White Widow in Aerogarden Grow Journal

White Widow in Aerogarden Grow Journal

An aerogarden has plenty of advantages for cannabis and even newbie growers. This product allows you to grow marijuana indoors without the dirt. Even people who have consistently failed in growing cannabis will increase their chances of success by using an aerogarden.

No experience is required for an aerogarden because the internal electronics system takes care of the plants’ lighting requirements on its own by turning the lights on and off when necessary.

Grower: super_newby
Location: USA
Yield: NA
Seeds: White Widow

December 27th

Christmas brought with it a new aerogarden with LED lighting system and a 24-inch extension. A seed was planted in one pod. The system was set up for a tomato grow but customized the lights to 20 hours on and 4 hours off. The pump cycle was also changed to 5 mins on and 3 hours off.

It recommended a fairly heavy dose of nutes to begin with so ¼ teaspoon was mixed into the water. A fish aerator that’s continuously running was also placed into the water reserve.

An economical alternative for the $20 official reflective tent is a mylar rescue blanket purchased for $1 and covered the whole thing.

So far so good.

Since this is a first attempt with an aerogarden, not entirely sure if this plant will end up in soil. This grow is taking a wait and see approach to see what happens. The lights can’t be lowered anymore. This is as low as the deck goes so the mylar was added to make use of the light that’s available.

The water is 75 degrees and the pH is at 6.0 so that seems to be doing well. I’m just curious as to how this is going to turn out more than anything! Considering how tall White Widow can get, I’m sure I’ll outgrow the 2-foot deck in no time.

This seedling is already 9 days old at this point.

December 31st

It’s her 13th day and her progress is certainly impressive. She was planted at the same time with another seed but it’s easily 3 times bigger. Still haven’t given any nutes but the whole unit is still covered with a mylar covering.

February 12th

Deepest apologies for not keeping up with this grow journal. Despite the busy schedule, the girls were still cared for.

Anyway, this is a current pic of the one remaining girl in the aerogarden. There’s only one girl now and she’s fed with ½ strength hydro nutes once a week. The LED light is supplemented with 100W CFL and the lady seems to like it. The water hasn’t been changed because pH is maintained at 5.8 to 6.2 and it’s growing rather well. Still using the survival blanket for reflection and it’s keeping the plant at 72 degrees in a chilly basement.

February 13th

Changed out the water in the tank today. It had a lot of color and it seems the plant has stopped growing a bit. The roots were flushed thoroughly and ¼ strength nutes were added. We’ll see what happens. Thinking of putting all three of the plants into flower next week due to the limited vertical height available.

February 18th

Noticed a growth spurt since changing the water and then putting it into flower. She’s still not showing any signs of flowers/buds developing. I’m completely captivated by how beautiful this plant is.

February 21st

She’s already 8 days into flower with a 12/12 light cycle. She’s still looking wonderful and giving lovely new light green leaves all over the place. The fan leaves are bigger than a man’s hand!

February 25th

After a visit to the garden this morning, it only takes one look to know the aerogarden seems a bit congested. The growth has been amazing but the lights were too close to her in order for her to grow upwards. So, after looking around the basement to see what’s available, this is the solution.

It involved one of those shelved deck greenhouses from last fall. Had to take it out of the box today and put it together. The center bars from the two levels were removed but the center supports on the top and bottom were doubled to make it incredibly stable.

The LED panel was detached from the additional 6 inches. So now the plants have an additional 30-inch height to grow. Two supplementation lights were also added help out the LED. Instead of putting the grow tent around the whole thing, two reflective mylar emergency blankets were taped for reflection.

Here’s an updated photo of the current setup.

February 26th

After two weeks of flower and not seeing anything that looks like flowers, there may be a hidden light in this grow tent. Last night, after everything was about an hour into dark, peeking into the grow room revealed an alien-like blue light that is filling the grow room. Turs out the LED panel on the front of the aerogarden that shows how many days of growth your garden is in, is glowing loud and proud.

Was able to black it out so we’ll see what happens. But there goes two weeks of flower down the drain.

March 3rd

Little white hairs are starting to show.  The room has probably become dark enough for the plant to go into flower. Still not getting much upward growth but the interior is dense in little leaves.

March 8th

The limbs had to be weighed down in order to let more light into the middle. Really didn’t want to prune the leaves off. It’s greening up really well and even more white hairs are showing.

March 19th

Lots of white hairs all over the place and the buds are starting to thicken up. It’s drinking water like crazy and gets really happy after nutes. This girl is pretty impressive but she’s not showing amber hairs yet.

April 2nd

Yesterday, the beauty was harvested. Not a huge harvest but not much was needed to keep this grower happy. Been checking the trichomes daily after the last couple weeks and yesterday, they were 80% cloudy and 20% amber. Can’t wait until she’s done drying. This is a successful grow!

Grower: super_newby
Location: USA
Yield: NA
Seeds: White Widow

Although this grow only mentioned a modest harvest and didn’t give a specific quantity, there are still several things we can learn from aerogarden planting:

  1. It’s great for new growers.
  2. The lights need to be supplemented.
  3. While it may not be ideal to use it to grow a plant to adulthood, it can be used for starters.

Have you used aerogarden before?

Happy growing!

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