Marijuana Nutrients And Fertilizer Deficiency

Marijuana nutrient deficiency

Overview of all nutrients and the reaction of the marijuana leaves when there is an deficiency or overdosage…

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    13 comments on “Marijuana Nutrients And Fertilizer Deficiency”

    1. Hi. Brand new to the forum. We have been growing successfully for a few years in outdoor unheated greenhouse in MI. Wanted to thank you for e-books. Can’t find my problem though! Will fill out ticket. Looking forward to exploring site.

    2. jim bell,
      I would look on Amazon. Good Luck. I wish I could give you a link. 🙂

    3. Chief Green Leaf,

      Yes, you can have more than 1 mineral deficiency in your plant. Generally this would be due to PH being ofrf, probably too high or “alkaline”; Or, too high a level of Nitrogen or Calcium. Both issues could “lock out” or make certain minerals unavailable to the plant.

      Join us at: and our members and staff will be happy to provide some guidance. Peace

    4. Is it possible to have a couple of these deficiencies at the same time? I have some leaves that look like there is Potassium deficiency mixed with Phosphorus deficiency. I just want to know because I know there is a problem and I am positive it is due to nutrients.

    5. Jim Bell,

      You can buy these off Amazon or from any Hydro Store for the most part 🙂

    6. do you know where I could buy a full size color chart like the one above for nutrient deficiencies ? Thank you

    7. Having a problem using Esomia liquid nuits. Are you familar with this product and can you provide a feeding schedule that will work for me?

    8. […] you are seeing clear signs of a specific nutrient deficiency, and you have already tested it to make sure it isn’t masking a pH balance issue, you should […]

    9. Have already read your grow bible and started the plant care.not to much nitrogen or you shall only receive green leaves.When a farmer grows vegtables he wants quite a bit of fruit to grow as well as strong plants its all in the profit game.a Plant can ward of bugs in a way.Who watches the plants of the forest and looks for bugs.I use home made concoctions.Only organic fertilizer and 90% compost which I make.Later a word on compost tea. good luck planting Jeff

    10. Having composting and compost tea experience
      leaf deficiency and nutrition are no problem.a good book on plants is encyclopedia of organic gardening and organic magazine.Look on Amazon and garden books can be bought with a free addition of ACRES U.S.A. web search: most books put out by the rodale press on gardening will have a ton of imformation, Jeff