Growing Blueberry Autoflower

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Growing Blueberry Autoflower

People grow marijuana for different reasons. Some people grow marijuana to sleep better or to relax with friends. Some people grow marijuana to avoid paying the steep cost of cannabis.
Growing your own marijuana requires time and effort but these investments will pay off in the long run. This grow journal shows an experienced grower’s attempt at growing Blueberry autoflower strain.


  • Blueberry Autoflower
  • 3 gallon-pot with Foxfarm Ocean Fresh and Warrior Seed Soil
  • 36”x20”x60” grow tent
  • 2 Mars Hydro 300
  • 190 CFM fan hooked up into 4” carbon filter (vented into attic) and 100 CFM fan booster for intake

Grower: Swan1234
Yield: 3.25 ounces

February 16th

Here’s a photo of the set up. To help the seedlings grow, the humidity inside the grow tent is maintained at 32% by day and 33% by night. Nothing great to see here yet other than this awesome setup!

February 20th

 This Blueberry is now a seedling! Its leaves look a little faded but that’s not really a big deal.

March 2nd

Look at these cute baby pictures! They’ve grown well and there weren’t any drastic changes to the setup. Here, they are 10 days and 5 days old respectively. The older plant received her full watering with pH 6.5 and pH runoff was at 5.8. Just keep an eye out for overwatering. Too much of a bad thing can be bad too.

March 3rd

The plants don’t have much room in their old pots anymore so it’s time for some repotting. Look at that root system! It’s amazing how fast they can grow!

March 11th

These babies haven’t received any nutrients yet. You can see there seems to be a type of deficiency in the second photo. It had some yellowing on the tip of the leaves until they crumbled off after being touched. After researching, this may be a slight nutrient burn from the FFOF as the roots explore.

March 15th

You can finally see she has recovered from the slight nutrient burn. She’s getting big and at this rate, the goal is to harvest in 41 days. Seems like she’s finally ready for her first feeding!

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    March 16th

    Looks like this baby has some multiple deficiency problems. The pH is probably locking out nutrients because it’s too low at 5.7. It should be around 6.4-6.8. One remedy is to water with pH 7.2. It should be noted that it’s best to take care of the pH problem soon so they become strong once they enter into flowering.

    March 20th

    The plants received their first feeding with FoxFarm Tiger Bloom at ¼ strength. The PPM was in the thousands before watering and in the 600s after. The pH also came to 6.4.

    This drop in PPM is a good sign. It means the plant is using up the nutrients in the soil.

    March 23rd

    Plant on the left is 51 days old and the one on the right is 46 days old. Both of them are flowering but the one 46-day old plant seems to be a runt because she’s been small from the beginning.

    March 30th

    Just a quick update! They’re both growing well and the left plant is 58 days old and is already 3 feet tall! The one on the right is 53 days old but a bit slow. Hopefully she’ll catch up.

    Here are some close up glamour shots of the babies!

    April 3rd

    In this photo update, you can see the two fans working overtime to keep the air circulating. They help keep maintain the humidity and temperature at just the right levels.

    April 5th

    The babies are now about 64 days old. Before watering, PPM was at 448 and pH was at 6.8. Runoff PPM was 795 and pH was 6.4.

    This may be because there are still goodies left in the soil. Most good soils will maintain nutrients for a few months so a plant can get established before needing to be fed. Bringing the water to 7 should put the soil pH back to the sweet spot.

    April 7th

    Some of the lower leaves are dying off. The rest of the plant looks beautiful and frosty. This may come from them not getting enough light under the canopy. Also, the closer you get to finishing, they start dying off. A good course of action is to cut it off so the plant doesn’t drain energy trying to heal.

    April 11th

    There’s trouble in paradise! The leaves are starting to lose their color. As you can see, instead of getting a deeper, darker green, the leaves started to fade and they look kind of yellow.

    At this stage, the plants are growing in soil with pH 6.5 and have been receiving Fox Farms Trio at ¼ strength every other watering, with the Mars Hydro 300 light system and temperatures between high 70s to 82°F, humidity at 44% during the day and 37% at night, and a ventilation system with 4-inch 190 CFM fans with carbon filter.

    April 14th

    Now it’s just a matter of making it through to harvest because more leaves have started yellowing. Yesterday, the babies were flushed with pH 6.5 water. Runoff was pH 5.8. Adjustments were made and the plants received another round of flushing with pH 7.6 which still came out at pH 5.8.

    This is most probably a potassium deficiency.

    April 18th

    Got some good news! Watered with distilled water and the pH went to 6.8 and PPM of around 553. The plants received half a gallon with half strength Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom. They’re finally doing better. The buds are amazing!

    April 23rd

    We are moving closer to harvest! Here are some photos of through a jeweler’s loups for some real nice close up shots!

    April 24th

    Based on how they look, harvest may only be 3 weeks away. The leaves are falling off but that’s not something to worry about. It’s a normal thing to expect during harvest. The yellow falling leaves are because of the ladies using up the rest of the nutrients in their system because it’s the end of the season.

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      May 11th

      It’s harvest season! We got 3.25 ounces of nice, dense solid bud! Nothing left to do but to smile and enjoy the fruits of labor!

      Grower: Swan1234
      Yield: 3.25 ounces

      Even those with experience can have challenges along the way but then again, growing cannabis is a fulfilling experience and frees you from the constraints of having to buy weed!
      Buy your Blueberry Autoflower seeds here.

      What are your reasons for growing marijuana?

      Happy growing!

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        2 comments on “Growing Blueberry Autoflower”

        1. Sue,

          The whole point of Auto Flower genetics is for the plant to flower on it’s own regardless of the photo period. With that said; Moving the plant outdoors from indoors probably shortened photo period and although that is not a god idea; I believe your plants flowered because, that is what they do 🙂

          Happy growing

        2. Great story and pics! My blueberry auto flower plants (3) are just starting to bud, yet they are only 4 weeks old. Seems strange. I had them under a light indoors for two weeks, now outside 2 weeks. Maybe I did something wrong?