Leaf diagnosis chart – Identify cannabis leaf symptoms

This cannabis leaf symptom checker will help you to quickly identify marijuana plant problems and easily diagnose sick marijuana plants!

Learn more about common cannabis leaf problems, nutrients, diseases, stresses, pests, and bugs. 

Click on any picture for detailed information about a particular marijuana problem, deficiency or symptom and find out what’s wrong with your plant.

Nutrient problems

Boron excess

When giving your plants too much of the boron component, you will notice the leaves start to get darker and gain a purple hue. Another indicator can be dark brown spots on the leaves and thicker tips.

Boron deficiency

Boron deficiency shows as browning, or burnt leaf edges. You will notice the growth slowing down and may even see twisted or abnormal plant growth.

Boron deficiency

Learn how to care for a plant with a boron deficiency.

Calcium excess

Too much calcium in your fertilizer may result in the leaves’ green color darkening and large, light-brown necrotic spots appearing.

Calcium deficiency

When you see the tips of your leaves curling and they start dying off, you may have a calcium deficiency in your plants. The growth will be stunted and young shoots are discolored purple or yellow.

Calcium deficiency

Its stems and branches are weak and roots may turn brown and begin dying off.

Learn what to do with a calcium deficiency.

Copper excess

Too much copper in your nutes results in browning or burnt leaf edges. The growth will slow down and you may see twisted or abnormal plant growth.

Copper deficiency

Signs of copper deficiency in your plants include dark leaves that take on a blue or even purple shade, with the sides of the leaves turning a pale yellow color.

Copper deficiency cannabis plant

Buds from copper-deficient cannabis can stop maturing if ignored.

Learn how to handle a copper deficiency.

Iron deficiency

An iron deficiency will see your young leaves turning pale yellow and the buds will remain small and under-developed.

Iron deficiency

Learn more about iron deficiency.

Magnesium excess

Too much magnesium leads to the stems and petioles (the connection between stem and leaf) becoming purple-ish red in color. The leaves will show light brown spotting on the edges.

Magnesium deficiency

Too little magnesium will show yellowing and weakening of the lowest leaves while the rest of the leaves turn inward and start to die off. Growing shoots will start going from pale green to white.

Magnesium deficiency

Learn how to solve a magnesium deficiency.

Manganese excess

An excess of manganese will result in a speckling or patchy pattern on the leaves. The top leaves and newer growth will appear damaged.

Manganese deficiency

Shortness of manganese will slow the plant’s growth. Its leaves will pale with yellowing between the veins. New leaves turn entirely yellow.

Manganese deficiency

Learn how to handle a manganese deficiency.

Molybdenum excess

A molybdenum excess shows as mottled, spotted leaves and abnormal coloring that starts at the leaf’s center.

Molybdenum deficiency

A molybdenum deficiency will result in discoloration of leaf edges: orange, red, or pink may appear. Older leaves located towards the base start to yellow.

Molybdenum deficiency

Learn about handling molybdenum deficiency.

Nitrogen excess

Too much nitrogen will show yellowing of leaves is traveling upward fast.

Nitrogen deficiency

Too little nitrogen will pale the leaves. Yellowing will occur between the leaves or they may turn completely yellow. The leaves start to sag and wither and old leaves begin falling off,

a marijuana plant with nitrogen deficiency

Learn more about Nitrogen Deficiency

Nutrient burn

Nutrient burn is caused by overfeeding your plants, resulting in the tips of the leaves browning and curling.

The ‘burns’ will spread when left untreated until the leaves are crispy and twisted.

Nutrient burn

Learn more about Nutrient Burn

Ph fluctuations

Unstable pH values can affect the nutrient intake of your cannabis plants, resulting in brown spots appearing around the middle and lower parts of the leaves of your cannabis plants as a sign of stress.

PH fluctuations

Learn more about PH Fluctuations

Phosphorus excess

An excess of phosphorus will result in mottled or mosaic-patterned leaves. They will darken in tints of green, blue, or gray and the lower leaves will thicken and show bronze, purple, or brown spots.

Phosphorus deficiency

A deficiency of phosphorus will be visible on the leaves and stems. The leaves will yellow, twist and curl, and its tips will show burning and die off. Older leaves will start falling off.

The stem will start to color red or purple and new growth will stunt or look twisted. Even the roots may show rot.

Phosphorus Deficiency

Learn how to handle a phosphorus deficiency.

Potassium excess

Potassium is the K in NPK fertilizer. Give your plants too much and the leaves will show dark, brown spots with the leaves’ edges turning brown and looking burnt.

The plant will stretch eerily tall and will have large spaces between the nodes.

Potassium deficiency

Shortness of potassium shows on the leaves. They will pale and the lower, older leaves will yellow and fall off.

The leaves will show spots and browning of the tips they will start to curl, either under or upward. You’ll notice the growth slowing down and the buds not getting fatter.

Potassium Deficiency

Learn how to handle a potassium deficiency.

Sulfur excess

Too much sulfur in your nutrients will show in the upper leaves and newer growth appears damaged.

Sulfur deficiency

Shortness of sulfur will pale the color of the leaves, even turning lower leaves, and the veins turning yellow. The plant will grow slower and its buds won’t thicken.

Signs of sulfur deficiency marijuana plant

Learn how to manage a sulfur deficiency.

Zinc excess

A plant that received too much zinc will get speckled or you will see a patchy pattern. It will grow wider and may stop growing higher than normal.

Zinc deficiency

A zinc deficiency will have the leaves curling under and the tips may appear burnt. Newly grown leaves are yellow and appear with veins.

Zinc deficiency

Learn how to counteract a zinc deficiency

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Algae is a common problem when growing weed hydroponically. It’s difficult to avoid especially if you’re using organic nutrients on your hydroponics.


Signs of algae build-up on your cannabis plants include wilting and distorted leaves.

Learn more about algae in your medium.

Bud Rot

Identifying bud rot is tricky since the first sign (when the leaves near your plant’s buds turn yellow) can be mistaken as a sign of nutrients flowing to grow their buds.

Bud rot

Avoid losing your largest buds by preventing high humidity and ensuring excellent air circulation among your plants.

Learn how to prevent bud rot.

Leaf septoria

More commonly known as yellow leaf spots, leaf septoria happens when your plants contract a type of harmful fungus that attacks them.

Leaf septoria

These leave tell·tale spots that contain the fungus spores at their center.

Learn how to restore leaf septoria.

Powdery mildew

The most common and prolific mold for cannabis is powdery mildew.

Powdery mildew

It appears on the leaves as a fine white powder that can spread to the rest of your plant, interrupting photosynthesis and causing the leaves of your cannabis plants to turn yellow before eventually falling off.

Learn how to get rid of powdery mildew.


Fusarium is a terrible fungus that can humble even the most experienced growers.


While most fungi are treatable, there’s nothing you can do against fusarium. It lies and waits in the soil, attacking the roots of your plants by rotting them, which interrupts your plants’ nutrient and water intake.

Fusarium doesn’t show symptoms until it’s too late.

By the time you see 1 or 2 affected plants, it will only take days before your entire batch of plants is dead.

Learn more about fusarium.

Verticillium wilt

Verticillium, like fusarium, can lie and wait in the soil for years without ever being detected.

Verticillium wilt

It attacks the roots of your plants, causing brown discoloration as it makes its way into the xylem to block the flow of nutrients and water throughout your cannabis.

This block causes parts of your plants to wilt from being deprived of nutrients.

Learn more about verticillium wilt.

Root rot

Root rot is caused by your plant not getting enough oxygen through its roots due to either a fungal infection or overwatering.

Root Rot

Signs of it include curled and droopy leaves that may include burnt-looking edges.

Additionally, the overall appearance of the plant can look weak and wilting.

Learn how to prevent root rot.

Damping off

This condition weakens and eventually kills your seedlings.

Damping off

It’s caused by many different fungi, most commonly pythium, botrytis, and fusarium.

These fungi attack the stem of your seedlings, turning them limp and then killing them.

In some cases, the condition can even prevent germination entirely.

Learn how to restore damping off.


Learn how to safely and effectively keep pests off your weed plants so you can prevent them from ruining your crop.


Aphids can come in various colors, but they share the same level of inconvenience when you find them on your plants.


It only takes a week for a young aphid (nymph) to grow into an adult, producing up to 80 offspring.

However, what makes these insects a real pain is that they leach nutrients from your cannabis plants.

They also excrete what’s called ‘honeydew’ –  a sweet substance that attracts sooty mold that can ruin your plants and attract other insects such as ants.

Learn more about ants on your plants.


Learn how to get rid of aphids.



Caterpillars are one of the most common pests you can run into when growing cannabis outdoors.

a marijuana plant with caterpillars

They’re not particularly hard to spot since some have vibrant colors.

These pests damage your plants by munching on the leaves, leaving holes in the leaves and their excrement on your plants – including on your buds.

Learn how to keep caterpillars away.


Cutworms chew the tops of your seedlings off.

They prefer to attack vulnerable seedlings instead of larger, vegging cannabis plants. You won’t find cutworms crawling around your plants.

They’re sensitive to light and prefer to burrow into the soil near the stem of your plants.

Learn how to get rid of cutworms.

Crickets and grasshoppers

Whether it’s crickets, grasshoppers, or locusts, any long-legged insect is a sign of trouble in your garden.

Crickets and grasshoppers

Like caterpillars, these insects will eat and leave holes in your cannabis plants’ leaves.

However, these pests can also eat and chew through your plants’ stems. 

Learn how to keep crickets and grasshoppers off your grow.


Birds are a particular problem for outdoor growers.


In some cases, they can be considered pests since they steal and dig out your seeds, ruining your batch of plants before they could even grow into seedlings.

You can spot a bird problem by checking for bird feces around your growing area.

Learn how to keep birds off your plants.

Cats and dogs

When it comes to pets, cats and dogs can be somewhat of a problem when you’re growing weed.

Cats and dogs

This is because they’re naturally curious animals, with dogs likely chewing on the stems of your cannabis plants or digging holes in your garden.

Cats can also damage your plants when they leave their excrement and urine in your garden.

Learn more about cats and dogs and your cannabis plants.


When food is scarce, animals like deer can often get desperate and search for anything to eat.


In some cases, they’ll even consider eating cannabis despite normally ignoring plants with a strong smell.

Additionally, deers are fairly smart and will often return to your garden once they discover a staple source of food (your cannabis plants).

Learn more about deers and your outdoor grow.

Gophers and moles

Gophers and moles make their homes by burrowing and creating tunnels beneath the soil, which has the immediate problem of damaging your plants.

Gophers and Moles

Additionally, both rodents can eat the roots of your plants.

You’ll know if you have a gopher or mole issue once you see mounds around your garden.

Learn more about gophers and moles in your garden.

Rats and mice

Rats and mice are among the most common types of rodents you can come across, despite rarely ever encountering them.

Rats and Mice

They’re sneaky little animals that can be quite the pest in your outdoor garden.

You’ll know when you have a rat infestation when you start seeing chew marks on the stalks of your plants.

Learn more about rats and mice on cannabis.

Fungus Gnats

Fungus Gnats are tiny insects that resemble flies at first glance.

Fungus Gnats

You may notice some of them buzzing near the soil of your plants.

They lay their eggs in moist soil where a larva will spend all of its time attacking your young plant’s roots and root hairs.

Learn how to get rid of fungus gnats.

Leaf miners

True to their name, leaf miners are a type of insect that burrows inside your plant’s leaves to eat the leaf tissue of your plants.

Leaf Miners

You can immediately spot leaf miners by the trail they make on your plants’ leaves.

Learn how to get rid of leaf miners.

Snails and slugs

Snails and slugs may be slow, but they can do some serious damage to your plants if they go unnoticed.

Snails and Slugs

They don’t just eat the leaves, they can also develop a taste for the buds of your plant.

You can tell if you have a snail problem by the telltale trail of slime on the scalloped leaves of your plants.

Learn how to get rid of snails and slugs.

Spider mites

Spider mites are hard to spot, but they’re also one of the most prolific pests that you can have trouble dealing with in your garden.

Spider Mites

They lay hundreds of eggs and mature in less than a week.

Signs of a spider mite infestation include tiny speckles on your plants’ leaves, which result from them feeding on the plant cells.

Learn how to get rid of spider mites.


Whiteflies are a type of moth that behave similarly to spider mites.


They hang underneath your plants’ leaves and feed off of them, which causes white spots to appear on the leaves.

Learn how to get rid of whiteflies.


Thrips are tiny insects that feed on your cannabis plants by using their rasping mouthparts to scrape the surface of leaves and suck up the ooze secreted from the damaged area.


This causes silver or bronze-colored spots to appear on your plant’s leaves.

If the infestation isn’t addressed, the damaged leaves could start dying.

Learn how to get rid of thrips.


Heat stress

Heat stress is caused by overexposure to high temperatures and long light cycles.

Heat Stress

It appears as yellow or brown spotting on the leaves most exposed to light.

They can also appear burned in parts that directly receive light.

Lastly, they may display browning and curling tips, similar to nutrient burn.

Learn more about heat stress.

Humidity and temperature

Humidity and temperature can be a problem for your cannabis plants.

Humidity and temperature issues

You’ll know that the humidity level is too high when mold starts appearing on your plants.

You can also tell if the level is too low when your plants’ buds look dry.

The same goes for temperature; too high can cause yellowing and browning in your plants.

Too low will impede the growth of your cannabis, resulting in stunted plants.

Learn about the correct levels of humidity and temperature.

Pruning mistakes

Pruning can damage your plants as much as it could help increase their overall yield.

Pruning Mistakes

Aggressively pruning can result in your plants failing to recover properly, producing tiny buds by the time they’re ready to be harvested.

Learn how to correctly prune cannabis.

Airy and loose buds

Airy and loose buds generally occur after exposing your plants to high temperatures for too long.

Airy and Loose Buds

Lack of light and nutrients are also factors that affect the size and shape of your buds.

Learn how to prevent airy and loose buds.

Clones won’t root

There are two ways to know if your clones are taking root or not.

Clones won't Root

The first is by gently tugging your cuttings.

If there’s no resistance, your clones haven’t taken root yet.

You could also check by observing if there are new growths on the cuttings. Learn more on how to do this in this marijuana cloning article

Learn how to handle clones that won’t root.

Stretching plants

Your cannabis plants can stretch for many reasons.

Stretching Plants

The three main ones are lack of nutrients in the soil, improper lighting schedule, and unstable temperatures.

You can tell if your seedlings stretch if their stems are elongated towards their provided light source. 

Learn how to handle stretching plants.


Cannabis plants have a trait that allows them to produce both male and female sexual organs on the same plant despite being dioecious.


It’s a survival instinct that kicks in when too much stress is applied to your plants.

To tell if you have hermied plants, check the buds of your pre-flowering cannabis plants for male pollen sacs and bananas.

Learn about plants turning hermaphrodite.

Seeds won’t germinate

There are a couple of reasons why your seeds won’t germinate.

Seeds won’t Germinate

The most common problem is seeds with poor genetics.

When it comes to cannabis, the better the genetics of the seed, the higher its chances of germinating become.

Additionally, other factors such as the environment and the age of your seed can help determine whether or not they will germinate.

Learn more about seeds that won’t germinate.

Plants won’t flower

If your cannabis plants aren’t flowering, one of the big reasons could be the cannabis light cycle.

Plants won’t Flower

Photoperiod cannabis plants require a specific 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness to kickstart their flowering phase.

Learn more about plants that won’t flower.

Knocked down plants

Although your plants must get enough breeze to develop a more robust stalk and branches, too much can lead to your plants getting knocked down.

Knocked Down Plants

In most cases, it also shreds a lot of the foliage from your plants and even breaks the branches.

Learn how to restore knocked down plants.

Hard or soft water

If you noticed that your plants are stunted and have darker colored leaves, it may be from hard water.

Hard or soft water

This type of water has high concentrations of phosphorus and magnesium.

Hard water can also cause nutrient lockout.

Signs of it are yellow leaves (due to potassium deficiency) and stunted growth from a phosphorus deficiency.

Learn more about hard or soft water.

Extreme weather

Extreme weather can cause a few cannabis cultivation problems.

Extreme Weather

One of the main issues is nutrient runoff caused by intense rainfall, which can lead to stunted growth. 

Other factors include temperature – extremely low temperatures slow down growth.

Extremely high temperatures stress your plants and cause brown and yellow leaf spots to appear on your plants.

Learn more about growing in extreme weather.

Overwatering and underwatering

You’ll be able to tell if you’re overwatering your plants if you see the leaves drooping.

Overwatering and Underwatering

This means the roots aren’t getting enough oxygen from the waterlogged soil.

For plants that aren’t getting enough water, you’ll notice that the leaves and branches may begin to droop. 

Learn more about over- and underwatering.

Soil problems

Soil problems in your cannabis plants arise from many different factors and appear in different ways.

Soil Problems

One common problem is excess or lack of necessary nutrients that your cannabis needs for its healthy growth and development.

Other reasons, such as the presence of harmful microorganisms like fungi and bacteria, can also be considered a type of soil problem.

Learn more about preventing and solving soil problems.

Our Plant Protector Sets will help you prevent a lot of these issues. Read comments from these happy customers and see for yourself!

Happy growing!


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128 comments on “Leaf diagnosis chart – Identify cannabis leaf symptoms”

      • Hey Kyle, if your leaves are only growing three or fewer fingers, it’s likely due to genetics or stress factors during growth. There’s not much you can do to change leaf morphology. Ensure your plant’s overall health, maintain proper lighting, temperature, and humidity levels, and provide the right nutrients to support overall plant development. Healthy plants will produce the best possible leaves based on their genetic makeup.


  1. why are my hydroponic growing leaves curling upwards ? I did just move the LED lights further away from 4-5 inches to 7″

    • Hi Jim,

      Thanks for your comment. Possibly heat stress or light stress. Make sure the temperature is within the right range, and keep a keen eye on the crop to see if moving the light further improves the situation.
      If its not hear or light stress, make sure that your PPM and nutrient solutions are on point, as this can in some cases also be the result of nutrient deficiencies or lockouts (Calcium or Magnesium deficiency).

      We hope this helps! Happy growing,

    • Hi James,

      Thanks for your question. Its hard to say for sure without having looked at the plants, but it sounds like this could be the result of a watering issue.
      Make sure you’re not overwatering the plant – allow the soil to dry out before watering again. And make sure to water the plant thoroughly every time you do water it, you want to have a good bit of water runoff when you water to avoid dry pockets in the soil and to ensure proper drainage.

      Let us know if you have further questions, of course!

      Happy growing,

  2. Super silver haze, My seedlings just sprouted a day or 2 ago and one of them looks deformed, the temporary leaves and top are side ways is this a worry I might need to fix if possible or should it straighten back on on its own like the others?

    • Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for your question. They should straighten themselves out. Did the seedling end up growing normally? Or did the issue persist?
      Kind regards,

  3. I purchased Tropicana Cookies auto seeds from ILGM. I am a experienced grower but only with photoperiod. These are my first autos. I’m currently 2 days away from week 7 and don’t have any signs of flowering. Plants are very healthy lighting is hps on 18/6 schedule. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Starlord,

      Thanks for your comment. We only sell this strain in the photo-period version. So you’re not growing autos!
      They will require a light schedule of 12/12 to induce flowering, once they are ready to do so!

      We hope this clears it up!
      Happy growing,

  4. hi Im new to growing out doors im growing (moby dick and tropical berry) in mother earth ground swell using general hydroponics nutes. I have 14 plants in a mix of 3 gallon and 5 gallon fabric pots. my leaves are curling and clawing from the outside in and becoming brittle., Ive added Armor si Silicone to my nutrient regimen. every other day they get Floranova grow, cal mg armor si. The outside temp has been over 100 degrees alot. 9 plants are not affected the five that are exhibiting symptoms are the same strain I can tell that. I have wheeled them all into the shade it didnt change anything the five plants started having this issue at the same time. I didnt have any problems with these plants until a weeks ago

  5. my leaves are yellowing and some are red in the center,i ordered ph detectors but they havent come yet,but they are budding well,last stain was afganistan /hanging/this one is bannana kush.6 hrs night,6 hrs day….its has to be ph balance ,right?

  6. My plants have been in flowering stage but I have noticed the leaf tips have turned yellow and some are even dry and crumble when touching. I have just one out of the five have yellow freckles on the leaves, but only on parts of the plant ,not on all leaves ! I have raised the LEDs light away thinking it was light burn but its been a few weeks now and there’s no change .Can someone please help. Also mostly all the leaves are curling down

  7. Cant find symptom. Yellow edges on leafs. Starts to change to all yellow. Stunted growth. No pests. Fed only water. Do u know wat this is??

  8. My leaves are showing signs of one side of the leaf with what looks like a burn. It is moving up the leaves on the plant. Is there a site where I can send a picture of the leaf and receive an opinion of what it might be.

  9. I have a weird one one. My plants aren’t normal. There is only one leaf on the new growth instead of the normal 5 leaves. My plants are defective or what? I am ready to give them up. Anyone seen anything similar?

  10. I cant get any seeds to sprout. This is my 3rd grow and I’ve never had a problem getting seedlings with the paper towel and saucer method. This year neither purchased nor bag seeds will grow a tail. what could keep seeds from sprouting?

  11. I received my seeds followed all instructions from a pot4pot my seeds are up and at day 6 in seedling phase I’ve been using a spray bottle with demineralised water twice daily soil is damp not wet plant 1 is doing fine however plant 2 ive found that the 1st set of true leaves are turning up and appears to be burning? On the tips. Can anyone tell how to help this lady survive she’s a banana kush she’s 6days old and answers to the name daisy and daddy’s worried about her

  12. hi i just grew my 1st plant white widow and didnt get much from it but only just got a decent light so just popped another seed and its got 3 leaves will it be ok ? also it took 4 months it was an auto it never even flowered till gone 10 weeks my understanding was it took 10 weeks to harvest not flowering any advice

  13. HI, My plant is 4 months old it’s a white widow auto flower. I expected buds in February. still nothing. I do have some pistils but no action on budding. I do feed the soil and been using Bergman’s initial protocol fertilizers. But the feeding chart time has run out weeks ago! Any ideas out there?

  14. My plants got bugs not shown. They look like a black tick when mature, scraping off of branch looks like blood and tiny legs, they seem to form from within the plant and come out to the surface begin as a small tan round bump . what are they and other than scraping them off what can I do to kill them “organically”

  15. I have a Hindu Kush CLONEI would really like to send pics and to see if someone might be able to help me identify my problem and help me solve it to save it

  16. I have more of a question than a comment. I planted 2 Gorilla Glue 3 weeks ago. I put them on a 18 hour cycle 600 watt HPS light. The are doing fine except 1 is about 8 inches tall with 7 flowers and the other 5 inches and has 3 flowers is this normal for GG an should I change the light and put them on a 8 hour cycle. I have always grown white widow with no problem

  17. What is the issue with the plants in the very first picture? (The picture of numerous plants, with mostly dead, curling leaves) That looks very similar to what has happened to me before. I assumed i over-fed them, but i don’t know.

  18. I’m growing outdoors in Hawaii. Sometimes just before harvest I come out to find a whole branch has ‘crashed’ literally overnight. Bud goes from green to brown and leaves wilt. Can you offer an idea of what’s up? Thanks so much. It is heartbreaking to see a beautiful plant develop and then slowly go down a branch at a time.

    • I’m not an expert, otherwise i wouldn’t be here reading up on plant problems, but i have dealt with something very much like what you have described. It happens very quickly, the leaves in the effected buds brown and die off and the bud looks brownish. If this is what’s happrning to you, it sounds like “bud rot.” At least that’s what has happened to me before and it’s devastating! It happens so quickly and the only thing to do is cut off that branch and hope it hasn’t spread to other buds on other branches.

  19. i just discoverd thrips on my plant i am in week 8 flower. bugs are not thick yet is their a fix for this without cutting the plant down its a jack Herer

  20. I can not figure out what is going on with my plants. Every 6 to 9 weeks they keep going through a faze where they seam to act like they either have tobacco mosaic virus. Or seemed like they might have broad mites. Hi don’t seem find the mites. Any suggestions on what it might be. Anyting will help at this point.

  21. The photo of the late stage flowering plants with crispy yellow leaves at the top of this page.. What is that? I’ve had that before

  22. I started some afghan outdoor feminized seeds March 30, 2020. They started flowering & then budding several weeks ago. Now it seems they are revegging. It has been very hot in Texas. I do not feel its time to harvest but I thought a couple of weeks ago it was? Now I am confused on what to do. The buds do not look like all the photos I have seen of plants ready to harvest. The plants are in a huge pot on my patio. I have used fertilizer at given staged…help!

  23. Hi I have noticed sence early stages of my plants life look to be some sort of salt build up nts…ph is at 6.2 all other plants seem to be fine but I’m worried it’s a fungus of some kind day time temp is 77f and the is 45% night time temp is around 70 f and the 45% any suggestions would be a big help

  24. Somebody help I had 30 plants that were doing really really really well and then three days ago I put them into the ground and now they’re dying one by one they look burnt up but I did not put any fertilizer on them help what do I do do I take them out of the ground I can’t seem to find the answers on the Internet because I did not fertilize my plants they were doing wonderful until I put them into the ground I need to know if I need to dig them up as soon as possible please somebody help me ASAP I’m down to nine plants

  25. Yes I have a couple of plants that or in flowering stage and I really don’t know age and would really like someone to take a look at a couple of pictures and try and tell me the age and maybe around how much harvest might be?

  26. My dog ate bunch of leaves when my plant started flowering. It’s in the 4th week and the buds arent getting any bigger anymore. Feel like they stopped growing…

  27. PLANT 6 weeks, starting female..look good then main stem start to turn brown. Leaves margin burnt look…brown goes to other branches

    • PLANT 6 weeks, starting female..look good then main stem start to turn brown. Leaves margin burnt look…brown goes to other branches

    • To: David, Wilson, Alan, Bobby, and John. All of your quaesitons are ofr Q and A and the blog is meant fgor comments on articles, not Q and A. I suggest you all go here: support.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com, join the forum and post your questions there in an appropriate category. Happy growing 🙂

  28. I went and checked out this grow and when I was looking at the plants There was this crusty looking stuff on most of the stims and I was wounding what that was if anyone can help me

  29. I have a week old seedling and it has One leaf that’s smaller than the rest is this normal or is ther Something I’m doing wrong

  30. I’m growing a single Grandpa Larry plant , 17 days into flowering the small leaves on the flowers starting to form on the upper shoots are beginning to curl like a claw not the large Sun leaves.. I flushed the pot 17 days ago with straight water. This also happened on the last plant I grew of Grandpa Larry. PH is 6 2 and ppm’s right now are 750

  31. Brad and John, You both should go here, establish an account and allow our staff and members to help you. Peace, lw


  32. Marc, Not sure what you mean… go here: support.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com and you might be able to search for info, or have members abd staff help you out.

  33. ESTin76,

    Please go here support.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com where you can establish an account and we can help you with your issues. We are not set up to do grow support here in the blog. Thanks 🙂

  34. Steve,

    You need to join our forum where we can address you issue and share info.


  35. Help! One plant started forming buds, the buds seemed to open up and blow white powder everywhere. What did I do wrong?

  36. So…. I had 2 plants I put then outside and my dog got ahold of the pots and ran around with them I thought they were dead but I found one of them looking pretty ok… suffering bug bites small leafs at the bottom big leafs at the top I’m wondering what should I do to help it get back to a healthy state ???

  37. Please I need help. I’m on Week 7 Flowering and I’m fighting this brown mold on lower part of stem. Haven’t went to find anything for it. I’ve been blasting fan on it and a 100 watts seperate light with 150 little led lights.

  38. Started noticing small brown spots on a number of leaves on my plants. Just the spots, no yellowing. What’s going on?

  39. My 15 seeds didn’t Hatch and I put my Faith by sending you 159.00 that I was getting quality seeds because I love growing Marijuana too I wake up to sit next to my little green dudes now it’s like don’t even want to get out of bed so all I got is the Guarantee that read about in the beginning

  40. Hi, ive been growing weed outside for about a month now and everything has been fine up until now. I see darkening on The edges of the leaves and tiny orange spots and Throughout. Please email me back so i can send you a Picture .

  41. My plants look beautiful but the leaves are really small. I’m in 3rd week of flower and the heads are there and the are looking like normal but the leaves are really small

  42. I consiider myself a pretty good grower, but just ran into an interesting situation. I planted 7 Purple skunk seeds, 6 of them came up. However, one sprouted 2 plants from 1 seed, almost like siamese twins. Ever seen this?

  43. Hi , hello , my plants all have yellowy browny big leaves. Can I send you a photo of them ?
    They are autos growing outside in Southern Hemisphere

  44. How you ever come across lack of dankness? Grew 4 different strains together from 3 different seed breeders. All 4 had very little smell if any. Literally zero dank, just a very mild citrus in 1 and a mild vanilla(ish) in another. Other 2 just smelled of a generic garden plant (not 420). 3 of the 4 smoked fine, just no taste/smell. Couldn’t be just bad luck with all of them, could it?

  45. hi! one question..!i saw some brown lines on some leaves one have a little very small hole make….as i see maybe its a magnesium deficieny just sprayed with calcium/magniseum/natrum solution.last feding was a bit light because i think i overfed her last time?plant is only 22 days with light cycle 18/6 with the 8 hours per day out to the sun and artificial 50w cfl for a bit while longer and then going out for the rest of her life.all these changes you think shocked her and need magnesium for fotosynthesis as see is young until now thats why can be magnesium? thank you very much!!!

  46. hey my plants are like 4 weeks into flower and about 3 weeks ago i transplanted from pot to ground and on the 4th week they are starting to yellow any help tips on what the problem could be

    • rip,

      Again; It is hard to say without pictures. Repotting and replanting outdoors after you start the flower period is not recommended. Thewy could be getting too wet, or not have enough nutrients available to them.

      Best if you join our support community and tell us exactly what you have done. Too many variables in your case to give you an informed answer. Sorry 🙂

      When you join ILGM, fill out a support ticket

    • HUe Bud,

      It is very hard to identify leaf issues without a picture. I usffect you study the pictures in this article and determine what issue you have.

      Another option is to join our support forum, and we can help you out aftyer you post a couple pictures. 🙂

  47. Niraj,

    You can join our forum at www;ilovegrowingmarijuana.com

    Here after making some posts and a little reading time you can post images of your grow. I am sorry to hear about this serious issue but, we can help you out for the future.

    damp and little sunshine is not a good climate for cannabis plants. There are so many reasons this could be happening.

    I look forward to seeing you at the forum. Just post @latewood to let me know you are in the community. I will try to help from there.

  48. Please help me out..
    I had grown 13 plants in a space of nearly 200 cm2 by planting them in last week of August where they were good and GREEN. Till September 20 they were flourishing well but one day suddenly 2 plants were like dying after being 40cms tall. I got panicked and went to see ..when I slowly pulled they easily came out..
    My god I saw the stem and the skin was detached from the main root by some insects who ate it inside the soil…
    It thought a while and applied some neem leaves crushed water with salt for hopeful result. obserbed but same happened again.plants are sloely dying.. From 13 now 6 plants only survive presently. I am so desperate. Please help me out.
    I would like to send the video and pic of the situation.how can I do that.. I am in South India in AP where red sandy soil exists and the tclimate now is humid rainy and Lil sunshine..
    Please someone respond asap..
    With best wishes

    • Sounds like it could be fungus gnat larvae. I had 3 of 7 ww die because of these little bastards. The larvae eat fungus and other like material in the pot and when all gone, they start to work on the roots. Stop wasting. Let the soil dry completely( May take a week or more) and sprinkle a later of salt free sand on top of your soil. This creates a barrier that the larvae cannot escape from. Trapped and with nothing left to eat,they will die. Good luck. Don’t use bonide. Unless you wanna taste it with every hit.

  49. I have 4 week old plants of various types growing indoors under a solar storm 440. They sprouted fine, grew to about one inch and a half and then quit growing. They are still alive putting on new leaves but they haven’t grown any taller and the leaves are tiny. I’m thinking that it might be bad genetics. I need some help.

  50. panos,

    I advise you to join our support forum. We have many knowledgeable members and experts always willing to help. 🙂

  51. Hey everyone. Awesome symptom checker btw. Unfortunately I cant find anywhere what is wrong w my plant. I have 2 Northern light trees, same everything, simple potting soil and no food added yet. So one of them suddenly has black coloration in the center of the growing flowers and slightly purple leaf stems. Hope someone has seen this before. Thank you and have a great day.

  52. Albert420

    Looks like your nutrients or fertilizer is too hot. This can also be caused by PH being off. I suggest you join our Support Forum, and fill out a “Support Ticket”.

  53. […] Symptoms of underwatering include wilting, improper growth, and a lack of moisture in the soil. Although it happens less often than overwatering, it is still a serious problem that could negatively impact your seedling. It happens especially with beginners who have been warned – ‘never overwater your plants,’ so they overcompensate in the opposite direction. […]

  54. you have this huge picture for the link and at the top of the page showing all these problems with answers except for the one that is at the top!!!!!
    Im super interested in what caused that!!!!!!

  55. No. Sorry brother, but you cannot flower and veg in the same room. I also believe I answered this question on another page.

    You never want to keep plants awake for 24 hours. 16018 hours of light is best for vegetative cycle, and 12/12 for bloom. Plants need rest just like human beings. Want proof. Read the ingredients on your multi-vitamins. Now; Read the ingredients on your high quality nutrients. You will find them surprisingly similar. 🙂

  56. Hello to all growers and future growers,
    just one comment and one question:
    The price for your seeds is NOT as important as customer satisfaction and support from a company that stands by there product and guarantees your shipment like these folks do !!
    look around at the competitors guarantee and you will see what i am talking about. my first order got snagged by the authorities. these guys re-shipped asap with no question. i was so impressed that i don’t even bother looking elsewhere ! do your self a favor and spent a few extra bucks and get the feminized seeds and no worries about male plants. even if you only got ONE OUNCE from a plant…that alone would be about a $300.00 value right there and you better get more than that or go back and read growing for Dummies…LOL. every seed i use has germinated so far without any problem.
    I have just one question to ask please. i live in an RV and had enough room for one 2×4 grow tent. i would like to be able to have some vegging while others are flowering. cant do that in the same tent obviously.
    can i veg my plants outside of the tent in normal day and night lighting as long as i provide the plants with high intensity 24 hours a day lighting closely above the plants and then move them into the 12 12 flowering tent when i harvest the ones that were in the tent ? secrecy is not an issue for me where i live and not afraid to have plants vegging outside of the flowering tent.
    PLEASE…i need the answer from a reliable source before i do something stupid and wasteful.
    Thanks in advance for any advice that you might have and good luck to you other new guys like me.
    Thanks again…Vern

  57. i am on my first grow mw babys are 11 days old and the leaves on a couple of them are getting leaf curl and look a litte deformed im using hps 1000 mh bulbs that are aprox 18 -20 inches over plants and they are set on the lowest setting im watering once to twice a day in coco and perlite vermiculite at 25 p 25 v and 50 coco im using gh flora grow and gh micro at 1/4 tsp per gallon so can anyone tellme if im over nuting or over watering tips very end of tips are turning brown on a few leaves but not all oh they are bag seeds so may not all be the same they seem very heaalthy other than the few leaves that are deforming tuning round at ends and they have a grey look on the undersides ive dedicated a lot into my grow room hoping now that its legal in oregon to become a grower for some of the shops that will soon be around any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated thnx everyone MOWERMAN

    • i asked about my plants so i can learn about some of the problems and learn to fix them before i put my very expensive seeds in the pots so ive got everything as close as i can ahead of time oh ill be growing serious six and lsd when i feel good enough at this to start them but first i need help figuring out the little nuances of indoor growing im doing 10 starts and have room for 10 plants in my flower room not doing sog so 10 is all that will fit comforably5 ft x10 ft with 8 ft ceilling

    • mowerman,

      2 immediate serious issues come to mind.
      1. 1000 watt lamps are too powerful for seedlings. They can be used by expert growers at a safe distance. 32-36″. Maybe higher for seedlings. Temps, and humidity play a factor.
      2. Never apply nutrients to a seedlings. There must be 4-5 alternating nodes; Or, 4-5 trues sets of leaves; Proof of an established root zone.

      I question your idea to use Flora grow, and Micro alone. I have never seen this, and I used GH flora 3-part for 5 years. In early stages of development, plants develop stronger root zones with the application of potassium. So; Bloom would be better than Grow and Micro…

      Feel free to join our support forum for more in depth grow info. 🙂

  58. Love the article, is the main top picture of a grow room in bloom considered normal? I see several yellow/brown curling fan leaves.

  59. My one month old plant suddenly has white dots on the leaves, I’ve recently added Epsom salt to my bubbleponics, because of magnesium diffeciency

    • White dots generally indicate spider mites or aphids; Or; If you spray the plants with water…This can cause spots. We always invite growers to join our support forum for a more in depth support system

  60. You should always flush your plants if you are sure it is Nutrient toxidity, (nute nurn). I advise you all to join the support forum. This will get you faster response to your questions; Especially in an emergency!

    In order to not cause a “toxic” event in your grow; Make sure to supply yourself with the proper PH, and EC/TDS meters in order to control the grow environment of you plant.

  61. Lee and Jo, I advise you all to download and read our free grow bible. Nutrinet burn is when the solution or soil mix is too hot fore the roots, and burns the plant down.

  62. Rich. Best way for you to get answers is to join the forum, and fill out a support ticket, copy/paste that into your own support topic, and add a couple pivtures. We will be glad to look in and advise you. 🙂

  63. This article works equally well for my tomatoes and other veggies! Used it during my winter grow to prevent infestation in my ladies, my WW and AK-47 came out good! Considering the trials and tribulations I put them through, your seeds produced plants that managed an exceptional harvest. Thanks Robert for all you and your staff do for us growers!

    • I had to transplant after it got knocked down and now it growing unhealthy and im dont know what to do. Its my first plant and its been in the veggie stage since August. Its an indoor plant. I would keep it in my back room but its cold and my timing of planting was way off……. I think. My plant needs help

  64. Hi.My seedlings have brite yellow spots on them.I did not see any like this in your examples.Can you please tell me what you think I might be going on?Thank you very much.