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Seed Banks That Ship to NZ

Because laws in New Zealand haven’t quite caught up with the times yet, growers and weed enthusiasts will need to get a little bit creative to access the cannabis seeds they need. Luckily, we live in a global society, where[…]

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Jenny Bloom

January 15, 2021
Sea Of Green (SOG) Marijuana Growing

Sea of Green, usually abbreviated “SOG,” is a method of growing marijuana that forces flowering at a young age. The plants will have only been in vegetative state for about two weeks. This method allows you to harvest much earlier[…]

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Robert Bergman

January 13, 2021
When to Harvest Autoflowers

For marijuana growers interested in growing autoflowers, there are a few things you should be aware of to ensure that you maximize their potential. Just like with photosensitive c[...]

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How Much Do Weed Seeds Cost?

Before you begin growing marijuana, the up-front costs and equipment might seem a little daunting. If you break things down into smaller steps, however, it can be easier to wrap y[...]

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Strongest Autoflower Strains

The strongest autoflowering cannabis strains have improved dramatically over the years, and they’re now more potent than ever. They are popular among growers for their small[...]

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Best Tasting Strains

There are plenty of criteria for choosing your favorite or best tasting strains. Some care most about the yield or ease of growing. Others are flavor connoisseurs, looking for the[...]

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Best Strains for Migraines

A common way to use marijuana therapeutically is to relieve migraines — and for good reason. Migraines can be utterly debilitating, as those who suffer from them are all too[...]

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Best Strains for Socializing

As growers, we’re often surrounded by like-minded people and don’t worry about how weed affects our social lives. But some may rightfully worry that Marijuana doesn[...]

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