar lining
  • This is an easy to set up system
  • It is very durable and easy to clean


  • The zippers are poor quality

CoolGrows small mylar hydroponic grow tent

CoolGrows small indoor mylar hydroponics cannabis grow tent
CoolGrows small indoor mylar hydroponics grow tent

A great option if you want to conceal your plant growing activities, the CoolGrows Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent is a single plant tent that is easy to assemble.

Equipped with several vents, this tent has improved aeration and comes with a viewing window that allows you to monitor your plant growth without damaging them with white light exposure.

Available in several sizes, you can easily choose the best size to work for how many plants you want to grow.

Capable of blocking 99% of outside light, all your LED light will be reflected back to your plants and not out windows or cracks in the wall. This is a good starter grow box that is also a good value.


  • It is super easy to put together
  • This is an affordable choice that comes in several sizes
  • Almost all outside lock is blocked with this design


  • It isn’t completely secure or discreet

Growzilla vertical grow box

Growzilla 4 Plant Vertical Hydroponics Cannabis Grow Box
Growzilla 4 plant vertical hydroponics grow box

If you are looking for a good value, the Growzilla Vertical Grow Box can house four plants in a very roomy design.

This unique hydroponics grow box can grow any type of indoor plant from seed by using a powerful Mars LED lighting that is equivalent to 150 watts HID.

With LED side lighting, you can grow healthier and more vibrant plants in this very discreet grow box.

Able to house four large plants, the Growzilla comes with a lifetime warranty as well as phone and email technical support.

Great for beginners, this tall grow cabinet is almost six feet tall and resembles a tall storage cabinet, so no one will know what’s inside.


  • It uses high-quality LED lights on the side and top
  • This is a very discreet grow box
  • It is spacious and tall, so you can grow large plants


  • It does not come with a cloning chamber

GDealzer LED grow box

GDealzer LED Cannabis grow box
GDealzer LED grow box

Featuring a built-in LED spectrum lighting, the GDealzer LED Grow Box allows plants to grow without the need for natural sunlight.

The included carbon fabric intake and exhaust system provide air filtration to help keep your cannabis plants protected from pests and give you a faster air exchange rate.

Arriving fully assembled, this grow box is ready to grow plants as soon as it arrives.

With its innovative design, the GDealzer LED Grow Box includes a quality exhaust system and better lighting at an affordable price.

Ideal for beginners, this is an odor-controlled unit that features a 95% ONA block.


  • This is a very affordable grow box
  • You get 24/7 support for questions and issues
  • It has lock and odor control features


  • It makes noises while it operates

Hellogrower stealth grow box

Hellogrower stealth cannabis grow box
Stealth grow box

If you are looking for a good closet option, the Hellogrower Stealth Grow Box is a great choice for those that want a stealthy operation.

The only thing you need to buy are the seeds as the system comes with everything else.

This easy to use grow box can grow two plants at one time.

Equipped with two separate fans, you can draw in fresh air while the other one is used for exhaust.

The included 150-watt LED light operates on low power consumption to help you save on your utility bills.

Plus, it comes with a timer that will help to control the lighting along with a carbon filtration system that will keep odors out.

Easy to use, this simple grow box has a 100 percent mylar interior.

And, with this hydroponic system, nutrient-enriched water will be supplied directly to the roots of your plants.


  • It can get rid of most odors with its carbon filter
  • This unit has a complete mylar interior
  • It comes prepared for you to start growing plants right away


  • It does not have a warranty

TopoGrow LED grow tent

TopoGrow LED Cannabis Grow Tent
TopoGrow LED grow tent

With several characteristics to distinguish them from their competitors, TopoGrow LED Grow Tent is equipped with a combination fan and filter made from a mix of zinc-anodized steel mesh and a layer of thick carbon.

This unique feature allows you to have 100 percent filtered air flowing through the ventilation system.

With its full spectrum design, the TopoGrow LED Grow Tent allows you to grow plants at any point in the germination period.

Featuring a smart system, the TopoGrow LED Grow Tent can absorb unwanted odors that exist in the tent to make it more discreet.

This sturdy tent is constructed with heavy-duty materials that include 600D lightproof oxford cloth and a highly reflective diamond Mylar that is also waterproof.

You also get super heavy-duty zippers and the whole tent features double stitching to protect your plants from light leaks.


  • It has a great ventilation system
  • This tent includes a leak protection feature
  • The light height is adjustable


  • It can hold only specific types of plant

Choosing the best grow cabinet

Choosing the best cannabis grow box
Choosing the best grow box

Why should you buy a grow box?

A grow box is not only a great way to grow plants inside where space is limited, but it can also keep things discreet.

You may not want people aware of what you are growing, so using a fully or partially enclosed grow system in your home can keep things under wraps.

These units can come with inbuilt intake and exhaust fan systems for ventilation and grow lights.

Choosing a hydroponic system will also include an odor-control filter and provide plants with a nutrient-rich solution intake feature.

Typically, a grow box will come pre-assembled, and with so many different types on the market, it’s easy to find a grow box that will best suit your needs.

Benefits of a grow box

Benefits of a cannabis grow box
Benefits of a grow box
  • You can grow plants indoors in an environment that is secure and controlled.
  • It can grow plants all year long no matter what climate you live in.
  • They can also help to protect your plants against pests and diseases.
  • The advanced features help you to control the optimal temperatures, nutrition levels, light patterns, and other conditions that are apt for weed growth and development.

Basic features to consider in the best grow cabinet

Besides affordability, you should choose the features that best suit your purpose.

So, it may be a wise choice to choose something budget-friendly that has enough useful features, or you can choose something a little pricier if it has extra features you want.

  • A grow box can either have a hydroponic or soil-based design
  • An air-conditioning system will keep the temperature pretty low and control the amount of carbon dioxide emissions to the surrounding.
  • Carbon filters help to keep the air clean and stop bad odors from getting out into the room. Cylinder filters can be purchased in different diameters and heights.
  • Ventilation systems are perfect for providing the right amount of air circulation that helps to control temperature and humidity conditions that include a light hood cooling fan, induct fan, and rotating fan.
  • A lighting system lets you control the season and also boost energy uptake over natural light as the sun does. Several different light options can be used like metal halide lamps, light-emitting diodes bulbs, high-intensity discharge lamps, and Compact fluorescent bulbs.
  • A hydroponic system is used to boost the nutrient uptake to grow a plant in a nutrient-rich solution to provide a better yield and growth rate. With this system, you get drip irrigation, deep water culture, Ebb & Flow systems, and aeroponics.
  • A carbon dioxide system is used to control the carbon dioxide levels as a plant grows to improve photosynthesis rates. You can purchase disposable cans that will release carbon dioxide gradually along with a tank system that will release carbon dioxide slowly from a tank at a predetermined rate
  • A water filtering system will clean the nutrient solution and get rid of particles that could cause damage to the hydroponic system or the plants. You will find different types of filtering systems and inline filters that you can place in the nutrient solution.

Considerations when choosing the best grow box

Cannabis grow box
Grow box

Hydroponic design

A hydroponic grow box is not oil-based and is normally a sophisticated unit that includes a grow light, built-in exhaust fan, and an intake system.

The hydroponic design will give plants a nutrient-rich solution and also feature odor control filters, while some high-end designs come with CO2 and air conditioning.

It’s important to consider the hydroponic system itself when shopping for a hydroponic box since this where all the important things happen.

These systems differ from one manufacturer to another, but all have the same principles of operation.

Indoor marijuana seeds

Buy indoor marijuana Seeds

  • Easy to grow
  • Guaranteed germination
  • Beginner friendly
  • Grow guide available

Hydroponic infusion system


With aeroponics, your plant’s roots hand down while nutrients are consistently misted into the plant through the handing root.

Water culture

Popular for growing green vegetables, this method reinforces plants by positioning baskets into Styrofoam sheets that float on a nutrient-rich solution.

Nutrient film technique

With the nutrient film technique, your plant will sit on an inverted V-shaped channel that is sealed on each side similar to a box-like tunnel. Then, a film of nutrient solution will pass through the tunnel along the bottom.

Ebb & flow

Using a pump with a timer, this system will regularly flood and then drain the growing table.

With the flooding, you are ensured that the roots are properly fed with nutrients, and the draining makes sure there is enough oxygen.


This simple hydroponic technique uses drip irrigation that conveys nutrient-rich water to plants that are growing in the grow box.


Using wicks, this technique pulls nutrients from a reservoir into a sterile medium where plants will absorb nutrients.


Since all plants need light for photosynthesis, you need to make sure you supply enough when growing plants in a grow box.

You can one of two systems, but you do need to make sure that the lighting system you choose will guarantee that the plants you are growing with thrive.

Make sure you choose a grow light that will give enough illumination for the box size you are using.

LED light systems are the most innovative lights on the market for grow boxes, but they can be expensive depending on your needs.

Have you wanted to automate your cannabis growing process? It can be done.

Grow room automation lets you increase control and efficiency over your plants while cutting down on labor. 

This guide will teach you about grow box automation, including fertigation.

It will also detail three techniques for automating your indoor marijuana gardens.  

Even if you aren’t planning to automate now, you’ll want to learn how.

Automation is the future of cannabis growing.

3 Ways to use grow box automation in your marijuana garden

Even if you are growing a personal supply at home with a limited budget, grow box automation is still a good idea.

Here are three easy ways to incorporate automation into your growing process:

1. Climate control meters

Hydroponic, greenhouse and indoor growers must control the climate of the grow room. This helps the plants flourish. 

Climate control meters can help control and monitor temperature, CO2, and humidity. They also log data so that you can store it for later use.

Climate control meters collect all kinds of useful information that help you maintain a controlled environment.

Marijuana climate control meter
Climate control meter

Keep it simple and monitor dips and spikes in the room’s humidity and temperature or go high-tech and monitor the vapor pressure deficit (VPS).

Some climate control meters are also designed to monitor and measure total dissolved solids (TDS) or PPM levels as well as acidity.

That way, you always know if your plants are getting the right amount of nutrients without getting your hands dirty.

2. Automated timers

Timers are an affordable and easy way to automate many cannabis growing tasks. 

You can find an efficient analog timer for as low as $10.

With just one analog timer, you can automate your grow box by connecting the timer to pumps, fans, lights, and other elements that control climate.

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Want to reduce the time and labor you put into repetitive tasks?

A set of timers decreases how often you need to visit your grow box to perform tasks.

There are many automated timers on the market. Some come with multiple inlets.

These are useful because you can control various growing tools at the same time.

With timers, you can stop thinking about having to turn fans and lights on and off – they will automate the process for you.

Digital timer for marijuana grow room
Digital timer

Do you need digital?

Digital timers are a bit more expensive but appropriate for larger grow rooms.

You can use them to schedule multiple program settings over a specified period.

For example:

Use a digital timer to program your CO2 systems, pumps, fans, and lights to run multiple schedules in intervals.

Imagine the amount of work that you’ve just saved!

3. Feeding & irrigation systems

Feeding and irrigation systems automatically feed and water your crops, but this process is a bit more complicated than automating the climate.

This is because every plant could potentially have unique nutrient and water needs based on their genetics, climate patterns, or other factors. 

However, it is still possible to automate this portion of the grow process – with some effort.

Automatic marijuana Irrigation system
Irrigation systems

Grow box automation using fertigation

If you’d like to automate the feeding process, you’d likely use fertigation.

What is fertigation? It is the process of integrating your nutrient feeding system into an automatic watering system.

It’s also very common among indoor cannabis growers.

With fertigation, every part of your watering and feeding schedule is streamlined.

This is done by calculating the nutrients and mixing them within the crop’s irrigation system.

Indoor marijuana seeds

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  • We ship daily to all U.S. states for FREE!
  • Our seeds are guaranteed to germinate
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Get 24/7 grow support

What are the benefits?

  • Efficient and precise nutrients 
  • Reduction in nutrient leakage 
  • Decreased water consumption
  • Less physical work

DIY fertigation systems

Large grow operations often have custom-built fertigation system setups, but you can also create your own with an easy-to-follow kit.

Typically, these kits include both hardware and software that help the grower maintain full control over how the nutrients are administered.

Marijuana fertigation systems
Fertigation systems

The kits are easy to use. However, hiring someone to install them can be quite expensive. 

If you’d prefer to skip the kit, you can also construct your own setup with common supplies from a gardening center.

Start with a tank and connect it to a distribution pump.

The pump then connects to piping systems and a dripper pen that feeds the nutrients to the plants.

A DIY fertigation system like this is excellent for flood-and-drain, or hydroponic style grow setups.

Taking your grow box automation further

Automated trimming machines improve efficiency

Simply put, automation increases the grower’s chance of success.

Timers, climate meters, and automated feeding and irrigation systems are a great start, but they are just the beginning.

Believe it or not, there are even more automation tools that make the process even smarter.

Curious about what else you can automate? How about these time-saving processes:

  • Control your automation from your cell phone
  • Automate your drying and curing processes.
  • Streamline the harvest with a timesaving trimming machine.

Whether you’re a savvy cultivate or a new grower, grow box automation is key to keeping you from working so hard.

The best part is – there are automation options for every budget.

It is quickly becoming the go-to process for indoor growers since it works for both large and small grow rooms.

It’s important to consider all the factors when you are choosing a good grow box.

Just make sure you find a grow box that will meet the requirements of what your plants need as well as your expectations by considering personal preferences, space, and your budget.

Before you know it, your plants should be thriving in the new controlled environment that you have created and giving you the large yields that you are looking for.


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