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how cannabis lighting works

How Light Works

Learn to set up your lights during each grow stage for strong plants and maximized yields.

picking grow lamps

Picking Grow Lamps

Don’t break the bank! Learn about all the pros and cons between CFL, HPS, LED and more.


CFL and marijuana plant

How many CFLs per plant?

Compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) bulbs are one type of lighting method to use when growing cannabis plants.  CFL bulbs are cheap, like incandescent lights, but …

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i love marijuana growing lights

Chlorophyll in Cannabis

The foundation of plant growth is photosynthesis. In this process, plants harness the energy of sunlight to turn carbon dioxide into the various materials needed …

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LED vs CFL for Growing Marijuana Indoors

CFL vs LED grow lights

When planning your indoor cannabis garden, you’ve got many grow light options. Maybe you already researched or asked fellow growers what type of grow lights …

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