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Best Sativa Strains: Our Top Twelve Choices

Have you been thinking about new strains to try? Well, there is definitely plenty to choose from. The bigger challenge is finding the right one.  Never fear! We’ve collected our twelve favorite sativa-dominant strains to give you some place to[…]

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Robert Bergman

November 13, 2019
White Ryder

One could say that White Ryder’s buds are a mirror version of White Widow. Each are close to looking white, coated thickly in sugary trichomes. Both are also potent with Ryder exhibiting up to 24% THC. If any, the major[…]

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Robert Bergman

November 15, 2019
Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is, perhaps, one of the most potent strains in the market today. Consistently, it tests beyond the 20% level and borders on the 30%. No doubt, it is a thrill seeker[...]

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Webster is a Sativa-leaning strain with delicious citric flavors with hash undertones. Upon consumption, it induces an exhilarating high that delights the senses, raises motivatio[...]

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Skunk and Blueberry have made waves in the cannabis industry ever since their introduction. In fact, its genes are showcased in a multitude of classic, new, and upcoming hybrids. [...]

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Strawberry OG

Strawberry OG by 3C Farms is distinguished for its strawberry-based terpene profile. A single whiff of its neon green buds entices users to take a few tokes. And, upon consumption[...]

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Sasquatch Sap

The Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot or Yeti, is an ape-like creature that gives off a foul smell and leaves footprints as it moves silently in the wilderness. Of course, this is [...]

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Project Blue Book

Project Blue Book delivers a clearheaded high that not only enhances focus, but also instills a sense of calm. Its benefits are clearest when it is used as a wake and bake compani[...]

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