Donkey Butter

Exotic Genetix, the makers of awesomely potent strains like Extreme OG and Kimbo Kush, have done it again! This time they’ve crossed Triple OG with Grease Monkey to create a new, indica-heavy (70/30) hybrid that will take your breath away — in the best way! Donkey Butter, the most recent Exotic Genetix creation, delivers an impressive THC content of somewhere between 25% and 28%. You’re sure to relax into this smooth, chill high. 

Sativa/Indica %Indoor YieldOutdoor YieldFlowering Period
30%/70%about 2-4 ounces per square footup to 3.3 ounces per plant8 to 9 weeks indoors, outdoor flowering is unknown

One thing you might not relax into as easily is its smell. The Donkey Butter strain has a uniquely strong aroma. It begins with an earthy, almost gamey scent but works its way into a more complex gasoline-like odor, thanks to its parent strain, Grease Monkey. 

Some find its smell off-putting at first, but the effects are certainly worth it. Right away, you’ll feel the strong body high and a sense of euphoria that is somehow both arousing and relaxing.  

Donkey Butter weed strain is lovely to look at as well. Right away, you’ll notice its dense, tapered conical-shaped buds. Olive green (and sometimes purple) with broad curly leaves, Donkey Butter’s lovely color is offset by a thick coating of silvery crystal trichomes and orange pistils. This truly is one beautiful bud. 

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Donkey Butter weed strain attributes:
ORIGINTriple OG and Grease Monkey
Dry mouth
Dry eyes
Flushed cheeks
Slight Headache
Intense nervousness
FRAGRANCEWoodsy, earthy, piney, gasoline, pungent, savory, spicy
FLAVORSSkunky diesel, spicey, forest pine, herbal, leafy
FLOWERING TIME8 to 9 weeks indoors, outdoor flowering is unknown
THC CONTENT %between 25% and 28%
INDICA / SATIVA %70%/30%
INDOOR YIELDabout 2-4 ounces per square foot
OUTDOOR YIELDup to 3.3 ounces per plant

Donkey Butter Effects

For those interested in a stimulating and euphoric, full-body high, Donkey Butter is the strain for you! Most people experience an elevating and slightly energizing high, combined with a sense of uplifted, peaceful happiness. Later, it relaxes into a more subtle and sleepy vibe and may leave you feeling a little frisky. Because of its tendency for couch-lock, we recommend saving Donkey Butter for a relaxing night at home.  

For those interested in enjoying this strain therapeutically, you won’t be disappointed! Due to its high THC content (and CBD levels of between 0.68% and 1.24%), those with chronic migraines, headaches, fibromyalgia, COPD, and chronic pain tend to have the Donkey Butter strain on hand. 

Its calming and sleepy effects make it easy to fall asleep, forgetting about chronic stress or anxiety. The temporary euphoria overpowers depression and other mood disorders.  The Donkey Butter weed strain will probably make you very hungry, as well.   

Donkey Butter Fragrance  

There is nothing quite like the smell of this indica-dominant strain. Immediately after opening its container, you’ll notice a woodsy, earthy aroma, with pine notes and a strong gasoline odor. 

These effects are mild, but when lit, the smoke can be a bit much; in other words, you may experience eye-watering smoke. Don’t worry; it quickly evolves into a much more enjoyable, although pungent, savory, and spicy aroma.   

The smooth, chill high of Donkey Butter will leave you feeling great while its relaxing properties will help calm your senses. Find similar seeds in our shop.

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Donkey Butter Flavors  

The flavor of Donkey Butter is much like its fragrance. Its taste is pretty fuel-forward, much like Grease Monkey, with a pungent skunky diesel taste right at the start. But, it also brings in a nice kick of spice and forest pine, with a subtle herbal, leafy aftertaste that balances it out.

Donkey Butter Adverse Reactions 

Most people report only pleasant effects from Donkey Butter. However, there is a fair amount of couch-lock and sleepiness, as well as some dry mouth and dry eyes. Therefore, be prepared before enjoying this strain. Reserve Donkey Butter for those relaxing nights at home when you’re able to do nothing more than binge-watch and snack. To help with the dehydration, have some water handy and hydrate often. Be sure to keep some food nearby to help with those munchies!  

Don’t be alarmed if you feel a little flushing in your cheeks or head constrictions — this passes almost as quickly as it comes on.  

Donkey Butter Adverse Reactions
Donkey Butter Adverse Reactions

As is common with most marijuana strains, some (though very few) report some feelings of intense nervousness when using Donkey Butter. This is less likely to happen if you start slow at first.  

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Growing Donkey Butter weed

Donkey Butter strain seeds are a great choice for beginner and experienced growers. Location-wise, Donkey Butter is pretty flexible. Though it is indica-dominant, you’ll find that this bushy plant grows to pretty tall heights when grown outdoors. However, you can also cultivate it indoors, but you’ll need to prune regularly

The Donkey Butter strain yield will be well worth the effort of growing, with large flowers and a heavy outdoor yield of up to 3.3 ounces per plant outdoors, with very little maintenance. Experienced growers putting in more care can increase yield under the right conditions, especially indoors.

Growing Donkey Butter marijuana strain
Growing Donkey Butter marijuana strain

Your first step to growing this plant is deciding how much you will grow. The indoor flowering time for Donkey Butter is short (8 to 9 weeks), and the indoor yield is high (about 2-4 ounces per square foot), so you may want to follow a less is more policy at first. Either way, you’ll have fun with this one. Outdoors, since it is photoperiod, Donkey Butter plants follow the season. However,  you can expect to harvest after 72-79 days (around 10-11 weeks). 

In terms of conditions, this strain prefers hot and semi-humid temperatures (between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit). It thrives in a classic Mediterranean climate with hot days and cool nights. For growers who want to take advantage of its purple hues, this nighttime exposure is especially important. Donkey Butter’s resistance to diseases or pests is not yet known, so keep an eye on ventilation just in case.


Donkey Butter is a mostly indica, photoperiod plant that can be grown indoors, outdoors, and in a greenhouse. It has a flowering period of 56 to 63 days and a harvest time of 72 to 79 days. 

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If grown indoors, plants will reach a height of 60 to 80 inches and yield 2 to 4 ounces per square foot. 


When grown outdoors, you can expect a height of 90 inches or less with nice, solid yields.


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FAQs About Donkey Butter Strain

What is the Donkey Butter strain yield?

Donkey Butter can produce about 2-4 ounces per square foot when grown indoors while growing it outdoors can give you a yield of up to 3.3 ounces per plant.

How much THC does Donkey Butter have?

It contains between 25% and 28% THC.

What are the origins of the Donkey Butter strain?

Donkey Butter was created by crossing Triple OG with Grease Monkey.

If you want to be an expert in growing marijuana, you’ll have to do a lot of practice and acquire learning. Read our blog to get started on your marijuana journey.

Have you grown your own Donkey Butter strain? Share your experience with us or leave questions in the comments!

Happy growing!


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