Outdoor marijuana grow calendar

Growing outdoors is the way to go for many growers. You don’t have to be concerned with expensive lighting and it’s natural.

However, you do have to take into account your place on the planet and how this affects your grow season. Because of this fact, I created this grow calendar for the United States and divided it into a northern- and southern states section.

Seeing that the marijuana plant has different needs throughout its lifespan, this Outdoor Grow Calendar covers the entire growing period. 

It also considers average day lengths and temperatures per region and provides info on when the flowering period starts outdoors.

What is a weed calendar?

A marijuana grow calendar provides a schedule that shows you what to expect, and what to do when growing marijuana outdoors. This weed calendar provides a schedule for the entire U.S.

Jump to the relevant month below if you live up north, or head to the southern grow calendar if you live in one of the southern states.

Generally, the outdoor growing season does not officially begin until mid-May. However, there’s plenty to do before that time comes. In fact, taking the time to prepare now, will make this season’s harvest even more bountiful.

Here’s the deal:

You can start preparing to grow in February, and if you factor in purchasing your seeds, marijuana growing can be a year-long thing.

Don’t forget to take some time to read up on best practices before you begin! Grab my free Grow Bible for more on growing outdoors.

How long is the marijuana growing season?

A great way to get you started with your preparation is understanding how long the marijuana growing season is, as it will help you map out your weed calendar.

An average cannabis plant takes around 3-4 months to grow from seed to harvest.

However, many factors, such as the strain and size of your plant, affect the rate at which it grows. This is why the full range for outdoor growing is around 2-6 months.

How long does pre-flowering last outdoors?

Pre-flowering can take around 1 to 3 weeks, but that time can vary depending on the climate of your location and the strain you’re growing.

It’s important to know when and how long pre-flowering lasts outdoors because this is the ideal time to check for and remove any male cannabis plants that have been growing alongside your females.

It is tricky to know when pre-flowering will occur with outdoor plants since you can’t control the amount of light they receive.

When does flowering start outdoors in northern states?

Unlike auto-flowers, standard (photoperiod) cannabis strains do not flower based on age.

They need to meet certain light conditions, which is why you may wonder, ‘when does flowering start outdoors..’

Photoperiod strains will only flower once the daylight hours begin decreasing, which starts after the summer solstice.

What does that mean when your question is ‘when does flowering start outdoor in Michigan?’ It means you should pay attention to the calendar as much as your plants. 

In the Northern States like New York, Michigan, and Massachusetts, cannabis will generally begin flowering around July, but you may start seeing buds being developed as early as June.

Other places like Southeastern Canada also share the same time as New York and the other states.

However, in Oregon, Alaska, and Western Canada (BC), it may take a while for cannabis to flower due to the longer periods of daylight.

When does flowering start outdoors in southern states?

Outside of requiring certain light conditions to flower, most photoperiod cannabis strains also need a certain amount of darkness; otherwise, they might not even start flowering.

This is where the 12/12 light cycle comes in, which represents 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. Indoor growers know this cycle best as it is what they switch to in order to force their cannabis plants to flower.

For outdoor growers, this cycle will start once the summer solstice has ended and the days start getting shorter.

In the southern states like Florida and Virginia, which are closer to the equator, the day/night cycle is more balanced.

Cannabis cultivated in those states typically begins to flower around August, when there are less than 13 hours of daylight.

However, cannabis plants grown in Southern California will take longer to flower because it gets the most sunlight at that time. In general, the southern states flower a lot sooner than most Northern States. 

How long is the flowering stage outdoors?

If you are wondering how long the flowering stage is outdoors, the answer can vary. 

This period can generally last for about 8 to 10 weeks; however, you can speed things up a bit with fast flowering strains.

This can be very useful with a NY outdoor grow because you want to harvest before the snow arrives. 

If you want to hasten the flowering stage of a non-fast flowering strain, you can place a tarp over your plants, creating darkness that forces them to flower.

You should do everything you can to keep your plants from getting damaged by the cold as the winter solstice creeps in.

Grow calendar – Northern States

A Few Notes:

  • This section refers to the top half of the United States, including Alaska.
  • Averages are based on Seattle, Chicago, and New York
  • If you are growing on the northern West Coast, your springtime temperatures will be the warmer average, and your summer averages will be cooler than average
  • The most amount of sun is found in Alaska, with the Northwest coming in second


Average day length: 9.5 to 11.5 hours
Average temperature: 22 to 51 degrees

Average day length: 8.5 to 10.5 hours
Average temperature: -8 to 12 degrees

It’s cold outside but now is the time to prepare for the upcoming season. Here’s a little shopping list to get you started:

  • Pots
  • The best soil to use (and possibly other mediums)
  • Watering cans, jerrycans, sprays, and anything you need for prepping and feeding your plants.
  • Plant nutrients
  • And of course; seeds

Many Northern growers choose Indica dominant plants because of the short growing season. Read the article “Best marijuana seeds for my climate” if you’re not sure what seeds grow best in your area

buy your seeds for outdoor marijuana grows

In places like New York and Boston, it may seem like the frosty, cold temperatures will never end. However, if you start your plants indoors, you can extend your growing period so that you can grow any strain.  You can sprout your seeds indoors in a controlled environment with artificial light at the end of February.

What’s more, if you want to make clones, you should germinate your seeds at this time. Keep your mother plants inside until it’s warm enough.

Create a cozy indoor growing space with a CFL grow, 18 hours of sunlight and of course, some fresh air. Keep your grow area between 68 and 77 degrees. Check out “how to germinate marijuana seeds” for more on creating a cozy environment for germination.

At this point, you can also begin prepping your soil if you aren’t in Alaska or the Midwest. After the last frost, loosen up your soil by adding worms and compost.

Here’s an example of a strain that grows well in slightly colder climates:

super skunk cannabis seeds

Buy Super Skunk seeds

  • 80% Indica 20% Sativa
  • THC levels up to 20%
  • Easy-growing strain with high yields


Average day length: 9.5 to 13 hours
Average temperature: 31 to 54 degrees

Average day length: 10.5 to 13 hours
Average temperature: 0 to 24 degrees

It’s starting to warm up on the coasts, and the days are getting very long around Seattle and Portland. Growing time is getting close. If you haven’t already ordered your seeds, do it now!

You should also have your mother plant ready by the end of this month if you plan to clone.

Start sprouting your plants

If you are ready to go, you can start sprouting your plants in a windowsill at the end of the month. Make sure they get some good sunlight and keep a good watch on the day length.

By this time, areas near Seattle are receiving more than 12 hours of sunlight, while Alaska has 13.

If you plan to grow two rounds of autoflowers this season you should definitely start sprouting those beans.

If you’re doing just a single round of autos you can best wait another month with germinating.

Blueberry is a delicious strain due to its fruity taste. Autoflowers generally do well in cooler climates due to the ruderalis traits. Plus, when you’re early you can do two runs in a season! Learn more

Blueberry Autoflower Seeds

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  • THC levels up to 14%
  • Great for in- and outdoors

However, most of the country will not have as much sunlight.  In this situation, you can provide it for them. If your plants aren’t getting enough sunlight, set a lamp over your plant a few extra hours each day. That way, you won’t have to worry about premature flowering.


Average day length: 12.5 to 14.5 hours
Average temperature: 35 to 62 degrees

Average day length: 13.5 to 15.5 hours
Average temperature: 24 to 45 degrees

Congratulations, it’s April! That means flowers, followed by May showers. The middle of this month marks the beginning of long days, with everyone having at least 14-hour days by the end of the month. Once the days are that long, you will not need any more artificial lighting.

Your windowsill plants will not need any more help with light once the days reach 14 hours, and your seeds will find it easy to sprout.

start putting marijuana plants outside

By the end of the month, it’s safe to take your plants outside – especially if you are on the West coast.

Simply put them in a container and put them outside, bringing them indoors at night.

Midwest growers may want to make sure the risk of frost has passed first.

Alaskan growers will need to wait another month or place the plants in containers and bring them inside during cold nights.

If you created a mother plant, it’s time to make clones. Need help with that? The article “How to make clones” explains the process. Also, if you’re unsure of the safest way to do this – read our article on When and how to transplant cannabis plants and seedlings.


Average day length: 14 to 15.5 hours
Average temperature: 52 to 72 degrees

Average day length: 15.5 to 17.5 hours
Average temperature: 40 to 61 degrees

It’s finally Spring – even in Alaska. If you live on the Alaskan coast, it’s probably okay to start placing your plants outside. Stay vigilant for frost, of course.

put your cannabis plants outside

The Alaskan interior should wait until the middle of the month – just to be safe.

Also read The Best Places To Grow Marijuana Outdoors

If you have autoflowering seeds, you’ll begin sprouting them the second half of this month. They need three months of summer to grow. Given that in some parts of the Midwest and Alaska, that’s all the time you will have before the freezing temperatures return, so work quickly. Expect your harvest to be ready mid-August.


Average day length: 15 to 16 hours
Average temperature: 54 to 81 degrees

Average day length: 18 hours
Average temperature: 52 to 71 degrees

June is when your plants will experience the most growth – especially between June 18th and June 24th. At this time, you’ll see your autoflowering plants grow rapidly as they begin to develop flowers. Your non-autoflowering plant will also speed up, thanks to the warming temperatures.

Plants are getting flowers

Here’s my full guide on what to keep in mind during the vegetative stage.


Average day length: 14 to 16 hours
Average temperature: 58 to 85 degrees

Average day length: 16.5 to 18 hours
Average temperature: 55 to 73 degrees

During this hot month, your autoflowing plants will develop large flower clusters, while some non-autoflowering plants will grow their first pistils.

Male vs female marijuana buds
Male vs female marijuana

If you decided to use regular seeds (non-feminized), now is when you’ll need to start paying attention and check for male plants. Keep an eye on the side branches and quickly remove them. If you buy your seeds at ILGM, don’t worry, all our seeds are feminized. Then you only have to watch out if there are non-ILGM cannabis plants in the near environment.

You’ll recognize the males because they will develop flowerheads at the root of the side branch. These flowerheads will look like two small balls resting on a short, thin stem.

Female plants, however, will have drop-shaped calyxes with two white pistils protruding from them.

See the above image for comparison.


Average day length: 13 to 15 hours
Average temperature: 58 to 84 degrees

Average day length: 14 to 16.5 hours
Average temperature: 49 to 66 degrees

Remember those autoflowers that sprouted back in late May? It’s now time to harvest them. Cut the flower heads and hang them upside down in a dark place to dry. Dry them at room temperature – don’t try to speed up the process by making it too hot. It should take about 10 days.

dry your autoflowers now in august

You’re done when the branchlet cracks when you bend it.

Here’s my full guide on drying your plants.

Near the end of the month, most areas will have less than 14 hours of sunlight. Alaska is the exception. Once this happens, non-autoflowering plants will begin their flowering phase.

Catch up on how to manage the flowering phase.


Average day length: 11.5 to 13.5 hours 
Average temperature: 54 to 76 degrees

Average day length: 11.5 to 14 hours 
Average temperature: 38 to 55 degrees

take marijuana plants inside for winter

If you are growing non-autoflowering plants, (photoperiod plants) they will start developing more pistils and flowerheads at the beginning of this month. You’ll want to make sure they stay dry during this time – perhaps, build them a dry shelter, or take them indoors on moist days.

Be sure to read up on when and how to harvest your plants with our free mini harvesting guide

The wind can also be a problem during this month as the seasons start to change. In any case, prevent your plants from falling over by adding a net or using bamboo sticks.

Fall officially begins the end of this month, but it will be a slow transition on the West Coast and in Alaska as the sun tends to linger around a bit longer.


Average day length: 10 to 13 hours 
Average temperature: 46 to 64 degrees

Average day length: 11.5 to 14 hours 
Average temperature: 20 to 33 degrees

Autumn is officially here, and many outdoor-grown plants have bloomed. Unfortunately, this is a high-risk time for most northern growers. Especially in areas where it’s cold (Midwest and Alaska) or wet (Pacific Coast), you need to keep an eye out for bud rot.

Bud rot on a marijuana plant
Bud rot

If you notice any signs of bud rot (see above image), it’s time to harvest. An early harvest is better than none at all. Read more about bud rot in the article “How to prevent Bud Rot”.

Also, keep your eye on the temperatures. Jorge said it best:

“Many plants can take a short mild freeze (30-32°F). But of the temperature stays below freezing for more than a few hours, it could kill plants.”

Jorge Cervantes

Enjoy your harvest and, if you’re up to it, why not start an indoor grow over the winter!

Outdoor marijuana grow calendar US -Northern States

Grow calendar – Southern States

Just like growers in the northern states, by all means, get a head start. As I have said, you can start as early as February. Sure, the true outdoor growing season doesn’t begin until mid-May, but why wait? After all, there is a popular saying: “the early bird gets more bud,” or at least that’s how I remember it.

Click here to jump to the grow calendar for the northern states.

In the southern states, the last frost signals “go time”. After that, use this calendar to help plan the year’s grow season.

A Few Notes:

  • This section refers to the bottom half of the United States, plus Hawaii.
  • Averages are based on Los Angeles, Houston, and Miami
  • Southern West Coast growers can expect the most sun and the coolest average temperatures year-round.
  • Central areas will have the hottest summers, while the Southeast will experience the hottest spring and fall.
  • The shortest summer days are in Hawaii.


Average day length: 10.5 to 11.5 hours
Average temperature: 49 to 80 degrees

Average day length: 11.5 hours
Average temperature: 67 to 81 degrees

Start sprouting your weed seeds

Time to buy seeds! For most of the southern United States, the threat of frost has passed and it’s just about time to start growing. Because of the extended growing season in some areas of the south, it’s safe to choose Sativa dominant plants. If you opt for an Indica, the first thing to remember is how hot your summers generally become.

Read the article “Best marijuana seeds for my climate” if you’re not sure what seeds grow best in your area.

Blue Dream is one of our most popular Sativa dominant strains due to its energizing yet mellow buzz.

Blue Dream Seeds

Buy Blue Dream seeds

  • 20% Indica 80% Sativa hybrid
  • High THC levels up to 21%
  • Consistent heavy yields

You can also begin sprouting your own seeds indoors, but be sure they stay warm enough until they can go outdoors. Seedlings prefer a temperature between 68 and 77 degrees.  Of course, some areas such as Hawaii and southern Florida, boast February temperatures like these,  however, your plants will also need 18 hours of sunlight.  Due to this, you will need to invest in some CFL grow lights until the days get a bit longer to sprout seeds early.

For more information on germinating your seed indoors, read “how to germinate marijuana seeds.”

February is also a great time to prep your soil. Loosen it up a bit by adding compost and worms.


Average day length: 11.5 to 12.5 hours
Average temperature: 50 to 81 degrees

Average day length: 11.5 to 12.5 hours
Average temperature: 68 to 82 degrees

The warmest areas of the United States are starting to feel like summer, and the interior is no longer at risk of frost. Assuming you already have your seeds, you can begin sprouting plants in the window sill . Your plants need at least 12 hours of sunlight, so if the days are not quite long enough yet, add a lamp an extra hour a day to make sure they receive enough.

sprouting pot seeds in the window

If your plants do not get enough sunlight, they may start flowering early – and you do not want that.

If you decided to use a mother plant, spend some time tending it. It needs to be ready by the end of the month if you plan on using your clones outdoors.


Average day length: 12.5 to 13 hours
Average temperature: 55 to 84 degrees

Average day length: 12.5 to 13 hours
Average temperature: 70 to 83 degrees

April raises the temperature just a bit and lengthens days significantly (except in Hawaii). You’ll notice the longer days around the middle of the month, with most southern areas reaching 13 hour days by the end of April. At this point, you won’t need those lamps in your windowsill anymore. Make sure your plants receive as close to 13 hours of sunlight as possible, and your seeds should easily sprout.

sprouting cannabis outside in the sun

In fact, if you live in the Southeast, it’s probably safe to take your plants off the windowsill and into the fresh air. The Southeast tend to have the warmest spring temperatures in the southern half of the United States. As a rule of thumb, if it’s 70 degrees, you’re probably okay to let them sit outside during the day. Remember to bring them indoors at night!

If you’re planning on growing autoflowers this season, now is the time to get your seeds in the mail.

This is a classic and longtime favorite of mine. Be sure to try these if you’re in the market for autoflowers this season.

White Widow Autoflower

Buy White Widow seeds

  • 60% Indica 40% Sativa
  • THC levels up to 19%
  • Very easy to grow plants

If you created a mother plant in late February, now is the time to start making your clones. Read the article “How to make clones” for more information


Average day length: 13 to 14.5 hours
Average temperature: 60 to 87 degrees

Average day length: 13 to 13.5 hours
Average temperature: 71 to 85 degrees

Spring has arrived – although, in some places, it already feels like summer. Go ahead and place your plants outside permanently.

Plant your autoflowering seeds by the middle of the month. By that time, they’ll have plenty of sunlight to grow, and the temperature is just right. You’ll be ready to harvest the beginning of August. As a note to any Hawaii growers, do not choose strains that require higher than average amounts of sunlight for outdoor growing, as Hawaiian summer days are the shortest in the country.


Average day length: 14.5 hours
Average temperature: 60 to 91 degrees

Average day length: 13.5 hours
Average temperature: 74 to 87 degrees

growing marijuana plants outdoor

June is when outdoor marijuana plants grow the most – specifically between June 18th and June 24th. Autoflowers begin to develop flowers, and non-autoflowers grow faster.

June is also when Hawaii starts to experience the shortest days in the country, as compared to California, where outdoor plants receive up to 90 extra minutes of sunlight.


Average day length: 13 to 14.5 hours
Average temperature: 65 to 93 degrees

Average day length: 13 to 13.5 hours
Average temperature: 75 to 88 degrees

The hottest month of the year produces large flower clusters on autoflowers while your non-autoflowers may show their first pistils.

grow calendar first pistils

If you used regular (non-feminized) seeds,  look for pesky male plants. Watch those side branches for flowerheads at the bottom of the side branches.  They will look like two small balls resting on a short, thin stem. If you see them, quickly remove them. Females, on the other hand, will have drop-shaped calyxes with two white pistils protruding from them.


Average day length: 13 to 14 hours
Average temperature: 65 to 95 degrees

Average day length: 12.5 to 13 hours
Average temperature: 75 to 89 degrees

You can harvest your May autoflowers! Cut off the flower heads and hang them upside down in a dark place to dry. Don’t try to rush the process by messing with the temperature- dry at room temperature.

Drying should only take about 10 days. Test for readiness by bending a small branch. If it cracks, it is ready! Read more on this in the article:  “How to harvest marijuana plants.

drying cannabis strains

You may also be able to harvest your non- autoflowers since the days have dropped below 14 hours and you must do so before 13. If you are in Hawaii or the Southeast, due to their shortened outdoor growing season, you should choose autoflower strains with short growing cycles.

Once the days drop below 14 hours, non-autoflowering plants start their last flowering phase and begin to die. If you have limited amounts of daylight, bring them indoors and use lamps to extend the growing season a little bit longer.

For non-autoflowering (photoperiod) plants that are not ready to harvest, you’ll see more pistils and flowerheads. Protect them from the wind and keep them dry by building a shelter or bringing potted plants inside. You can also stabilize them with bamboo sticks.


Average day length: 12 to 13 hours
Average temperature: 64 to 89 degrees

Average day length: 12 to 12.5 hours
Average temperature: 75 to 89 degrees

Fall comes at the end of this month, but some parts of America may not notice, at least temperature-wise. However, the shorter days near the end of the month are a clear indicator that the growing season is nearly over.

cannabis plant ready to harvest

Many plants will be ready to harvest during this month if you haven’t already.  Read my article “How to harvest marijuana plants” for more info.


Average day length: 11 to 12 hours
Average Temperature: 60 to 86 degrees

Average day length: 11.5 to 12 hours
Average Temperature: 74 to 87 degrees

Autumn is here and the outdoor growing season is officially over. While plants in most of the southern United States should have already bloomed, there may be some that finish up this month. If your plants are still growing at this time, be especially careful of cold, wet temperatures. This can cause bud rot, which can ruin your harvest. The heartland of America is most at risk for this.

bud rot weed
Bud rot

If you notice any signs of bud rot, harvest immediately – some is better than none. Read more in the article “How to prevent Bud Rot

Enjoy your harvest and if you’re considering an indoor grow over the cold season, here’s something to help your plants stay warm.

There are many climate regions in the United States, each impacting your plant’s growing season. Be that as it may, marijuana loves mild temperatures and plenty of sunlight, which can be found in many parts of the country.  The important thing to remember is that marijuana loves sunlight. As a result, growing outdoors means you need to time your growing for when it can receive the most of it.

Know how to perfectly time your harvest so you can maximize your yield. Download our free mini harvesting guide

Outdoor marijuana grow calendar US -Southern States

When to harvest outdoor weed – 3 quick tips to know it’s time

Timing is everything, especially when growing cannabis outdoors in colder climates.

If for example, you wanted to know when to harvest outdoor weed in Colorado, you must learn to recognize some signs. 

There are three reliable methods for knowing when to harvest marijuana plants.

The first method involves looking at the leaves, trichomes, and pistils of your cannabis plants. Once the leaves have begun to turn yellow and fall off, it’s a sign that your plant is diverting a lot of its energy into growing out its buds.

To know when your plants are ready to be cut down and dried, though, you’ll need to closely look at the trichomes and pistils with a handheld magnifier.

Look for a milky white color in your trichomes. It’s okay if there are a few amber-colored ones mixed in. For the pistils, you’ll know the buds are ripe if 90% of the white hairs have become brown.

The two other methods involve making good use of your weed calendar.

Some growers say the September equinox is the time to cut down and harvest your plants; however, it’s not a ‘hard-set’ rule.  It’s mainly used as a date to stop watering your plants

Lastly, there’s the method of harvesting based on flowering time.

Each strain has its own flowering time.

Growers have used that as a basis for knowing when to harvest their plants. If it’s an indica, harvest after 8 weeks of flowering. If it’s a sativa, 10 weeks. For auto flowers, it usually takes 10 weeks from seedling to bud.

Do you grow in the United States? Did we leave something out?

Let us know in the comments, and we’ll update this calendar. Together we can share knowledge to grow the best marijuana in the USA.

FAQs about outdoor grow calendar

Why are my outdoor plants flowering early?

Your plants might not be getting enough sunlight. Setting a lamp over them daily for a few extra hours should help. They need at least 12 hours of sunlight every day.

How often do you water during the flowering stage?

You should water your plant every 2 to 3 days during the flowering stage. However, you need to make sure you give it enough water. Overwatering or underwatering the plant will affect its growth. Read When And How To Water Cannabis Plants for more information. 

Here’s to a great harvest!


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  12. Over 30 yrs growing experience Growing and this second replacement seeds are doing the same thinG the first ones are doing 6 down. NOTHING trying 4 more started 5-27-2020 6:45pm est

  13. Could you create a grow Calender for equtorial regions. I am from Guam in Western Pacific and our climate is really hot and humid. Some advice is always helpful…thks

  14. Honestly I’m a long time ilgm fan but this article was kind of trash quality compaired to the normal for them. Usually there advise is pretty spot on and accurate but this entire guide feels slapped togeather last moment only referencing 2 extreme climates and quite frankly to make an honest to god good guide u would have to have at least one or 2 more climate types for the USA alone. The whole eastern middle section of the usa Varies wildly where I am from myself Varies wildly all the way up untill a month after ususal planting times and can freeze way sooner then you would think. Here in Kentucky the soil and climate used to be perfect to grow cannabis now the soil still is but the climate feels like listening to the Powerball numbers….. 17, 35, 54, 62, 23, and 11 and it will be like that pretty much all spring an go back to that plus hella wind an rain every fall its just missing alot of information in general and you guys of all people shouldn’t be misinforming the public but there are certain climate types u never even mentioned that make a huge difference on what u can and cant grow and when……. if it’s a Dry desert regions like Texas n new Mexico to the dense hardwood forest like here in kentucky to the colder parts up north around Idaho they all just grow vastly different and while u can attempt to make a cover all guide you cant make one that is accurate. The way u wrote the article I feel like it will misinform the public and help ruin alot of newbie grows.

  15. Hi i need advice please. I need to harvest was hoping the frost would help. Has not. I cant spray chemicals so close to harvest… What do i do? Is my plant lost to spidermites?

  16. Jessica, When you nade this posting, days were getting shorter, which means that it is bloom time. By now, you should have seen all plants budding. Yes feed it bloom nutrients. Go here and open an account and show us pictures and perhaps we can find the issue. support.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com

  17. I grow in southeastern Michigan, and I have had 3 plants outside since the end of April. However, one of the three plants has started budding, and I dont understand because the other 2 plants are right next to this plant and they have no buds. They are all the same photo period plant that I cloned from another indoor plant, so I know they arent autoflower. I assumed maybe it wasnt getting enough direct sunlight but the other 2 plants are doing fine and have no sign of buds. I don’t understand why it did this, and its way too big to move back inside. So should I start giving it bloom nutrients? Will it revert back to veg? The buds have been there for 2-3 weeks now, but dont seem to be getting any bigger….

  18. Hello, I’m in southern California. Im currently growing GG4, orange Cookies and dosidos.i vegged indoors and put outdoors in middle may. It’s currently June 13th and they’re already flowing.

    Theyre females, non auto, from clone. I’ve heard that indica hybrids can flower once they reach maturity? But also the weather has been really over cast this year with fewer sunnier days.

    Im ok with flowering but I don’t want them to revert to veg.

  19. Uh major thing missed here is the moon! You should always plant on a new moon and harvest on a full also transplant on new moon. Farmers almanic basic shit.

      • Ikr? I guess those growers who been growing mad pounds for the last 30 years didn’t know what they were doing. Just think if they planted by the moon lol

        The reason old time farmers harvested by a full moon was to use the night time to see better so they could harvest more and during the night.

        The reason they planted on a new moon was to easier calculate the days since planting. It has nothing to do with quality or determining time to plant or harvest.

  20. Great info. Robert, Thank you. By the way, the saying goes, April Showers Bring May Flowers. But I like your way too.

  21. Hi, looking at your recipe for vape oil, calls for 3-1 on oil to alcohol? Is this correct? 6 oz of juice and need to add the pure oil. Recipe called for 2-4 oz of oil. Please confirm, thank you, Susan W

    • Dana,

      In my opinion. “feminized” seeds are best for beginners. You do not have to sex them and you get much more yield for your efforts.

    • Shuck and Mario,

      Read this post I made a month or so ago just above.

      You harvest by the readiness of the trichomes. There are 3 levels of trichome development.
      1. Clear. _ Proof of a vessel to contain THC
      2. Cloudy – Presence of fresh THC
      3. Amber – Amber is fully potent THC and starting to decay slightly.

      Growers must make the choice of what % of clear, cloudy, amber trcihome development that creates the effect thhe grower is looking for.

      More clear and cloudy = up high
      more cloudy and amber = medicinal, and sleep “couchlock” effect.

      Join our forum at support.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com for many more opinions.

  22. Real growers never use autoflower! We grow feminized or feminized seeds! It would be awesome if you didn’t insist on autoflowers, they’re junk and you won’t find them in dispensaries in Cali, Oregon, or Colorado for a reason!

    • That’s a lie lol

      Also feminized or feminized seeds? “Feminized” would have been enough as your statement in its current form is redundant.
      I have yet to use auto flowers but I know many growers who do use them and with great results. The only issue I’ve seen is thinner buds than normal due to the Ruderalis .

      Anyways, most dispensaries in CA don’t carry ANY seeds but if they do they also carry auto flower. I remember 20 years ago reading and hearing the same thing about female seeds. Fearmongering by rookies who pretend to know things

  23. What an awesome guide for the weed growing seasons, its rare to actually read not skim through a whole guide like this but especiallyt since i just moved to a place where is impossible and the seasons are not stable, been a great read

  24. Hey fellow stoners/growers, I have a question for those of you that live in Southern Africa… How easy is it to get auto flowering seeds for outdoor growing delivered to Zimbabwe? I’m an avid grower and have followed most of the steps and tips provided in the grow bible (with a few modifications of my own) for a couple of years now and have always had a huge success rate, however I’m now looking to do autoflowering plants as they are quicker to mature. Any help will be most appreciated…

    • Shaun,

      We cannot hazard a guess as to how well the shipping process will work in Zimbabwe. I can advise that we do our best to get shipments to you and with that said; I suggest you buy the shipping guarantee, so that if anything goes wrong and your parcel is confiscated, ILGM will replace your order. I do not think that we will replace an order without the extra charge; I am sorry to say. Either way I believe it worth the extra fee in order to guarantee your investment.

      Happy growing, 🙂

  25. You know that blogging needs at least two people. One to comment and one to reply. It’s no fun if there is no one else blogging. It’s pretty much like talking to yourself.

    • Not all blogs reply. So, your general statement is a little off. We try yo reply to all but life and technical difficulties lead to delay in posting occasionally. Thanks for your expert advice…

  26. Hello blogers, I have been growing for a few years outdoors, just recently I have been trying to grow indoors. My main problem I think is growing the seedling. Ive seen so many pictures of plants at the 30 day period and they have so many leaves and branches on them. When I try to do it I get really long stems with very little leaves and branches. What the hell am I doing wrong?

    • Dave,

      !st. I apologize for the lateness in answering you. We had some tech issues, and I posted to you but, the post did not publish.

      It appears to me that you have the wrong lighting for seedlings or, the lamp is too far away from the top of your seedlings. For the best result you need a T5 lamp 1-2″ above your sprouts, this keeps the node spacing tight, and develops a strong start to seedling stage. Also; You need a small reciprocating fan to move air and the stem to strengthen it.

      I suggest you joinus at support.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com and allow our friendly membership and experts guide you. You can supply pictues and get strng grow advice at the forum where we are set up to teach you from start to finisah.

      Happy growing 🙂

  27. I read above about someone painting their pots white to help keep roots cooler. I use white 5 gallon buckets, then drill 1/8 inch holes on the sides right at the bottom every 3 or 4 inches. this allows heavy water amount to drain well. I also plant it the to side of the handle so that when I want to pick them up to move them I don’t damage the plant. if your plant gets top heavy you might need to water right before moving them. the handle also allows me to turn the plant 180 degrees daily so that I get the most even amount of sun all the way around the plant. I monster cropped my plants last year so the height of the plant helped keep them from tipping in the wind

    • Hello blogers, I have been growing for a few years outdoors, just recently I have been trying to grow indoors. My main problem I think is growing the seedling. Ive seen so many pictures of plants at the 30 day period and they have so many leaves and branches on them. When I try to do it I get really long stems with very little leaves and branches. What the hell am I doing wrong?

    • Marco,

      Please join our forum at support.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com for guidance or contact your local “Ag” agent and ask for a schedule for Tomato’s. Happy growing.

  28. hey guy’s and girl’s I was in the military with the one’s we don”nt talk about came out with all limbs and teeth,i have some in info the cop’s don”nt want you to know about,to avoid the bird in the sky if you have a crop out side you can you a pane of glass FLIR can”nt detect your prize I know from hauling ass from capture I used a window from a barn to elude the super bird it work’s our I would be dead by now just some simply tricks that may help my fellow grower’s keep token brothers and sisters if you use this trick in day time have it on a angle @ night full on

  29. So far I had 40% failure rate. Long stems with small leaf then it withers. Not sure why after successful germination and planting, keeping soil moist light in close proximity. Too cool to grow outdoors keeping plants around 72 degrees F

    • my first planting last year did that. to much sun and not enough wind. second planting as soon as they sprouted I moved outdoors. install a small fan. I have fan with my timer so it doesn’t run 24/7

  30. Need to acquire seeds that “will for sure” turn out to be smelly. Is there a controlled, stable, strain that will produce, from seed to harvest, a very heavy scent of perfectly strong, pungent aroma?

  31. Could you comment on when would be a good time to go from pots/containers to in ground. I’m in Grass Valley Ca., but hopefully helpful for all areas. Great info. Thanks

    • Bill,

      You can transplant into the ground after the last frost. Some people go by size. I would have my plants at least 2 foot tall before transplanting outdoors.

      Perhaps you would enjoy some Q and A in our support forum 🙂

  32. Thank you very much for ILGM and Harvesting guides. If the marijuana plants aren’t getting enough sunlight set a lamp over your plant a few extra hours each day.

  33. Hello: I need help. This is my first grow. I’m in the Washington DC area and I started rooted hybrid clones outside at the end of June, I know….late. Well, I fed them with compost water and some organic nutrients. Well, it’s October and the pistals are turning brown and the tricones are also turning, but aren’t as abundant as I have seen them in pictures. I’ve made a grow closet so that I can bring them in and put them thru the 12/12 cycle……but I’m kinda lost. Should I flush the soil first? Should I bring them in now even though the temps are still in the 60’s & 70’s? It is still time to do the 12/12????? Help!!!! I don’t want to lose them and I’d like them to be as potent as possible. What do I do now???

    • New Grower,

      It sounds like your plant is about finished. I can only guess because this is a comment section of the blog. I suggest you join our support forum support.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com

      We are set up there to do grow support. I will say that you don’t wait for more pistils if the plant is finished, you harvest. Trichome production is attributed to excellent lighting and a strong nutrient regimen and microbes in the soil. Sounds like you have some things to consider in order to produce more trichomes next time. See you in the forum. 🙂

  34. This is amazing? How. Can you mail cannabis seed to the US?

    Ive had it done and would very much like to have it done again.

  35. This is a comment for your northern outdoor grow calendar. I’m growing in Southeastern New Brunswick, Canada. Your seeds did well planted directly (ungerminated) in pots outdoors late May, though it was a wet and cold spring. From 5 Gold Leaf and 5 Purple Haze feminized seeds, 4 of the Gold Leaf sprouted (one did not) and all 5 Purple Haze sprouted but one stopped growing before the cotyledon leaves fully developed, the seed apparently lacking in vitality. Plants were transferred from pots to “field” mid June into soil treated with compost and slow release fertilizer pellets. Plants grew steadily with large differences in phenotype, 7 of the plants being about 1.2 m tall, only one plant achieving 2m (Gold Leaf.) A common water soluble fertilizer (Miracle Gro) was used in July and late August (with initial development of bud) as per product dilution instructions, about 1.5 L applied per plant. The last days of September brought 3 days of increasingly hard frost, first night 3 C, second night 2 C and third night -1 C. Plants were covered only on the 3rd night. Though there was light ice on the plants after the first and second nights of frost there were no detrimental effects to the plants. After the third night of frost, all bud contacting the cover cloth (old sheets) had pistils turn brown and buds bent as if under weight, but they came back well during the day. After the frost nights, the temperatures moderated and we are expecting to achieve at least a week of moderate temperatures, some wet and some sunny weather, and sufficient time to ensure a good maturity to the bud. To achieve proper maturity of the bud in this climate, this year, guard against the brief interval of frost seemed necessary, and well worth the effort. Sheets used to cover the plants were darker coloured and not obvious. Gold Leaf and Purple Haze, the seeds recommended by ILGM for my area, seemed to be good choices for hardiness, reasonable grow time, and happily with the best production of bud I’ve succeeded in growing yet. Thank You!

  36. Hello im a first time grower and a good friend gave me a seed from the gorilla strand and it was planted mid june she gave it to me in the begining of july it was just a lil baby now its the first of october and i have it in a grow bag out side and i feed it every other 2 days fish fertilizer and every other2days plain water so i alternate 2 days fish fertilizer and then 2 days later plain water so on and so forth.. Thats my routine and so far she is a beauty smells good too… Her flowers came out the mid of Aug , so my concern is the cureing stage? My friend said she will be ready by late Nov but i see her not growing n e more do u think its still ok to place her in a bigger location? Or just leave her alone till shes ready? Oh and im in southren california so i dno how the harvesting dates work over here.. Thank u for ur time.. In need of some tips and tricks

  37. the times for putting out your plants and harvesting need to be adjusted slightly. I’m in grow z 3b. i have frosts up here tis’ mid june and 1st frosts starting mid sept. this year i have both indica and sativa dominant strains and they will all finish at the same time. its sept 24th and I’m guessing they will finish mid oct. as they’re just starting to bulk up the buds. I’m growing in a greenhouse so ill be able to continue to grow my plants to maturity but some outdoors, unprotected won’t. also we just hit 12/ 12 day night cycles which also delays budding up here. my suggestion on very northern outdoor growers is either grow autos or find indica dominant fast flooring strains so your plants finish sooner but even then its best to get them out as early as you can and put up some type of protection or start them earlier with the same amount of light inside as you have outside so you don’t induce early budding when they’re put out. good luck!

  38. Brad,

    You harvest by the readiness of the trichomes. There are 3 levels of trichome development.
    1. Clear. _ Proof of a vessel to contain THC
    2. Cloudy – Presence of fresh THC
    3. Amber – Amber is fully potent THC and starting to decay slightly.

    Growers must make the choice of what % of clear, cloudy, amber trcihome development that creates the effect thhe grower is looking for.

    More clear and cloudy = up high
    more cloudy and amber = medicinal, and sleep “couchlock” effect. 🙂

    Join our forum at ilovegrowingmarijuana.com for many more opinions. 🙂

  39. I live in Central IL and I was wondering when is the best time to havest they are Train Wreck, Headband,and Presidential OG Kush I bush them so they would blend

    • KEITH,

      I recommend you join out forum at ilovegrowingmarijuana.com, and we will guide you through this process. The best advice I can give you here and now is; Make sure you get adequate lighting for your plants if moving them indoors. 600-1000 watts for every 4’x4′ space needed. i.e. If you have 6-8 plants, you will need 2, 600-1000 watt HID lamps to make comparable lighting to the Sun.

      Happy growing

  40. Can you please send info for growing in the central valley of California the temp. gets to be 110 degrees in July and sometimes in June and August also. Fresno County

    • Ken Kon,

      that is some rough environment. UNfortunately we are not set up for that type support here in the comment section of the blog.

      We invite you to join our ILGM forum. We have many expert growers out your way willing to share their ideas and concepts for dealing with desert and mountian temp changes.

      Happy growing

  41. I have planted four plants Misty Kush approximately three months ago they are very healthy 3 to 4 foot tall and 3 feet in diameter . Three of them are still in the foliage stage and one has started flowering for approximately two weeks . I would like some information on transplanting them. I gorilla grew them in a meadow deep in the forest now the forest is being cleared commercially and I may loose them. Can they be transplanted successfully to 5 gallon bucket’s and if so do I need any treatment for shock or special soil .

    • Maxx,

      If a plant is 3′ diameter, then you would have to dig a 4′ diameter area around the plant to not damage the roots. Transplanting into 5 gallon buckets would therefore most likely not be viable. You could use Panda plastic and make big grow sacks and back fill with a potting mix, nursery mix, or something of that nature. Best for you to look up how to transplant a bush in your yard to show you some guidelines. Peace

    • Hi Tuck,
      Not sure what you mean by flowering early. Plants flower when the dark period gets 11-13 hours long. What genetics are you using?
      I suggest you join out support forum for guidance and to allow us to see what you are talking about and allowing us to give a more informed answer. 🙂

  42. I live in the direct middle of South Carolina. I always plant my seeds in 5 gallon pots filled with pure cotton gin waste, no nutrients needed except pot ash and trace elements, with outstanding results. I plant the last week in June outside. This way my plants have more youthful vigor when flowering. By the the time the photo period shortens they are perfect. what are your thoughts for improvements? By the way, the waste I use we expelled in the 60’s and 70’s. I have been growing cotton with my dad for 40 years.

    • Henry,

      I don’t know what to tell you. That is an interesting medium you are using. Perhaps you could read up on fermenting supplements.

      Join our forum and share your ideas. Happy growing 🙂

  43. I live in W.V. Is it to late to put out auto flowering seeds know.If not what’s the best ones to use.Thank you

    • Mark.

      Be prepared to put a small structure wiht a frost nlanket around your plants if it get too frosty before they are ready 🙂

  44. Hi, I’m glad I found you. In Central MN. We can’t grow good photoperiod plants. By the time we get to 12/12 light/dark and they show sex and start to bud, We get frost. We can start indoors early and put out later but frost always takes the girls before they are ripe. We do love our auto flowers though !! The downside to growing outdoor in MN. is that there is a LOT of Feral weed out there at the old farms. That crap pollinates our high dollar gals and the seeds produce low to no quality weed. We keep pushing on though !!!

  45. This is great very straight forward and very informative, nice to have it all laid out on one page. Thank you

  46. Thanks so much, you must be reading my mind over here in TX.

    I didn’t start seeds until July, Sour Diesel (auto-flower).

    Is this a no-no thing to do, or what? Please advise further.

  47. Hi Robert,
    I’m in central California, am I in northern zone or southern zone? In the past I have waited , with my eye’s on the weather, till October to harvest. Buds looked great. All auto flower.

  48. What about Florida? I know we’re considered the southeast but we’re a totally different animal compared to the rest of the southeast with extreme temps (we’ve already hit 100 and it’s not even June) and daily thunderstorms.

    • I live in the same geographic area, and I use indoo/outdoor screen over my plants for two reasons. Firstly, the screen blocks some of the rays of the sun to keep cooler. Secondly, when torrential rains come it breaks up the pelts into drop, so it doesn’t beat the plant to smithereens. In conclusion, paint the exterior of the pot white to keep the roots cooler. In conclusion, I hope these suggestions will help you have a prosperous grow

      • You can harvest some but to revert back to vedge the easiest way is to go back to vedge light schedule. I’ve done it but don’t wait too long. When the Trich’s turn it may be too late.

  49. Thanks for sharing the process Marijuana grows, it is a long process. The infographic has summarized clearly.

    • Hey Jeff,

      What do you mean hms lights? Do you mean HPS lamps? I want to invite you to download and read our free grow bible. Also; join our support forum at ilovegrowingmarijuana.com.

      Happy growing 🙂

  50. Around here (eastern NY state) August 8 (8/8) is sex day! This is when the guerilla grower checks and culls the male plants in his grow!

  51. It would be so helpful to have a grow calendar for the east coast of Australia (Southern Hemisphere). We tend to get forgotten…. Thanks ☺️

  52. You say “Female plants, however, will have drop-shaped pollen sacks” (two places).

    Female plants don’t have pollen sacks.

  53. I would love to have a calendar grow guide, for I’m new to growing. I have auto flower, and regular. I think the calendar will help out greatly….Thank-You…..

  54. Help-my new germinations-white widow and blueberry are coming to life as dwarves.Seeds 6-9 mths old, indoor soil germ. Plants pop in 3-4days, but now pencil lead size stem, lvs size of cotolydons.December blueberry was all I could hope for-sturdy, tall, flowered. What is up?

  55. As always Robert Great information. Anyone not a member of Bergmans Lab should definitely consider joining. Besides all of the knowledge ive gained from yourself, your staff is very knowledgeable and helpful also. I can not stress the value of all this experience in one place i highly recommend Bergman’s Lab to anyone interested in learning almost every aspect of growing top quality cannabis on thier own. And as far as price is concerned im currently on social security disability and had no problem at all affording it. The cost verses the info and support is the most valuable ive found. And I looked for a long time before desiding on Bergman’s Lab for my growing knowledge.
    Thank you again Robert I just cant say that enough.

  56. have asked in the past weather u deliver to australia..i think u said no…we get 20 seeds for 35 buks.an u can return any that dont germinate..:) would love a sample…never seem to get a real response….

  57. Another useful share, Thanks Robert. Thanks for a always sharing what matters, truly an awesome bud blog. Ever Flowering South Africa 🙂

  58. Please could you supply the grow calendar applicable to South Africa as we are starting to go into Autumn next month. At present our daylight hours are dropping to around 13 hours. Thanks for a brilliant blog.

      • I am new to growing maria, and have read the info re iron deficiency. I know that a good “cure” for iron deficiency in people is to place two large rusty nails in an apple, leave for an hour, then eat the apple. What would happen if I planted a rusty nail or two next to each plant?

  59. I’ve been really trying to figure out the specific areas of daylight hours and temperature since October using my farmers almanacs and banging my head against a rock. Your knowledge is awesome and this is a Godsend. Thank you, Robert

  60. Are you familiar with what the growing season is in NewZealand? Mine are growing well. but it’s my first time. How do I tell if they’re getting to much water?