What Do You Do With Your Leftover Cannabis Trim?

You’ve got your crops all trimmed up, harvested and ready to be dried and cured. There’s only one problem, however. What are you supposed to do with all of the leftover trim? You can’t just dispose of it like lawn trimmings, and you can’t smoke it. So, what are you supposed to do with all of it? Believe it or not, that cannabis trim is more useful than you might think. For instance, you can…

Make it Into a Tincture

All that trim would make a pretty dope cannabis tincture. You will absolutely have enough to make a good one (maybe even two). All you need to do is throw some of that trim into a half full (give or take) bottle of clear alcohol. I usually go with vodka, because I am not much of a gin person. Once you have that, let it sit somewhere undisturbed for the next few weeks to a month, and you should have one hell of a green dragon.

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Make it Into a Topical

Cannabis topicals are all the rage these days, and for good reason: they are effective for all kinds of medical issues, not the least of which is skin conditions such as psoriasis. Making cannabis topicals is ridiculously easy. You just have to decide what your base is going to be first. I typically prefer coconut oil and/or beeswax, mixed with my choice of essential oils (my go-to these days is tea tree oil. For a simple recipe, you can go here.

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What do you do with all your leftover cannabis trim? Image Source:Bud Genius

Compost it

Cannabis trim makes an excellent compost. This is certainly the simplest way to dispose of your cannabis trim, and it will be beneficial for your lawn too. This can only be good for your new grow. Composting is very quick and easy to do. All you need to do is combine all of your organic plant material into one concentrated area. Make sure that it’s only organic matter, not chemicals. You shouldn’t be using those for your grow anyway.

Make Extracts

Extracts are another perfect use for your leftover cannabis trim. After all, leftover trim still contains plenty of trichomes, which you certainly don’t want to go to waste. The best way to utilize your leftover trim for extracts, is through the BHO method, which is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods. BHO extractions are not for the faint of heart, either when dabbing or preparing, so make sure if it’s your first time, you’re with someone who knows what the hell they’re doing.

Try Making Hash

Of course, we could not forget about making hash, one of the classic uses of cannabis trim. As I explained above cannabis trim still has plenty of trichomes, so you’re definitely going to want to to make good use from it! There are plenty of ways to make hash from cannabis trim. You can check out some of them here.

Featured Image Source: Big Buds Magazine

What do you normally do with your leftover cannabis trim? Tell us in the comments!

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