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Mt. Cook

Mt. Cook is among the many prides and joys of New Zealand. It is the highest mountain and has inspired various people in the country, including breeders from Kiwiseeds. In developing the strain, the breeders wanted to embody use the[…]

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Robert Bergman

July 17, 2019
Mother Tongue

The strain Mother Tongue has an interesting name. For one, it alludes to the language a person has used since childhood or is most familiar with. As such, one would think the Sativa-dominant hybrid takes it easy on people who[…]

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Robert Bergman

July 18, 2019
Mendo Breath

Blowing off steam after a long day at work is always ideal. In this regard, Mendo Breath has restorative effects to offer. It has an uplifting onset that raises spirits complement[...]

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Luca Brasi x Sour Diesel

It would be wrong to name the toughest men in The Godfather’s New York after a strain that does not match him in power. After all, Luca Brasi was Don Vito’s go-to guys for acc[...]

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Blueberry Bomb

Blueberry Bomb bursts in the palate in an amalgam of tropical flavors. It entices the senses with its blueberry and orange-flavored terpene profile. Taking a swig off its smoke in[...]

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Your Guide to CBD Oil in Wisconsin

Do you have questions about CBD oil? It’s no surprise. CBD-containing products have attracted a lot of attention lately – not just in Wisconsin, but throughout the country. If[...]

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Blob OG

Blob OG is a potent, invigorating strain. It delivers a rush of energy that alerts the mind and awakens the body of its lethargy. Recreationally, it is best used with like-minded [...]

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Your Guide to CBD Oil in Indianapolis

The subject of CBD has lots of people confused, and we wouldn’t hold it against you if you had a dozen or so questions of your own to add to the mix. This guide will answer some[...]

  • Indiana

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