What to do when your marijuana plant was knocked down

What to do if weed plant falls over? You put in a place where it will be firmly supported. There are a few things to do to pull this off. First, put support stakes in the ground and get some rope. Even tape will work. Place your plant in the right spot and keep into there while you tie it up.

Stakes around marijuana plant

Usually having about 3 or 4 stakes around the plant is enough to give it better support. If you use just one stake, your plant will be under too much pressure around the stems which may cause the stem to break off. If your plant was knocked over because of bad weather, such as a storm, we suggest watering it.

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If the roots came out of the soil during the fall, you can place a planting medium over it and lightly secure in around it. Cover the roots with a heavy coating of soil so it’s not exposed to the air.


B-12 Compound

Use a B-12 rooting compound or Super-Thrive to water your plants. You can also use something like humid acid to repair the parts of the roots that were damaged.

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There are times when it doesn’t make sense to lift the plant up vertically due to the branches and stem being too injured. If it is quite damaged, the plant’s branches need to be lifted away from the ground with either shipping pallets or sawhorses. You can even try using plastic netting to support it.

Use water spray

Once your plant is dried out and more balanced, use a light water spray to remove any dirt. It’s best to do this early on a warm day when the sun is shining bright so that the plant is dry by nighttime.

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Never use the water spray on days that are cooler and there’s no sunshine because this could result in mold growing. Place a mat under the plant to stop any debris and mud from getting to the buds.

Strong marijuana genetics

Remember that plants with strong genetics have less change of getting sick and are less vulnerable for environmental stresses, pests and diseases. So make sure to buy cannabis seeds from a trusted seed bank.

FAQ about helping marijuana plants from falling over

What is the easiest way to support marijuana plants?

Using support stake is the easiest way to keep your marijuana plants straight. Generally, 3-4 stakes positioned around the plant will provide much greater support

What’s the best time to use the water spray on marijuana plants?

The best time to use the water spray is when the sun is shining. Never use it during cooler days because this could result in mold growing.

What’s the easiest way to keep marijuana roots strong?

Easiest way to keep marijuana roots strong is to use B12 compound. You can also use something like humid acid to repair the parts of the roots that were damaged.

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  1. So i didnt drop my plant. My lights turned off for less than 12 hours. It when i awoke. My plant was slouched over . Its been standing tall for 1 week 24 hour lighting. But i believe because the light was off is the only reAson it could be . The leaves are still growing so i believe it is still alive

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