Birds on marijuana plants

Birds have their pros and cons when it comes to your marijuana garden. They do some good by gobbling up unwanted critters on your marijuana plants.

These pests include worms, caterpillars, snails, and slugs (as well as many other harmful insects), which have the potential to chew up your precious plant. You can, therefore, see why birds might be useful to you as a marijuana grower.

On the other hand, birds like to eat something that is of the utmost importance to any marijuana grower who is planning for the future: seeds. Believe it or not, some species of birds even prefer to hunt out marijuana seeds specifically.

More often than not these birds are game birds, including passenger pigeons, morning doves, bobwhite quails, ringtail pheasants, hemp linnets, magpies, starlings, and tree sparrows. You may also see English sparrows, nuthatches, lesser spotted woodpeckers and even turtledoves. All of these birds prefer to eat marijuana seeds over other seeds, making them a serious problem for you.

There are other species that should be included in the list as well, so if it’s not on the list mentioned above, that doesn’t mean it will ignore your precious marijuana seeds.

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Signs of birds

If you aren’t fertilizing your plants for future seeds at all, then you definitely won’t have an issue. Birds are there for one of two reasons: to eat up your marijuana plants’ seeds, or to consume the harmful and unwanted critters that are crawling all over your valuable plants.

signs of birds on marijuana plants
signs of birds on marijuana plants

Don’t panic if you spot a bird near your marijuana plants – when you’re growing outdoors, the presence of birds in nearby locations just comes with the territory. If you actually see them eating the seeds from your plants, however, you know you have a problem on your hands.

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You also can keep an eye out for bird poop on or next to your plants. If there’s more than one, you can confidently assume that birds have been returning to your grow site.

Not sure if birds are causing the damage to your marijuana plants? Check the article Marijuana pest and bug control for a list with pictures of all pests and bugs

How to get rid of birds

If you confidently can say you have a bird problem, it’s time to take action. Scarecrows might help, as will tying tin cans, aluminum pie plates, old CDs, and any other similar reflect objects to a string and hang them around and in the middle of your grow site. Birds greatly dislike reflective objects. If you have nowhere to hang them, try attaching them with hammer and nails to a few tall, wooden stakes, then put those all around your garden.

Get rid of birds on marijuana plants
Get rid of birds on marijuana plants

You can also physically inhibit birds from reaching your plants and their delicious seeds by laying netting over all of your plants. This has the added bonus of deterring other pests, as well.

If you really want to deter the birds’ interest from your plants’ delicious seeds you are going to need to set up a birdfeeder. It needs to be placed close enough to your plants to distract them, but far enough away that it won’t remind them of the other tasty treats in your marijuana garden.

List of marijuana plant symptoms

How to recognize marijuana plant symptoms caused by birds:

  • Seed disappearance
  • Presence of Birds
  • Bird feces

Whichever method you decide to use to keep birds away from your marijuana seeds, never forget the security of your grow site. As helpful as hanging up tin cans and posting scarecrows all around your grow site might be, it isn’t exactly inconspicuous. Never forget your first priority when it comes to growing marijuana: your own safety and security.

Using the correct nutrients and plant protector will get you a long way and your plants will have less chance of getting sick, in addition of being less vulnerable for pests and diseases. I have created multiple grow sets which features all you need in order to grow healthy plants from seed to harvest!

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Thanks for reading. Please leave comments or questions below and don’t forget to download my free grow bible


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  1. Lindsey Wah,
    I suggest you take precautions, such as “chicken wire”; It is a good idea to protect your plants whenever you have a doubt as to there safety.

  2. Will Peacocks eat my Marujuana plants. I got a wild one living in my backyard. Someone please help me.

  3. Hello ,im from Germany/Berlin a friend of the Micha and i want to offer an Sozial unprofit emergencyside for People who are direct in front of an confrontation with Cannabis discrimination and need direkt medial help from Journalists to puplic it ! The sides name is “The flying Cannabis Journalists ” and i want you to ask if i could use ur Picture with that yellow bird sitting on the leave ?Many green graeting from Berlin Daniel

  4. Kate,

    You always want to maintain control over the environment as much as possible. It is probably not a good idea to plan on allowing wild animals or pets to produce a=manure for you.

  5. I was wondering if there are any small animals that would benefit cannabis plants by eating small insects or just to keep good scatching of the soil and it’s droppings for natural fertilizer. Do these animals exist please?

  6. I’ve had birds almost kill one of my monsters. From the time it was a teen I always found likes of leaves in the dirt. Unsure what it was I put sticky traps all around the stock. The next day sticky trap was found 20 ft away covered in feathers. They continued. They started ripping fibers of the stock off. For bedding I presume. They ate all the way through the stock of one of the main branches till it fell over and then ate the main in the same fashion. I had to construct a full on bird netted cage around the whole plant in order to sto the birds from totally ruining me summer! They don’t just go after food.

  7. I had to laugh at the pictures of humming birds dipping into buds. I have feeders here.
    No plants thou. I laugh because I imagine there long dipper getting coated with resins and being stuckey.
    they are not bug eaters. Are they eating the resins.? If so they have to get high. LOL

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